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After the unanticipated fermentation of the “Cracking Account Incident”, the image of “people as pale as a chrysanthemum” in the eyes of Wan Qian may never go back.

Netizens who once praised “Boss Wan has a great temperament” have now turned their guns and started taunting them, and even invented a new stalk of “Guo Chuan Guo”.

We have no way of knowing whether the “Like Black Post” on Wanqian’s account was slippery or hacked. But it is a fact that her passerby has declined in the past few months.

When it comes to the reasons, the one who is said the most is, “Since I got on to Sister Lang, the people who don’t fight or grab have collapsed.”

But if you think about it carefully, you will find that Wan Qian’s impression seems to have not changed all the time, her temperament is cold and alienated, but she is “holding” unearthly.

Even her statement about account hacking had a kind of “whatever you want” senile coldness, and was ridiculed as a result, and was said to be “rude”.

This is also a very interesting phenomenon in this wave of word-of-mouth crisis of Wan Qian. Nowadays, many so-called “”Slots”, in fact, is precisely the trait that was touted at the beginning.

So, where is Wan Qian’s “personal design collapse”, but the public’s eyes have changed.

I was praised at the beginning, but now I am scolded

What is Wan Qian’s impression of people?

Before participating in “Sister Lang”, the answer was mostly good acting, open-minded and casual, alienated and cool.

At that time, she was questioned because she showed some “twisting” in the interview with Yi Lijing, and many people were defending her. They felt that Yi Lijing was deliberately guiding her, and many of the problems were arguing.

More than two months have passed, and the tone has changed.

The netizens are like participating in a large-scale face-slapping scene. While turning over the “famous scenes” that Wan Qian was once praised, they read other meanings without control.

First, Wan Qian’s performance when meeting other sisters in the first issue of “Lang Sister”.

At that time, both Jin Sha and Huang Shengyi expressed their love for Wan Qian with their star-eyed eyes, and Wan Qian’s reaction was to put one hand behind his back, extend the other hand for a handshake, and nod his head slightly to say hello;



In the face of other people’s compliments such as “I like you so much”, I just respond with short “hello” and “thank you”.

This posture was very consistent with everyone’s impression of Wan Qian at the time, and was evaluated as “unfamiliar, polite and self-contained, not like other actresses who hugged and was sticky”;

Looking at the result now, it becomes “flaunting one’s own uniqueness” and “nothing to start with.”

There is more than one similar “network double standard site”.

Hai Lu was crying anxiously because he couldn’t sing properly before Yi Gong. The teammates gathered to encourage each other. Wan Qian was asked about this in the interview on the show and talked about “female power”; < /p>

The mainstream public opinion at the time was positive, and Wan Qian felt that Wan Qian could “deeply understand the identity of women” and possess the “gentle power” of women.

Even the worst scene in which she was ridiculed in the past few days-raising her hand on the stage while singing, and said that she was empathetic with Mulan;

At the time, they were saying that she was stubborn and refused to admit defeat. Some viewers were even moved to tears along with Zhang Hanyun on the screen.

In the hacking incident, Wan Qian was suspected of liking his teammate’s black stickers and refused to admit it. The white moonlight filter broke to the ground, and the cruelty of the public swept through at this time.

The “naturally natural sense of alienation” has become a “pretending to be cold”, and Wan Qian’s every move has been added with a “pretending” debuff.

The trend of public opinion has also become a single criticism: empty, Differing, love to speak big words.

We can’t guess whether Wan Qian himself is true temperament or false high.

But when people see different meanings in the same details, it also shows that every gesture of her has begun to be added with “false” premises——

I used to think that she was born to stand in a corner full of immortality, but now she always suspects that she secretly sprinkled a circle of dry ice around her.

“Ungroundedness”, the most dangerous personal setting in the entertainment industry

However, the decline of Wan Qian’s reputation has become what it is now, but it cannot be attributed to the “double standard” of the audience.

After all, the posture in the entertainment industry is too high, whether it is the real character of the artist or the personality used to make fans, it is actually very dangerous.

We have seen a lot of celebrities’ “personally set rollovers” because their images were too ungrounded at the beginning, and the result was a little bit turbulent, and the previous “eliteness” has become “X”.

A very typical example is Zhou Yiwei, who was once known as the “Remains of the Canghai Pearl” like Wan Qian.

It was very popular after the “Birth of an Actor” was surrounded on Monday. In addition to his good acting skills, his own posture of serious work and a somewhat profound temperament in his speech are very important fans.

However, we can no longer imagine using words like “profound” and “indifferent” to describe Zhou Yiwei..

A few machismo speeches in the interview were enough to destroy his ungrounded “artist fan”.

In addition, the acting embarrassment in “Entrepreneurship Times” is comparable to Angelababy, and now it has been completely classified as a “greasy male star”.

A similar example is Han Xue. When it became popular again in 2018, the two labels “obsessed with electronic products” and “fluent in spoken English” on her body were both elite-oriented.

But her reputation has always been shaky, and she is often criticized for “self-hype.”

It wasn’t until the musical “White Night Walk” was on tour that I couldn’t sing the song and I didn’t refund the ticket. I told the audience that the recording was about to be played before the opening. The low-key “Goddess of Art” image was completely collapsed.

Of course, Wan Qian’s reputation is much better than the two above.

An important reason is that she is modest enough in business. Tian Dan in “New World” was questioned for her “facial paralysis acting”. Wan Qian admitted that she “smashed up”, which is more circumscribed than Zhou Zhou’s self-consciousness. Much powder.

On the other hand, the more perfect her image, the more dangerous.

When the image of “people are as indifferent as chrysanthemums, do not fight or grab” has been fixed in the hearts of the public, Wan Qian’s retreat and fault tolerance rate are really terribly low.

People’s psychology for the star’s “ungroundedness” is very complicated, and not every star who “loves the fan” will be mocked by the group.

Just like the reshaping band in “Le Xia”, which is keen to create with logic and music theory knowledge, from the beginning of the stage, “I am more academic than you wild road bands” high coldness;

The appearance of “just to pretend to be X” will be disgusting, but it does not prevent a large number of people from “felt admiration for the ultimate superiority and inherent elegance of intellectuals.”

However, no matter how much people who like stars are “unconnected”, they will always be “family” instead of “family”. In other words, the artist must at least maintain the surface reality.

The higher the posture, the higher the public’s expectations, and the more realistic the celebrity needs to be.

A friend of mine was briefly disillusioned with the “elegance” of reshaping the band because she discovered that the lead singer Huadong had read a book she had also read.

Her psychological feeling at the time was basically: “How can a person with such a posture as high as the sky read books that ordinary people have heard of?”

Look, people’s requirements for “high coldness” are so demanding. When you see the slightest sign of “falling into the mortal world”, the sense of disillusionment is ready on the edge of the cliff.

The hacking incident, whether true or not, has become the first crack in the perfect image of Wan Qian in the hearts of the public.

Why do they “stick when they turn red”?

In the final analysis, Wan Qian’s “do not want to be popular” style is inherently a paradox in the entertainment industry.

Just like Yi Lijing’s frequent offensive in interviews-when “cloud light and wind light” has become the biggest label on a celebrity, it is necessary to face the difference between “I don’t want a celebrity design” and “famous facts”. The contradiction between.

The feeling of most people is that Wan Qian’s first time “going off the altar” was from participating in “Sister Lang”.

Before this, she was a chic actress who was not popular but didn’t care, she was a legacy of outstanding acting skills, and an ideal woman who lived a clear and open life.

With the high-density exposure in the variety show, the blurry but beautiful shadow became clear, and bright spots and grooves gradually emerged.

The “Straight Girl Slash” character set that the program team started to create will certainly have some bluffing effects on Wan Qian, but more importantly, the image of “Xianqi” floating in the air needs to be established The audience keeps their distance.

For example, Yang Liping, who has had nothing to do with “down-to-earth” in her life, was the most controversial because she was in a variety show with Jin Xing because of different concepts.

At that time, Yang Liping, in the hearts of the public, was an artist who did not eat fireworks and was a spirit of nature. It is unimaginable for such a person to lose his temper in public.

So the public opinion turned into her “self-proclaimed elegant” “pretentious and exaggerated”, and even her long nails were talked about for a while.

Yang Liping is still on dance variety shows, which are strongly related to her profession, and she does not need to intensively show her self in life like today’s reality shows.

In a show like “Lang Sister” that focuses on human interaction, the opposite is true.

The singing and dancing station is only part of the program. The public appreciates the attitude of the stars in the face of setbacks and the emotional intelligence when interacting with others. These all need the personality and personality of the artists to support.

Aduo can attract fans largely because of emotional intelligence.

However, not everyone’s personality is cute enough to withstand magnifying glass scrutiny.

In the frequent daily exposure, Wan Qian, who “does not fight or grabs”, is either boring or criticized as false, and it seems inevitable that her reputation will deteriorate.

Furthermore, in the current entertainment industry, “the legacy of the sea will be glued as soon as it is red” seems to have become a curse.

Whether it is Zhou Weiwei or Wan Qian, it is always regrettable when it is tepid, and once it becomes popular, it quickly “collapses”.

Is it really like what people often say “There is a reason for not being popular”? In fact, it is not always true.

There is a saying in the fan circle called “puzzling fetishism”, which means that some people only love niche “puzzling coffee” and dismiss the popular traffic.

Actually, the whole entertainment circle is also established-when the stars/novels/movies/music you like belong to a niche circle, no one will inevitably feel a bit superior.

It is as if he is a very discerning Bole, and he has found a thousand-mile horse on the vulgar grassland.

This kind of “niche filter” is bringing satisfaction to ordinary people and also protecting the artists behind the filter.

As artists begin to “red” and gain more attention and traffic, they will inevitably face more severe eyes.

Perhaps Wan Qian should bury her head in filming. Under the mysterious package, no one cares whether she pretends or not;

Without so much exposure on the cusp, no one lined up to use a magnifying glass to see if she had “collapsed”.

She just needs to hide herself behind each character, and occasionally reveal a little of herself, just like the scene at the end of the first performance of “Lang Sister”.

At that time, 3 players in Wanqian’s group were eliminated. When she walked into the promotion room, she suddenly changed her face and cried. Under the temperament of “light and windy”, there was a contrast that made people smile–

That may be her cutest moment in the entire show.