Xiaomei came out of the hospital. The current medicine is really good. It is painless and convenient. This is the fourth abortion for Xiaomei. It is because Wang Jian doesn’t like to wear a condom. The US President ran to the hospital. [br] Next time if you don’t bring it again, I won’t be with you. Xiaomei muttered softly, and then he asked a taxi to go home. [br] Wang Jian hasn’t come to see Xiao Mei very much recently, Xiao Mei called him, and he just said he was busy, would he have an affair? Xiao Mei was a little flustered, but Wang Jian didn’t look like that person. [br] When I woke up, Xiao Mei sat up and found that a large lock of hair was left on the pillow, and she was losing her hair again. She did not know when she started to lose hair with thick black hair, and she lost more and more. If this continues, she will become bald sooner or later. When she goes to the hospital, the doctor also said that everything is normal, but told her not to stay up too late to rest. In fact, Xiaomei had enough sleep, but her hair was still falling out. [br] I have been with Wang Jian for more than 3 years. Wang Jian always says to wait until he gets married. Now he earns too little money. But look at people, the money is not as much as you earn. You get married early and you can have children. Called my aunt. [br] Xiaomei was shopping when she saw her former classmate Axiu with her 5-year-old son hiding behind her, and immediately went to say hello. Axiu was also surprised. After greeting each other, Axiu took her son : Hurry up and call Aunt Xiaomei. Unexpectedly, his son cried as soon as he saw Xiaomei. Xiao Mei was a little embarrassed, she touched the child’s head and greeted A Xiu and left. Scratching her head, she saw another strand of hair floating down. [br] Why cry? Axiu was a little angry, and slammed her son: How old are you. While crying, the son said to Axiu: But, that aunt is so terrible, there are three or four children on her head scratching her hair! [br] Xiaomei was a little bit unhappy. Just now, she was shopping and quarreled with a fat woman. When she got home, she called Wang Jian: I’m unhappy today. Come and accompany me. what? Overtime? No, let me tell you, don’t even think about seeing me if you don’t come today, hum. [br] Xiao Mei hung up the phone, and she had to hum a little at him. No, Wang Jian came here obediently. Wang Jian was very unnatural. When Xiao Mei asked to make friends with him, he shook his head. Do you have another woman? Wang Jian still shook her head. Xiao Mei was a little angry. After saying I don’t care, she tore Wang Jian’s coat off. When Xiao Mei reached into Wang Jian’s underwear, she stopped, and then pulled out her hand in panic. [br] On the contrary, Wang Jian calmed down. After the two looked at each other for a few seconds, Wang Jian took off his shirt calmly, only to see that the skin that should have been smooth was covered with body hair as long as hair.