The young girl has always been worrying about it recently. She fell in love with a young man, to be precise. But her heart was full of shyness, and she dared not tell anyone.
   She still remembered that day, he just walked by her door, and her heart followed him.
   Grandpa has always seldom spoken recently. He sometimes stares at the girl, sometimes bows his head in thought. In his heart, there must be a secret that others don’t know!
   “A Luo, go see the sea, there are roses of the sea!” Grandpa said to the girl.
   They came to the seaside together, just in time for the sun to rise from the sea, the red sun dyed the waves golden, and also put Grandpa’s face on a house of gold.
   “This is my first time watching the sea!” On the wide seashore, the girl forgot her troubles and the boy.
   A big wave hit the beach not far away. When the wave faded, many green things were left on the beach.
   “Grandpa, what did the sea leave on the beach?”
   “A Luo, A Luo, don’t make a noise.” Grandpa’s lips trembled, his face full of sacredness. “The rose of the sea is about to bloom. One hundred years ago, I finally waited for this moment.”
   “The rose of the sea, a hundred years ago, this moment.” A Luo repeated in his heart.
Maybe it’s just two seconds. Those green things grew into rose trees and quickly formed flower bones. In the blink of an eye, the flower bones bloomed with wisps of fragrance. All of a sudden, the beach was full of coquettish flowers. Rose, scorching red!
   One minute passed, and they heard the sound of the roses withering, the seeds of the roses were falling one after another.
   “Go pick up rose seeds.” Grandpa’s eyes are shining strangely, it will bring you good luck.
   “The seeds of roses will bring me good luck!” A Luo repeated in his heart again.
   The seeds were so small that they were almost out of the sand. A Luo grabbed a handful and put it in his pocket.
“A Luo, I am going home.” Grandpa’s face was glowing with golden red light, “This sea is my home; this wave of golden waves is the way to welcome me back.”
   “Are you a child of the sea?”
   “Yes, every one hundred years, a person will be sent ashore in the sea. In a blink of an eye, one hundred years have passed, and I should go home.”
   At this moment, the golden waves on the sea are getting closer and closer, and the color is getting thicker and thicker, turning into that hot gold, and grandpa steps on the waves. “Go plant a rose, plant it where the heart can touch.”
   The waves took Grandpa far away, and grandpa’s vigorous singing came from the horizon:
  I came from the sea
   Step on the waves to meet the morning dew
   The red coral is my bed.
   Golden sea, blue sky
  Flowers bloom in my heart
   The girl came back holding the seed of the rose. She thought of the boy again. He knew that her affection was inextricably on him.
   She counted the palms of her hands, one, two, three, a total of three seeds.
   “Let me start planting roses!” Then he said happily.
   She planted the first seed under the pillow on the bed. What the girl planted was hope! She would watch it fall asleep every night.
   “Did the flowers bloom?” she asked every day. “Not yet, it’s still asleep.” The rest of the rose seeds answered her.
   One year has passed, and the rose seeds have not yet germinated. Gradually, the girl lost her patience and forgot about this.
   “The flowers are blooming, the flowers are blooming.” About another year later, the rose seeds yelled at her. She moved the pillow and saw that there was really a rose, but it was blue and there was no fragrance at all.
   “It’s you who are too melancholy. How can a melancholy heart breed a passionate red?” said the rose seed.
   The young girl planted the second rose seed in her dressing box. As long as she was free, she would whisper to it and talk about her grandfather and the unknown boy. Every time I talked about that boy, the girl’s heart would be pounding. Look, she would have a smile on her face, as if she had just drunk sweet wine.