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Chun Xiang

She is a little girl who loves to laugh, she is small, her face is small, her eyes are invisible when she smiles, and her voice is beautiful-just like a silver bell. At that time, I was with my grandma in a small village called “yard head”. I haven’t spoken here in detail because of the hours of dissipation. Anyway, because my parents are away all year round, let my.. Read More

Can’t do it, thanks

  In the autumn of 1934, Hu Shi praised the merits of the vernacular Chinese during his lecture at Peking University. A classmate protested: “Mr. Hu, I think the vernacular is not good, and the language is not refined. If you use the telegram, you use more words and spend more money.” Hu Shi explained softly, “Not necessarily! A friend of the Executive Yuan called me a few days ago and.. Read More

China Pacific Insurance GDR Prospectus Approved: Fundraising 1.99 billion-2.15 billion USD

China Pacific Insurance issued GDR and went to the London Stock Exchange to enter the countdown. On June 12, China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. (China Pacific Insurance, 601601.SH; 2601.HK) issued an announcement saying that the offering of this offering The prospectus (hereinafter referred to as the GDR prospectus) was approved by the British Financial Conduct Authority on June 12, London time. The new underlying securities represented by the GDR.. Read More

Fat doll beside the grave

This is what happened to my grandmother. She probably grew up a little bit at that time. She went to the fields with her grandmother to do farm work. At that time, it seemed like it was early summer. Everyone was harvesting wheat, and the adults were cutting the wheat. Bundle in bundles and concentrate to the center of the field. Grandma took the earliest younger brother to pick wheat.. Read More

2 such as elephants and painters

   A singer, an actor and a painter are surrounded by a group of elephants. The headed elephants let them perform their talents. The singer sang a beautiful song, and the elephants were satisfied and let him go. The actor performed a hilarious play, and the elephants looked very happy and let him go. The painter quickly drew a picture for them. After watching the painting, the elephant was furious,.. Read More

The day my sister got married, the dead grandpa came

My brother, I am 28 years old today. I was originally an atheist. Even now I am still naive to think that the destiny of a person’s life is in his hands. Recently, I have been idle and bored for a while. I have watched many people talk about it. Recalling your story carefully, so many incomprehensible things have happened around you for so many years. Let me tell you.. Read More


What kind of things do I grow worse than my brother?   Recently, Shi Xiaoshan received a letter of acceptance from the university. His mother asked him to go to his uncle and second uncle in the country and spend a few days each to completely relax.   The uncle of Shishan called Xu Dagen and lives in Qingshan Township. Counting it, Shi Xiaoshan has not been there for six years, so.. Read More

Zhengzhou reported that the driver’s sexual assault live broadcast: the two are husband and wife, performing pornographic performances for profit

On the evening of June 12, Zhengzhou City Public Security Bureau’s official Weibo @pingzhengzhou made a report on the rumor that the “driver’s sexual assault live broadcast”. Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau said that at 19:20 on June 11, 2020, the 110 command center of the bureau received an alarm from a staff of a car-hailing company, saying: I saw on the Internet that a netizen reported a suspected “didi driver.. Read More

The Horror (Real)

Even the night before, I finished the midnight meal with Ah Shan. After returning home, I washed my hair and took a shower. It was about 12 o’clock. When my hair was not dry, I went to the Internet and waited for my hair to dry before going to bed. After a while, I will minimize my space after a while, I will look at the people in QQ, pull.. Read More

Classical beauty like Lin Daiyu

  Xu Ming is a chef in a large hotel. Although he has no high education, the young man has the spirit and the high income not to lose to white-collar workers, so he has always been very popular with the girls around him. Xu Ming looked down on those girls who were attentive to him, because he loved to read the villain book “Dream of Red Mansions” when he was.. Read More