After Japan surrendered, Japanese military officer Taro Matsushita was temporarily detained in an old house in Shanghai, waiting to be sent home.

Matsushita Taro felt a pain in his head. He was almost awakened by a severe headache. He had a headache since he knew that they were defeated. How could he not understand how such a powerful Japanese Empire was defeated?

He lifted the quilt, sat up, took a drink from the cup on the bedside table, and a sharp cold caused him to wake up a lot, but the headache seemed to be worse. He stood up swayingly, feeling light and fluttering under his feet, staggering to the door, flapping the locked door, and yelling “Anyone?” Through the window, he saw a dark, half-person figure outside the window. nor. He continued to slap the door unwillingly, and suddenly, a white shadow floated from a distance.

Who? Matsushita Taro’s heart trembled, goose bumps appeared on his back, and he backed away. A woman’s face covered with blood appeared outside the door. what! Taro Matsushita screamed in fright, turned his head, and turned around. Leaning against the wall, his hands clung to the top pillar, his eyes closed tightly, and he couldn’t help shaking…

Phew! A gloomy wind rushed in against the crack of the door. Just like a cold hand touching his back, he was so scared that he fell to the ground and saw a beautiful little girl standing in front of him. The little girl was smiling and staring at his face, “What? Now?” Her voice was cold and sharp, and it was very strange, chilling.

Matsushita Taro was very scared and said incoherently: “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

The little girl walked back with a laugh, and suddenly turned around. Stopped, turned his head and smiled at him darkly: “Do you want to go back after doing the evil?” After finishing speaking, he swayed and disappeared into the night.

Matsushita Taro hurried to close the door, and pulled the table against the door. He was lying on the bed again, but he could not fall asleep after tossing and turning, always hearing a woman’s voice as if nothing came into his ears “Don’t want to go back…Don’t want to go back…Don’t want to go back…haha——”
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He sat up angrily and covered his ears. Suddenly, he felt a voice coming from beside him. He looked around, there was no one around him?

“Hahaha…” His eyes moved to the door, and his laughter seemed to come from the door again. But there is nothing at the door?

“Hahaha…” He couldn’t lie down anymore, plucking up the courage to walk to the door, he grinned open the door. “Bang!” The door was suddenly rushed open by a huge force, and the table in front of the door bumped against him, and he was hit to the ground.

“No…” Matsushita Taro shouted in terror. Ghost Uncle Ghost Story

At this moment, a woman with a face covered in blood and her hair appeared before his eyes. Her hand slowly stretched out towards Matsushita Taro, her face There was a weird smile. She walked slowly towards Matsushita Taro. Her steps were strange, and her bones crackled with each step.

“Help, help…”

Matsushita Taro shouted loudly: “You drive, what are you going to do? Don’t pretend to be fools!”

“Haha…you don’t remember me…” She said with blood in her mouth, “Did you forget the bad things you did in this mansion? Already?…”

Taro Matsushita pointed at the woman and yelled incoherently, “You…you are the comfort woman we caught… aren’t you buried alive? You… Ah—” The woman’s hands suddenly grabbed Matsushita Taro’s leg, and her long nails pierced his flesh deeply.

“Ah! Help…!”

“Boom!” The door was pushed open by the little girl, her face still smiling As if seeing a savior, Matsushita Taro climbed to the little girl’s side and called for help. He turned his head again. thump! Kneeling on the ground “Boom! Boom! Boom!…” The woman with a blood-stained face knocked his head countless times, and blood stained his forehead. He also knocked and said: “I beg you! I beg you Don’t torture me anymore, don’t pester me anymore!” Finally, I lay on the ground and started crying!

Just as the little girl relaxed and turned around, Matsushita Taro stood up abruptly. He rushed to the wall, picked up the command knife hanging on the wall, and pointed the knife with a smirk. The little girl screamed: “Don’t pretend to be a ghost in front of me, hahaha…” The knife pierced the girl’s vest with a “poof”. The girl was still smiling, and there was no blood left in the stabbed area. A gloomy wind passed by, and many white translucent figures appeared beside the little girl. They were approaching Taro Matsushita…

The next day, the guard opened the door and found that Matsushita was dead. In the house. There were many scars on his body, as if he had been bitten by something, it was horrible, but the fatal wound should be his own stomach.