Amu set up a swing for his son in the yard. There is a section of red wooden stool in the lane, which is suitable for swing noodles.

The swing is ready, and all the children from neighbors come to play. That night, Amu heard the sound of swinging in the yard. Whose child did not sleep at night? Amu looked out through the window, and there were two old men pushing each other on the swings. Amu wants a person of this age, what should I do if he falls down? I was going to stop it, but when I left the house, where was anyone else? Amu is strange, is it because he is dazzled?

The same situation happened again the next night. Amu felt that it was the swing that brought ghosts. He wanted to dismantle it, fearing that his son would not do it, so he figured out a way to untie the mahogany bench surface at night and hide it in the house, and then tie it up during the day. But at night the two old men came, and Amu discovered that the old man had brought the swing face, which was also a section of stool, exactly the same as the one he had hidden.

At dawn, Amu took off this stool and merged it with his own. Hey, it was a complete mahogany stool. Amu simply found a big nail, nailed the two pieces together, and then found a piece of wood to make a swing noodle. Since then, the two old men have never been here again.

As soon as the Ching Ming Festival arrived, Amu went to the grave for the deceased grandfather, and found that the words on the tombstone turned into “the tomb of brothers”, and the following line of small words: bar stool together, brother and.

From the elders in the village, Amu learned that his grandfather and brothers had separated at the beginning and fought for a mahogany stool. The stool was divided into two pieces, each in half. Grandpa’s brother later took the whole family away from his hometown, and the two brothers never saw each other until they died. Now the stool is complete, and the two brothers are reunited underground.

From then on, Amu’s family treasured this mahogany stool.