If we talk about the great world, there are all wonders, and Achi believes it very much.

There has been a superstitious folk custom in all dynasties in our country-to have sex. It is to match the unmarried young man (or young woman) with a daughter-in-law (or son-in-law) of the underworld, otherwise it will affect the prosperity of the family’s descendants. Because of this custom, there have even been cases of corpse theft among the people.

To put it bluntly, doing this kind of thing for the deceased child is a kind of spiritual sustenance or spiritual comfort from the parents and relatives.

Azhi remembers that in the second year he went to the countryside to jump in as an educated youth, this incident happened in the village, which was strange.

Back then, the people’s communes and production teams were collectively owned, and female members were less busy than male members. The crops in Azhi’s village are basically wheat, corn, and cotton. Among them, most of the process after the cotton is planted-from field management to cotton picking are all taken care of by a female cotton planting team composed of young and middle-aged female members. of. In addition, picking corn is also a patent for female employees.

Once, Azhi once secretly mentioned the corn baggage that female staff members had backed out of the corn field, but he was stunned. Although I am thin and weak, it is an indisputable fact that the burden that I can’t lift is heavy. From then on, Azhicai understood the hard work of the female members, and they are definitely good labor—compared to the production team, because I don’t know who set the rules: female members earn at least one workday than male members. One point lower, this may also be caused by the old patriarchal custom.

Not only is it hard, they also have risks.

The field management of the women’s cotton planting group also includes several pesticide applications. I remember that in addition to dimethoate, several other pesticides were more toxic. When spraying pesticides, you must wear long clothes, hats, and masks. You have to choose windy weather and stand in the limelight. This is to make the drugs blow away along the wind and reduce the chance of poisoning by sprayers.

Even with great care, accidents of pesticide poisoning still occur frequently. Once, a female member named Xiaogai—a pretty girl—was poisoned. Her partners hurriedly carried her to the commune health center for rescue, but they did not save the young life. This year, she still Under the age of twenty, he has not yet found her husband’s house.

It is said that the second time I am most afraid of pesticide poisoning. However, the small change had been poisoned once in the first year and was rescued, but this time it was poisoned and it was not saved. Later, I heard that the production team had learned the lesson of this blood. Anyone who had a record of pesticide poisoning was not allowed to spray any more.

I heard Xiao Gai’s female companions say that someone had kissed her several times in the village before, but whether the man’s condition was good or bad, Xiao Gai didn’t take a fancy. Moreover, she said privately: “My object should be in the outer village.”

Strange things followed one after another. Uncle Ghost: www.guidaye.com

On the second day of the accident, an unmarried young man died in a traffic accident on the national road south of the village. The accident was so weird.

The young man is a member of a neighboring village. This afternoon, he went out with his second aunt on foot. There was a row of tall poplar trees on each side of the national highway. The two of them stopped walking for some reason and talked about things. The young man stood facing east, leaning against a big tree, and the second aunt stood opposite him.

Suddenly a car drove from the east. For some reason, the steering wheel in the driver’s hand suddenly slipped, the front of the car turned down the road, and rammed into the young man impartially. The big tree leaning on, the poor young man was squeezed to death without even yelling. His second aunt was hit by the front of the car into a roadside ditch and suffered only some skin injuries.

Later, I heard others say that that day the young man was accompanied by his aunt to go on a blind date. Halfway through the journey, the young man suddenly couldn’t change his mind, and the two girls started arguing on the side of the road.

After the incident, the young man and the Xiaogai family became kinsmen for the children, and both families were quite satisfied.

However, this bizarre incident made the outsiders unthinkable: it is understandable that a minor accident happened. After all, pesticide poisoning is a common accident. And that young man stayed in a safe place on the side of the road, but he also died. Why was he so inch?

This matter is also quite sad: before meeting, one was looking down on the other young men, while the other regretted it on the way to a blind date; one left first, The other hurried to catch up.

Since you can’t be a husband and wife before you are alive, you have to get married behind you. Could it be that the two of them were originally a pair?