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Ghost monk

The Temple of the Reclining Buddha is 25 kilometers west of Beijing. I went to Wat Pho to see the Buddha. An old monk standing in front of the door is tall and thin, with thin beard and beard scattered on his chest and his forehead protruding forward, which is a little weird. The wind blew, and his beard fluttered like a fairy. “I’m waiting for you!” said the old.. Read More

The central bank: cut the re-loan rediscount rate by 0.25 percentage points from July 1

Securities Times reporter learned exclusively from multiple sources that the central bank recently issued a document saying that it decided to reduce the re-loan and discount rates from July 1. Among them, the interest rates for agriculture-supported refinancing and small-amount refinancing were reduced by 0.25 percentage points. After adjustment, the interest rates for agriculture-supported refinance and agriculture-supported refinance for three months, 6 months, and one year were 1.95%, 2.15%, and.. Read More

Bingqilin girl

When I went to Yabaolu and watched my friends come out, it was already very late. I am going to take a taxi home. But after waiting for a long time, I didn’t see a taxi. At this time, a little girl came out of the shadow, a lonely person, looking like she was only five or six years old. The eyes are large, the skin is very white, and.. Read More

Bird’s Nest with you

The famous Olympic building, the Bird’s Nest, is on the central axis road outside the North Fifth Ring Road, next to the Asian Games Village, and it is four or five hundred meters west from Huizhongli. After the bird’s nest was built, I visited it once, and once on the day of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. On this day, I went to the nest to watch the.. Read More

How fragrant is the tax-free business?

Inland cities, promote the actual implementation of the national tax exemption policy, while promoting the return of consumption, and better create high-quality domestic products. But so far, the implementation of the tax exemption policy for Chinese people is still difficult. It requires effective coordination between multiple ministries and commissions and a careful assessment of the effect… This article comes from the WeChat public account:China Business News (ID: chinabusinessjournal) , Author:.. Read More

City Rail Lover

Beijing’s City Rail Line 5 starts from the north of Taipingzhuang in the north and reaches Songjiazhuang in the south. I have been a regular visitor since it started operations in 2007. It used to take an hour and a half to go to work, but now it only takes up to forty minutes. Although I am a white-collar worker, it belongs to the type of Confucian cow. I go.. Read More