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Hurdles must be familiar to people. Sixteen years ago, Liu Xiang won the gold medal in the men’s 110m hurdles at the Olympic Games, making all Chinese fans of hurdles.

However, the pursuit of hurdles in sports competitions is speed, and technical movements are all for the best results, so the posture is not beautiful.

If you want to compete for the most handsome hurdle, the strongest player has to be Dongguan Zi.

Dongguan Tsai is a character in the movie “Underworld 2: Harmony”. He is arrogant and has a hot temper. In this film, the actor Lin Jiadong not only portrays a deep-rooted character, but also provides the best hurdle performance in history.

At that time, Dongguan Tsai had just learned of the whereabouts of his opponent and took his brother to cut people. On the way, he encountered a railing that was unaware of current affairs. Dongguan Tsai leaped gently, keeping his upper body upright, his legs alternated quickly, and his expression always cocky. This not only shows that he is good at fighting, but also shows that he is confident and experienced in fighting this matter.

In contrast, the younger brother behind Dongguan Boy hurdles with his feet at the same time, facing the loess and back to the sky, not as relaxed and elegant as the older brother.

The hurdle was probably invented at the same time as the railing. For ordinary people, the railing represents order and restraint, and the hurdle is a challenge to this restraint.

No matter what is blocking the front, taking shortcuts and not making detours is the attitude that a ruthless character should have.

Pei is called the man at the top of the food chain by the audience. In addition to eating everything, the spirit of “Bei is not around” is also a very important part. Neither mountains, rivers nor railings can stop the man’s path.

Maybe everyone has the urge to flip over the railing, but not everyone has the opportunity and courage to try.

The handsome hurdles in most people’s minds come from movies, especially when the police and bandits are chasing, there are often scenes of crossing the hurdles and obstacles. In order to reflect the skill of the characters, the director will make the hurdles beautiful and beautiful.

Among all the movie stunts, hurdles should be considered the most cost-effective one, with low difficulty and high safety. Actors usually do not need a substitute to make handsome moves, which is a good way to add points to characters.

Many actors have performed hurdles, and everyone has different hurdle styles.

Over time, people will think that hurdles are a cool thing. Those who will hurdle are either well-trained policemen or prodigal sons who are in the rivers and lakes. Anyway, they are not ordinary people.

Bill Gates is also a pretty hurdler


Hurdle is like fried rice with eggs, both simple and difficult.

For the layman, it belongs to the kind of action that you can see and kneel when you try. It is easy to pretend to fail if you do not know what to do and try at will.

In parkour, a series of hurdles and other actions used to overcome obstacles are called jumping(Vault), just one action of hurdle hurdle can be divided into multiple ways to jump.

The jumping movement used by Dongguan Boy belongs to the lazy jumping (lazy vault). Its main feature is one-handed support. Turn the leg over the obstacle, and then drive the other leg and body. The overturned leg is on the same side as the supporting hand.

In addition, there are also technologies such as safe crossing, fast crossing, reverse crossing, monkey crossing and so on.

However, hurdles are not the patent of parkour. Before the advent of parkour, Hong Kong filmmakers were already proficient in using various hurdle techniques.

Especially in Jackie Chan’s moviesThere are a lot of climbing and jumping movements, and parkour itself has been influenced by martial arts and Jackie Chan movies.

If Hong Kong movies are the source of inspiration for parkour, then Dongguan Tsai is undoubtedly the benchmark of the hurdles.

A good hurdle movement should be clean and tidy and complete in one go. If the action is sluggish and not neat, not only is it not handsome at all, but it is embarrassing.

In the movie “Hurricane Rescue 3”, there is a scene of Liam Neeson climbing over the fence. This should be very brief and fast action but shared 15 edits. In the end, it was a tribal face and became a hurdle. laughing stock.

Edgar Wright, the director of “Zombie Shaun” and “Detective Hot Blood”, especially likes to use the embarrassment of hurdle failure as a joke. In his “Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy”, every part must be Join a funny section of jumping the fence, which is said to be his favorite part.