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A few days ago, I scanned a sneaker evaluation on Douyin, and halfway through it, I realized that it turned out to be a video selling high imitation shoes from Putian.

I searched the Internet and found that I was not the only one who encountered a similar situation, and many people also saw live broadcasts and videos of selling fake shoes in Putian on Douyin and Kuaishou.

Someone even went to the shoe vendor in Putian and blatantly advertised on Douyin.

Why can I post (fake shoes) ads here?

Is there no one to manage (the platform)?

Crazy marketing, report ignored, scary

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Could it be that Putian shoe vendors have also “advanced with the times” and started to operate Douyin and Kuaishou? Putian shoe vendor who has always been good at marketing, what kind of showman did he do this time?

After some deep research, I found that these accounts have a lot of marketing routines, and there is a huge profit industry chain of false authentication and illegal advertising hidden behind them.

1. Douyin and Kuaishou have become a new position for shoe vendors in Putian

First of all, I have to explain that when I talk about “Putian shoes”, it does not mean that all shoes produced in Putian are fake shoes, but especially those high imitations that imitate Adidas and privately produced without authorization. Fake shoes.

Now that the Internet and platforms are so severely cracking down on counterfeiting and counterfeiting, is there still room for Putian shoe vendors to survive?

The answer is yes. Moreover, in order to “adapt” to the general environment of the Internet development, these fake shoe vendors have explored short video gameplay.

1. Popular videos to attract traffic, to collect platform traffic

These Putian shoe vendors’ primary means is to rely on popular videos to attract users to the homepage, let interested users add WeChat, and channel them to their WeChat.

For example, some time ago, I swiped a video with more than 300,000 likes on Douyin. The title of the video at the beginning is “Instantly let you forget the three original songs”. youNot to mention, the song is pretty good, but there is only the first of three in the video.

So I clicked into the homepage and wanted to see what the other two songs were. However, I turned all the works on the homepage to the bottom, and still couldn’t find the remaining two episodes of videos.

At this time, I noticed that the name of this account was called “Putian xx Shoe Store”, and “Customer Service WeChat” was left in the profile.

I tried to search the WeChat ID, and sure enough…

There are also some movies, popular science videos, and the same routine.

So, on the surface, these accounts post all music and encyclopedia videos. In fact, they want to attract passersby like me to click on the homepage and divert their WeChat accounts.

Even though I didn’t say anything about selling shoes, I believe everyone can understand “Putian”, “shoes” and “customer service”. Some people in need will naturally be led to the private domain traffic of shoe vendors.

The accounts I encountered are basically hundreds of thousands of fans, and the videos can have up to 300,000 likes. Although this routine looks very violent and the target group is not accurate, it can’t hold up the high traffic.

2. Imitate professional assessment, immersive brainwashing

In addition to violent drainage, there are also some accounts that imitate professional sneaker reviews, which is simply giving me a 360-degree immersive brainwashing.

Take the Putian shoe vendor in Kuaishou’s hand as an example. The so-called evaluation videos released by these accounts, in terms of characters, scenery, cameras, and subtitles, are all imitating professional sneaker evaluations.

At first glance, there is no difference at all.

Left: the well-reviewed Douyin blogger @zettaranc; right: Putian shoe vendor

In terms of content rhythm, these videos even explored their own set of fixed patterns:

Beginning of questioning + Blogger (actor) answering questions

They usually raise questions directly on the video cover and the beginning of the video, arousing the curiosity of the audience. Then use the answers of the video blogger to brainwash the audience step by step.

How did they do it?

First of all, some video bloggers will vowed to tell the audience that many Putian shoes can no longer be distinguished from genuine shoes in appearance. Wearing Putian shoes does not have to worry about being recognized.

In addition, there are many videos telling the audience,The quality of Putian shoes is very reliable, dispel everyone’s worries.

Huh? Putian shoes are not durable yet?

I have worn these (Putian shoes) for more than a year;

Then, there are some videos that will educate the audience earnestly:

Buying Putian shoes is for the pursuit of cost-effectiveness. Don’t always think about (buying genuine shoes) and just compare them.

After reading it, I even felt that I was boycotting Putian shoes because I was blinded by consumerism.

Finally, when the brainwashing is almost done, then the video blogger will come out “Guide to Avoiding Pitfalls” to teach everyone how to choose Putian shoes. The video said a big deal. In the final analysis, everyone should choose a “reliable merchant”, that is, find him to buy it.

With such a combination of punches, it is estimated that many people can be moved.

Second, the gray industry chain behind the “Quick Shake” fake shoe trade

I have to say that Putian shoe vendors are simply blatantly promoting on short video platforms.

Be aware that it is illegal to sell fake shoes, and the platform supervises these contents strictly. So I am curious:

How do these Putian shoe vendors evade platform supervision?

Why are these accounts able to sell shoe videos openly?

Where did these fake shoes come from?

In order to clarify these problems, I “undercover” multiple channels and finally figured out the fake shoe industry chain hidden behind the short video platform.

1. Buy “Quick Shake” account cold start

Putian shoe vendors want to sell shoes on Douyin and Kuaishou. The first problem is account operation. After all, only fans can have traffic.

But for these Putian Shoefans who want to make money, it is difficult to have the patience to operate an account and slowly become a fan. Therefore, many fake shoe vendors will choose to directly purchase Kuaishou and Douyin accounts with a certain number of fans.

For example, there are many posts about buying short video accounts in the post bar.

There will even be someone specializing in a Douyin Kuaishou account. After they have accumulated a certain number of fans, they will go to Putian shoes agents to cooperate.

In this way, these shoe dealers can have hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of seed users without spending much energy and relying on illegal account transactions.

2. Merchant certification avoids supervision

You can buy Douyin and Kuaishou accounts, but after all, you are selling fake shoes, which can easily be restricted and blocked. Therefore, many accounts will be certified by enterprises to reduce risks.

I pretended to be a Putian shoe agent and tried to contact an agency that does business certification. The other party claims that as long as they pass the corporate certification, they can obtain the blue V logo, which greatly reduces the probability of being blocked.

In the entire verification process, I only need to provide the account number. The intermediary will handle all verification materials such as business licenses.

Later, the intermediary saw that I never placed an order, and sent me a video specially to show me the Putian customers I had done before, and made me believe in their “business capabilities.”

Look at it. They are all made for your colleagues. I have many of your colleagues here.

Seeing the hundreds of Putian shoe vendor accounts sent to me by the other party, I guess they do similar business frequently.

In addition, I found that shoe vendors will not only pass merchant verification to reduce the risk of account being blocked, will also use the exclusive function of the merchant account to more “safely” channel WeChat.

We wrote that other gray products use Douyin Kuaishou for drainage, mainly by leaving WeChat in the profile. But this is easy to be monitored by the system’s AI, limited by current, and blocked.

But Douyin’s corporate account can be featured on the video, so some shoe vendors put the WeChat account on the cover of the video on top. Some will also expose the WeChat account as a merchant’s contact phone number, and guide everyone to search WeChat by phone number.

And Kuaishou’s merchant account can set up exclusive customer service, online appointment and fan group functions on the homepage. Therefore, many Putian accounts will put their WeChat account in the customer service and appointment columns, which can be seen at a glance and can also avoid the platform’s machine review.

3. Violating advertising to attract traffic

In order to quickly collect traffic from the platform, some wealthy agents will even spend money on information flow advertising.

Be aware that on short video platforms, ad review is very strict. How do these Putian shoe vendors do it?

At first glance, it seems impossible to place fake shoes ads on short video platforms, but in fact, this segment of business also has corresponding advertising agencies to help. I just searched a lot in the post bar, which can provide one-stop advertising service.

(Ad Agency in Post Bar)

For example, one of my undercover advertising agencies claimed to be able to provide me with art design and production landing pages, and technical operations to optimize the delivery for me. He even provided me with a “considerate” business license as a material for applying for advertising qualification.

As long as I tell them the Douyin Kuaishou account, or the WeChat account, they can wait for their followers.

Are you not afraid of being blocked by the platform for advertising fake shoes?

According to advertising agencies, as long as they have the qualifications for a business license, advertisements will not be blocked. Even if it is blocked, they can help me change the advertising account and continue to do advertising.

No wonder these fake shoe dealers dare to blatantly advertise on the platform.

4. Multi-level distribution to make huge profits

After Putian shoe vendors diverted buyers from the short video platform to WeChat, they will use a huge distribution system to support them in completing fake shoe transactions.

In WeChat, the bottom-level agent is usually the direct connection with the buyer. In addition to operating accounts on Douyin and Kuaishou, they also need to be bombarded with ads in Moments and WeChat groups. If a buyer places an order, they will submit the order to the superior agent and make a difference.

An agent revealed to me that they often increase the price by 30 or 40 for a single order, and some increase by 70 or 80, or even more than 100.

Upper-level agents will also make orders, but mainly rely on lower-level agents to help themselves with distribution. After they aggregate the orders of their subordinate agents, they will send them to the store stalls.

The physical store stall is equivalent to the physical warehouse of Putian shoes. Because they are relatively large, they can get the goods from the shoe factory and then ship them according to the order provided by the agent.

Anfu Electric Mall in Putian is the gathering place of small famous stalls in the circle. There are almost no people here during the day, and there is a crowd at night.

Picture source: Tencent Ventures

Through such a complete distribution system, shoe vendors exchange their resources and finally form a cross-platform sales network.

Some shoe vendors have made 70 million in less than three years, which is a huge profit…

3. Conclusion

Where there is traffic, there are Putian shoes.

In the past few years, shoe vendors in the Putian department smashed money into Baidu ads. Now that Baidu’s traffic is divided by Douyin and Kuaishou, Putian shoe vendors have also found a new position.

They rely on more intuitive video content to grow wildly here, harvesting users and traffic frantically.

Even though we have been quite familiar with these routines, it is still very confusing for those sinking users in the short video app.

In order to prevent more people from being deceived, this kind of video should be reported one by one!

This article is from WeChat official account:Operation Research Agency (ID: U_quan) , author: routine newsroom