“What brand of electric car is yours? It looks pretty!”

“Xiaopeng P7.”

“Imported? How much is it and how is the battery life?”

“Domestic. About 200,000-300,000, 600-700km.”

“Oh… it’s okay.”

The above are the conversations that often appear between the author and the onlookers who are in their 60s and 20s during the test drive P7 commute and when they go to a community in West Third Ring Road to pick up friends.

There are about dozens of new car-making forces in China, and there are about ten that only exist in the “PPT” stage, and only a few of them can be heard or understood by consumers. Among them, Xiaopeng Motors performed well, and its first car, G3(compact SUV), sold fairly well in the electric vehicle market.

(Xiaopeng G3 sales, unit: 10,000 units, picture/Sohu Auto)

With G3 market feedback, it is obviously difficult to support the long-term development of Xiaopeng Motors, and it is even more difficult to realize He Xiaopeng’s “catch up or catch up with Tesla”

Vision. Therefore, Xiaopeng P7 is a model with high hopes. In 2017, a factory was established in Zhaoqing, and the research and development expenses exceeded 3 billion yuan. Because if this car is not enough to be recognized by the market, it is only a question of time for Xiaopeng Motors to change from a “new force” to an “old history”.