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Most cities in China were built on water. In ancient times, the location of cities was basically on the banks of larger rivers, so that the river’s advantages in protection, transportation, and resources could be used.

Observing the distribution of cities on the map, you will find that they are either by the sea or by the river.

Guigang City, Guangxi is located in the middle of Guangxi. The city has three major rivers, Yujiang, Xunjiang, and Qianjiang, and has a unique geographical location.

In 1955, Guigang Port was built here, becoming the earliest important inland port in Guangxi. With the increase in throughput, In 2004, Guigang Port entered the top 13 inland river ports in the country and became the largest inland port in the western region.

In 1988, Guigang was upgraded from a county to a city, subordinate to Yulin, and in 1995 it was upgraded to a prefecture-level city.

Unfortunately, due to various reasons, this place is not prosperous. In 2019, Guigang was divided into the ranks of fifth-tier cities. Since the city is connected to high-speed rail, Guangzhou can be reached directly in only 3 hours, so I also visitedThis city.

dominant district

There are many new buildings around the high-speed rail stations in most small cities, and Guigang is no exception, but the real estate developers in Guigang are the most talented I have ever seen. The advertisements are well-written and the eye-catching is first-rate.

Guangdong is only your first love, and Guigang is your lifetime

Facing the high-speed rail crossing, many people looked up. It seems that there are many young people working in Guangdong in this city, and these newly built houses are aimed at these people.

In addition to real estate companies, local factories are also targeting young people who work abroad.

Salkang Electronics Factory recruits a large number of workers, with a comprehensive salary of 3200

The job advertisement was directly painted on the fence of the high-speed rail station.

For many cities, the high-speed rail station is the business card of the city. The scene you see from the high-speed rail station is the first impression of this place. Unfortunately, my first impression is not good.

As soon as I left the station, I saw a broken bridge across the road.

When I reached the crossroad, the road seemed to have been hit by a meteorite.

There was a constant flow of traffic, but I wanted to cross the road but couldn’t see the traffic lights. After searching for a long time, the traffic lights were here.

On the fence below the broken bridge, the slogan of the environmental model city is bloody.

The high-speed rail station is very close to the city, about 2 kilometers. I stepped on a shared bicycle into the city.

The city is full of tall buildings, and it feels like entering another world.

The roof of the building here is particularly eye-catching. For example, this one abruptly moved Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

Compare this deity:

Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Wandering around in the city, many buildings have such buildings on the roofs, and there is a sense of arrogance that I want to compare with God.

The real estate developers here have a special liking for dragons. On the tallest building in the city, the four big characters of Xiaolong Real Estate dominate the world.

Look carefully at the real estate names here, most of them have a dragon.

Behind the Guigang Library is the Longmaihuating.

At the crossroads with the most traffic in the urban area, Julong City is on the right and Phoenix City is on the left, forming a trend of dragons and phoenixes.