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Strike the key points:

  • Xbox Series X and Series S will be officially launched on November 10th, and will be sold simultaneously in Hong Kong.

  • Price: Series X US$499/3880 Hong Kong dollars, Series S US$299/2280 Hong Kong dollars.

  • Series S is positioned as a cheaper, pure digital version of the next-generation Xbox. The goal is to provide 1440p @ 60fps game graphics.

  • Series S and Series X also use Zen 2 architecture CPU and high-speed SSD, support 120fps, ray tracing, fast recovery and other next-generation new features, and can run next-generation exclusive games.

  • “Assassin’s Creed: Hall of Valor” will be released on November 10th, and the console version of “Gears of War: Tactical Squad” will be launched at the same time.

  • Eligibility for EA Play subscription will be added to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC version XGP at the end of the year. There will be no price increase or additional fees.

There is no live broadcast conference, and there is no notice. Microsoft directly threw two next-generation console sales information on Twitter and official blog; thisIn the game session of “pricing ahead of anyone else”, Microsoft was still uncomfortable after all, and announced the price ahead of Sony.

However, Xbox’s next-generation strategy is very different from that of PS5; the series S that has just been announced, which is smaller and cheaper, and can run all next-generation games, has also attracted the attention of many players.

For those of you who are interested in next-generation consoles, this article summarizes all the release information with Xbox Series X and Series S, including the differences between the two consoles, and which games you can play during the year.

Starting from the 2000 yuan file, it will be sold simultaneously in Hong Kong

According to the information officially announced by Microsoft, both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be sold simultaneously in multiple regions including Hong Kong on November 20. Xbox Hong Kong also officially announced the suggested retail prices of the two consoles:

  • Series X: HKD 3880(about RMB 3420)

  • Series S: 2280 Hong Kong dollars(approximately RMB 2010)

The Hong Kong version has been confirmed for simultaneous release, which is undoubtedly a big plus for domestic players who want to start the game. However, the above reference retail prices are only applicable to Hong Kong. For various reasons, the initial starting prices of the two hosts in China will definitely increase; your wallet and psychology must be prepared.

At the same time, Microsoft also announced an installment plan called Xbox All Access; This plan is similar to the “contract machine” of mobile operators. As long as you pay a certain monthly fee, you can exchange for a next-generation console and a 24-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service.

The charges for this service in the United States are as follows:

  • Series S: 24 months, $24.99 per month

  • Series X: 24 months, $34.99 per month

Considering that the original subscription price of XGPU also costs $14.99/month, such an instalment plan may be attractive to those shy players.

Actually, Xbox All Access was launched in several countries including the United States and the United Kingdom as early as 2018, but at the end of this year, Microsoft will open this program to 12 countries; the new countries include South Korea and several European countries country.

If players in these regions want to apply, they need to go to the designated retailers in each region. For this reason, even if this plan is launched in Hong Kong, players in the mainland may have certain difficulties in handling it.

Series S: The smallest and cheapest next-generation host

Microsoft will launch a new host with two configurations, one high and one low. This incident has been going viral last year or even the year before; even the various uncles and parties were unable to hold back, and directly threw out leaked official promotional materials. , Forcing Microsoft to immediately confirm the existence of this host.