Along with the gurgling water of the Fujiang River, the silver-gray moonlight is spreading over the flat rice fields that are gradually turning green soon after transplanting, and of course the rows of bougainvillea on both sides of the bank Slightly paint the top with a bright color.

Gou-mei sat on the concrete pier at the washing port downstream of the draft tube of the power station, staring at the reflection in the water of the bright white forest.

She took out the sacrificial offerings one by one from the bamboo basket, swiftly and skillfully placed them in front of the altar, burning candles, incense, burning paper money…

“One, two, thirty, fifty, ninety…” Mei Gou repeatedly counted the small paper boats loaded with bright candles along the direction of the water, when she took the last piece of paper When the ship was placed gently on the flowing water, it was in the middle of the moon.

Since the year that Jianming Shili went to school, she has come here to put paper boats every July and a half, whether it’s a moonlit night in autumn or a drizzle night. She has been fiddling with these traditional festival activities of the Ghost Festival for a whole ten years…


Besides, the Qixi Festival , Altair only crosses the Milky Way on this night once a year to meet Vega. Of course, this is just a romantic legend of love.

From the day of Tanabata, the local countryside has entered the Obon Festival, also called Zhongyuan Festival. Country folks believe that the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month is the ghost festival in the underworld, similar to the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival in the sun. The ancestor is taken back to the sun to enjoy the festival for a few days before returning to the underworld. The July and a half of the underworld is the busiest and the management is the most relaxed. Both the Hades and the judge are obsessed with having fun with the ghosts and people and ignore political affairs. Those who die on this day do not have to accept the dark trial to join the ghost list and become the ghost king.

On the first day of the festival, people took the ancestors’ souls back to the Yangjian home for worship. On the last day, they sent the ancestors’ souls back to the underworld and prayed for yin and yang.

Underworld, that is the term most frequently used in Obon festival activities. On the last day of the festival, the good men and believers who had suffered from the three summers of farming work after eating dinner, they rushed to each other to pass messages: “Ma Geluo, go to Songmutang to see Taoyuan Cave, that year Gou The girl will sing a lot of songs when she gets down, and she can also speak Hakka and Cantonese vernacular, but she can’t make a fart with three sticks.”

“Okay, wait a minute. But I want to go to Zhushu Letang to see Xinghua Street.” Hekou Cheng answered Fang Xiang’s invitation and put forward his own thoughts.

“Well, let’s take a look at Taoyuan Cave first and then go to Xinghua Street.” In this way, the two sides reached a consensus.

According to the local wizard, Xia Taoyuan Cave is to use witchcraft to carry the souls of psychologically suggestive children into the underworld, and let them find their ancestors in the dark mind. Pray for yin and yangTongfu; Xinghuajie went to the underworld to find compatriots who died, so that they could reincarnate safely.