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The finale of the domestic drama, it seems that there is always a happy reunion.

Anyway, everyone who makes a mistake will be forgiven in the end. All the injuries that the protagonist has suffered, she will forget like amnesia, and the Virgin said it’s okay.

Only our audience, the true feelings are painful, and the true feelings are mispaid again and again.


The big hit drama “Thirty Only” came to a finale, but the controversy continued, and it jumped onto several platform hot lists.

Perfect Gu Jia apologized to her husband Xu Fangpao and admitted that she was also at fault in her marriage.

The point is, he cheated, where did you Gu Jia make the mistake? Why are you apologizing? It means that a decathlon woman has been cheated. Is that her fault?

Gu Jia also helped Xu Huanshan clean up the mess. The house was sold and the kindergarten was retired, leaving Shanghai with his father and children. However, Xiao Sanlin walked away from home, and Gu Jia even went to give her a ticket in person.

In this regard, the screenwriter’s explanation is: “Lin Youyou lost all dignity and left. As Gu Jia said, this relationship will become the background of her life that will never be revealed.”

Lin Youyou lost all dignity, everyone doesn’t know. Everyone knows that Lin Youyou has no dignity at all.

Gu Jia just lost his car, house, and fireworks factory, and he was heavily in debt, but Lin Youyou lost all his dignity.

So, the netizens commented gorgeously.

Lin Youyou can start again from another place, her junior, she is unscathed. And what about Gu Jia? She is the Virgin, she has nothing.

What the audience want to watch is an emotional drama, a dream in film and television that has never been experienced in reality, and the ending is torn to the point that Lin Youyou doubts that the future of life will be completely destroyed.

The screenwriter said, this is not a cool drama, Gu Jia treated it maturely and rationally.

I can agree with the realistic point of view of the screenwriter, and I do not agree with the endings of all domestic dramas.

After all, I have to tear it up