I found a wooden stick from somewhere, and when I entered the house, I smashed it indiscriminately, still cursing uncleanly. Those ghosts who saw Second Uncle Zhang were not afraid of them, and even if they were really frightened, they were so frightened that they never dared to stand out again, and that female ghost had no ideas. It’s really okay if you don’t take it seriously. Zhang Ershu put the stick on his side and fell asleep, but fell asleep very sweetly. Those ghosts couldn’t help him for a while.

The next day, Zhang Ershu thought to himself: “Although he won the first round, it is not a way to stay in this stalemate. Moreover, he has no idle time to survive with these ghosts. “He prepared some wine and delicacies, brought them to the house, and burned a stick of incense. He wanted to reconcile with ghosts, and asked them to choose another place. Second Uncle Zhang sat on the ground and chatted with the ghosts about the daily routine: “Ghost, I am so old, and it is not easy to build such a new house. This is the blood and sweat of my life. I plan to use it for my son to marry a bride. Let you take it, how can I live!” Suddenly, there was a sob from the corner, like a woman who had suffered a great grievance. Zhang Ershu said: “What’s the difficulty, maybe I can do my little work.” But there was no sound.

After a while, Uncle Zhang became a little sleepy and fell asleep unconsciously, feeling the soul float out of his body. Looking down, a woman, eighteen years old, a little familiar, saw her kneeling on the ground like garlic, tears streaming down her face, and said: “I was your neighbor Xiangyan five years ago and died unexplainably. You want to avenge me!” The second uncle remembered that five years ago, the neighbor’s child went to work in the ground, but never returned home. He couldn’t find it. The family was dying. I heard that I eloped with someone. , But left the world unexpectedly. The second uncle was very surprised and said, “Girl, tell your second uncle what you have grievances, and your second uncle will be the master.” Xiangyan raised her head, her eyes red with tears, and said: “I’m going to work, Zhang Zhishu My son happened to pass by and dragged me into the cornfield to rape me. I couldn’t die, he tortured me half to death, and finally succeeded, fearing that the matter would be exposed, so he killed people and killed me, so he abandoned me in the dry well in that field. In.” Zhang Ershu remembered. The day after Xiangyan’s accident, Zhang Zhishu and his son filled the dry well. Many villagers were still wondering.

Xiangyan said: “My soul is crying in the dry well every day. There is nothing to do. A traveling monk who passed by instructed a few lone ghosts to drag me out of the dry well. Thinking of it but came to your old place.” The second uncle sighed and said: “Zhang Zhishu and his son are doing a lot of evil in the village. Everyone hates them. Because they are too powerful, everyone dares not to speak!”
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Xiangyan disappeared suddenly, Zhang Ershu was startled and woke up suddenly. It turned out to be a dream. Zhang Ershu rubbed his eyes and stood up, but he felt something attached to him.

Zhang Ershu went out and walked into the street with a lot of thoughts, and happened to meet Zhang Zhishu’s son coming back from the market; the kid dressed up, Very shocked! Zhang Ershu didn’t hit a spot when he saw his anger, and said, “Boy, what a good thing you have done, Xiangyan is looking for you!” The kid was taken aback, and Zhang Ershu suddenly felt that something attached to him was stuck there lightly. Kid body.

In an instant, the kid smirked, crying and laughing, jumping and shouting: “I am Xiangyan, Xiangyan was killed by me… I am Xiangyan, Xiangyan was killed by me …” The second uncle saw that he was crazy! www.guidaye.com

Immediately after Zhang Zhishu didn’t know what was wrong, he talked about the east for a while, and talked about the west for a while. The father and son twisted together in a strange way, and he pulled it inexplicably. When he took his son to the public security organ to surrender, he confessed a lot of dirty things in the village, which made people laugh and cry.

A few days later, Secretary Zhang’s son went crazy, and Secretary Zhang was thrown into prison. Everyone in the village clapped their hands and cheered. The second uncle’s house has never been haunted again!