Can papaya eat raw breast enlargement

People usually call women’s breasts a “female symbol”. Breasts not only serve to breastfeed their children, they are also important parts that can prove the sexy charm of women, so many breasts are small Of women want breast enhancement. Most people know that papaya can enhance breasts, so they eat a lot of papaya every day. Unexpectedly, eating a lot will have no effect. Papaya is a kind of fruit that can enhance breasts, but you must eat it in the right way. So, how can you eat papaya to enlarge your breasts?

Can papaya be eaten raw to enlarge breasts

Papaya can enhance breasts, but eating papaya raw will only backfire. In terms of dietary therapy, the ancients mainly used papaya to treat uric acid. As for the treatment of postpartum milk loss and enrichment, papaya enzymes were used to open the spleen, stomach, and enhance milk. Papaya is flat and cool. If you want breast enhancement, it is best to eat it after stewing. Cooked papaya can enhance breast.

The best way to eat papaya for breast enhancement

1. Tremella stewed papaya  

Materials: Tremella, papaya, northern apricot, southern apricot, rock sugar.   

Method: Soak the white fungus with water and rinse it off. Peel the papaya and remove the seeds, cut into small pieces, and put in a stew pot. Remove the clothes and wash the apricots, put them in a stew pot together with white fungus and rock sugar, add some boiling water and simmer for 20 minutes.