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In “I Love My Home”, Yan Hong, who has confused Jia Zhixin’s date, is wearing a red tights stitched with transparent materials and is discussing the topic of pioneering gender after the end of the world. Coupled with the futuristic butterfly hairstyle, Lady Gaga is more than 20 years earlier.

Jia Zhixin: I am the only man in the world. Don’t you work together with me to face nature and fight with wild beasts?

Yan Hong: If there are others left, of course, you are left, I can only fight with you first and then fight with the beasts!

At this time, it was the early 90s. Only wealthy children had touched the 486. I still don’t know what dial-up is. Jack Ma is still an English teacher. He just raised a few thousand yuan to start his own business.

More people who are reading this article have not been born yet, and Cai Ming’s dress is like a translator after the millennium. He has become a Y2K hot girl in the world.

What is Y2K

The prerequisite for becoming a Y2K hot girl is to know what Y2K aesthetics are.

Y2K is the abbreviation of “2000”(year 2 kilo). Y2K style refers to the aesthetic style that was popular from 1995 to 2003 around the millennium.

Wrapped in tights is the fantasies of Y2K babes about the future of technological skins, with transparent and metallic materials, it is the most iconic expression of technology.

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These elements are left over by Cai Mingwan. 24 years ago, she wore a silver technology-sense one-piece dress and the same headband as Maria in Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”. More down-to-earth, he was pushed onto the Spring Festival Gala stage by Guo Da’s cart.

In 1996 Spring Festival Gala, Guo Da and Cai Ming performed “Fun Talking Robot”. By the way, the script of this sketch is Feng Xiaogang.

Being the origin of Y2K’s hot girls is not only a futuristic appearance, but even the core of the topic discussion is extremely advanced.

When Guo Da hummed, “It’s hard to buy a daughter because it’s single. If you’re single for a long time and want to get married, the current woman is really maddening, so I just bought it as a robot.” After unpacking, he said very greasy.” Come and let her husband kiss her.” This series of dangerous behaviors placed in the current online context, on the contraryInstead of discussing the equality and contradiction between humans, we think about the core of the relationship between humans and robots in advance.

When you press the remote control to choose a career, family, coquettish, passionate, gentle and virtuous wife image, and when one can meet the needs of human beings, Guo Da finally chose the empathetic type .

Cai Ming immediately understood his inner “grief” and shaken off. Finally, someone understood that Guo Da expressed his gratitude and immediately asked: “You must not speak out, I will be ashamed to see people if you want to speak out, I have to smoke myself a big mouth.”

Then he got 4 big mouths from Cai Ming.

Guo Da, who made his choice, was stunned, and the robot cauliflower said a warning sentence that surpassed that era: You said you want to smoke yourself, I smoked it for you, and you are not happy. You humans are hypocritical.

Humans want robots to serve themselves, but in the end they are unable to control the consequences. And whether human emotions are too hypocritical or machines are ultimately inflexible by machines, this kind of debate is deconstructed in a way that is closest to the lives of the people on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala where people enjoy themselves.

More than 20 years later, when I saw Guo Da covering his face and complaining, “We humans have shortcomings, but we know pain, we understand feelings, it will be painful, unlike your robots”, I can’t help but think of the American dramas of the past few years The plot in “Real Humans”:

Humans ask synthetic humans: Are you afraid of pain?

Synthetic man: I try to avoid pain. Human: What about death? Death is also a pain. Synthetic man: I am not afraid of death, which makes me stronger than any human being. Human: You are wrong. If you are not afraid of death, it is not this kind of living, but just an existence.

As the alarm clock goes off at 7 o’clock every morning, the carbon-based organisms that pass by the company on weekends can’t help but take out their mobile phones to check in. Seeing here, I trembled heartily. The scary thing is not that robots have consciousness, but that we start to become numb to life and start thinking like robots.

Even the remote control failed and Cai Ming’s system was disordered and mounted on Guo Da to order him to climb the Great Wall with his back on his back. It seemed to be a metaphor for the recovery and awakening of the robot.

Robot fantasy is the initial Y2K aesthetics

Looking away from the Spring Festival Gala stage, I found that in the mid-1990s, the whole world was dreaming about the lives of future people with intelligent robots. The most sensitive ones were the art and fashion circles.

At Thierry Mugler’s 1995 autumn and winter show, the model initially wore a mopping gown and a huge hat with a face spliced ​​by metal and plexiglass. Slowly took off the robe, first revealed a silver metal tights, and through the hollows, you could see the real flesh below.

The whole design was inspired by the “Sexy Robot” of Kora Sanji, who realized the people in the artwork and created the “Cyborg” suit.

Y2K aesthetics began in metal, and the sense of technologyThe elements of the budding, designers have followed closely. Alexander McQueen also used LEDs and light-emitting circuit boards as inspiration for Givenchy’s show to create a new human in the future, and he can see the illusion of the coming millennium future world.

The 1999 Christian Dior autumn and winter series used a lot of reflective materials and bright colors. John Galliano said it was “deeply inspired by The Matrix”.

The movie “The Matrix” is the bible at the peak of Y2K aesthetics. Although the red or blue pill is always a problem. But black sunglasses have been regarded as a classic standard by every Y2K hot girl.

The “Digital Rain” in the film has also become an aesthetic explosion of Y2K, and designers have printed binary numbers in various places.

Around 2000, wherever hipsters get together, you will see some 6-digit hoodies or backpacks, and then the address of is printed in the lower right corner.

You can even send the numbers on the clothes to this address, maybe you can get a reply from the designer, or you can communicate with similar people.

Now you can open this website again and you can feel how ruthless the fashion trend is., which is a trendy exchange, has long gone out of business. Now it has changed to a macho network that clearly marked height, measurements and only wears underwear. Red is live.

The worship of neon color

But Y2K aesthetics has penetrated into the culture beyond fashion, and it was at the stage of rapid development of electronic technology. Nothing can lead the aesthetic trend more than technology products. Nokia and Motorola both use brighter colors in their mobile phone designs.

The original metallic and binary Y2K aesthetics began to transform into neon and candy colors.

One of the most iconic moments in the entire movement was the release of the iMac G3 in 1998, which was characterized by its “spot” shape and translucent candy-colored material.

In the era of green screens, functions are not important. When you buy a mobile phone, you also choose color and shape first. If I don’t think it’s dazzling enough, I will buy ornaments to match. The red Nokia hangs a photo of her boyfriend, which is the most intriguing girl in the class.

Y2K hot girl melee, who wins

Of course, this fashion trend can be seen by looking at the changes in Cai Ming’s dress in the spring evening. The styling has changed from a metal girl to a candy-colored girl, grasping the development path of precise Y2K aesthetics.

1999 sketch “Fans”, 2000 sketch “Laughing Girl”

Contrasting color velvet slim dress, carrying a cartoon bag, similar to UGG thick-soled boots, this shape and Beverly ladies, known as the Y2K queen Paris Hilton hit the shirt.

Teacher Cai Ming sang the song casually in the sketch, “You are also happy, I am also happy…