Since Li Sheng got married, his wife Liu Li knew that he was afraid of water. Not only did he not dare to take a bath in the swimming pool, but he was even a little trembling when he washed his hands and took a bath. Liu Li told him several times, but Li Sheng was still the same . Fortunately, his son is not like Li Sheng. Li Dongsheng’s son is called Li Ming. He is very cute, with a pink face and big eyes, as long as anyone I meet will praise him. Both Li Sheng and Liu Li are proud of their sons. Every day they watch their son grow up, and their hearts are really sweeter than eating honey. Even work troubles are considered trivial. His son Li Ming is 10 years old this year. According to the rules of the country, his grandparents told Li Sheng to bring his wife and children back to his hometown of Jiasuo Village to celebrate the children. To be honest, Li Sheng didn’t want to return to Jiasuo Village at all. It was a nightmare for him to come back there, but his wife and two elderly people insisted on repeatedly. After all, after 10 years, Li Sheng gradually became bolder. Up.

The family returned to Jiasuo Village happily, got out of the car and took a look, ah, it’s really different. The big and wide concrete road is lined with beautiful flowers and plants, tall buildings are rising from the ground, and there are many lovely children running around. Li Sheng thought to himself, maybe the river in the west end has also dried up. Walking towards Xitou, the family quickly arrived at the grandparents’ house. Li Ming flew into the grandparents’ room and greeted the grandparents’ hearty laughter. His wife Liu Li took Li Sheng’s arm and walked in: “Mom and Dad, how are you doing?” The two old men nodded with a smile. In the next few days, Li Sheng was a bit hesitant, but in the end there was nothing. Li Sheng laughed at himself and completely let go of the matter.

Tomorrow is about to go. The sun is very poisonous today, the temperature is very high, and people are about to shed oil. His son Li Ming yelled and went swimming in the river early in the morning. His wife did not object. Li Sheng asked his father, “Dad, is the river in Xitou still there?” “Yes, it’s great, the water is clear. It’s very shallow, it’s okay.” Father said. In this way, Li Sheng’s last worry is gone, what else is he afraid of with such a strong body. Li Sheng took his son and quickly came to Xiaohe, and his wife Liu Li followed. Liu Li didn’t know how to swim, so she stayed on the shore. Li Sheng immediately showed his wife Liu Li his swimming skills, and Liu Li knew that her husband who was afraid of water was so good. Seeing his father’s good technique, Li Ming became very interested, abandoning his dog-climbing style, and swimming freestyle like Li Sheng. Strangely speaking, Li Sheng felt that he was very energetic today, especially after he got into the water, he felt very comfortable and at ease. The breath that had been accumulated in his chest all the year round disappeared. The father and son played for an afternoon. It was close to the evening when the sun was about to go down. Liu Li called her husband and son to go ashore. Li Ming went ashore quickly, but Li Sheng still stayed in the river. Liu Li yelled several times, but Li Sheng didn’t seem to hear him, and he didn’t make sense. Angrily, Liu Li took her son home first.

Li Sheng is immersed in beautiful memoriesIn the middle of the night, the river suddenly seemed to become cold. The cold was very strange. It seemed that the bones were also eroded by the cold. How could this be so on a hot day? Li Sheng opened his eyes and looked around, only to find that he was surrounded by darkness. He couldn’t see his fingers when he stretched out his hand. He could only vaguely see a light in the distance. There should be this scene in Li Sheng’s memory, but he couldn’t think of it anyhow. Li Sheng blindly marched towards the light, but he didn’t know why he left. Only a voice told him that he should go. When he came to the light, Li Sheng saw the little Huzi. It turned out that the little Huzi was not dead, and he was not angry for a while and buried him in the water. Nothing happened. Little Huzi handed Li Sheng his hand, and Li Sheng happily took his hands and slowly sank into the water. The moment he sank into the water, Xiao Huzi changed his face, his face was covered with moss, and the water weeds protruded from his mouth and wrapped around Li Sheng’s legs. Li Sheng remembered that in the summer 10 years ago, he took the little tiger from the village to swim in the river, because the little tiger was disobedient and always stepped on the water. It happened that Li Sheng, who was in a bad mood, covered the little tiger with his hand. His mouth pushed him into the water, and when Li Sheng reacted, the little tiger had a round belly and his skin was rolled into a ball. But this time it won’t be anymore. Li Sheng smirked and sank straight to the bottom of the water. The bottom of the river seemed endless. The little tiger looked at Li Sheng who was sinking into the mud, laughed, and then cried again. Then laughed again, not even knowing what to do. But Xiaohuzi felt very happy, turned around and disappeared without a trace.

Li Sheng also disappeared without a trace. No one knows where he went, but someone in the village suddenly remembered and said, “10 years ago, Little Huzi and Dongsheng took a bath. It seems to have disappeared like this.” The big guy didn’t care, but Liu Li who was crying into tears thoughtfully.