Problem description: In recent days, I found that my stool would bleed. I also don’t have constipation. I don’t have any pain when I have a bowel movement. The bleeding is always in the later stage of the defecation process. There will be bright red blood sticking to the stool. Not much, I usually eat normally, I don’t eat spicy foods, and I also eat more fruits and vegetables. In addition to not going to the gym recently, the intake is less than before. Eating habits have not changed much, and hemorrhoids have not been found in the anus and he has not tightened the sphincter. I don’t know why I fart a little during the recent period. Then I went to the toilet by myself when I continued to fart today. The chrysanthemum turned out a bit, I had a tissue to wipe it with red blood, and because I was preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, I took a seat for about 10 hours a day I study at the desk, but I also pay attention to my health. I exercise and stretch every day. Bleeding has been going on for about a week. Can the doctor make a preliminary diagnosis of what caused my bleeding? I really don’t want to go to the hospital for colonoscopy. Kind of thank you doctor
Question date:2020-09-05
Patient information:Age: 21 years old Gender: Male
Problem analysis: Hello, according to your description, there is no other discomfort just with blood in the stool. It may be bleeding caused by internal hemorrhoids.
Guide and suggestion: It is recommended that you go to the anorectal department of the hospital for an examination to confirm the diagnosis. Treat according to the situation.
Recommendations are for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for detailed inspection