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Internet cafes despised by the Chinese, the Japanese are used as the master

This article comes from the WeChat public account:Nine lines (ID: jiuxing_neweekly), author: Cooper, Word problems from: PulitzerCenter “I ran to escape reality.” On social media, some netizens lament the troubles of life. The destination he fled to was a Japanese internet cafe. In Japan, there is a huge group of “Internet cafe residents”. Tens of thousands of adults spend the day and night in Internet cafes, and those narrow cubicles.. Read More

Stealing privacy methods and then “upgrading”, giving you flowers and other 9 apps accused of silently stealing photos

Beijing Daily client news on July 7th, if you randomly install a financial lending app in the software market, when you log in to register, this software may have silently opened the camera to take your avatar information and steal it All kinds of private information such as your short messages and call logs. The 360 ​​Security Brain has recently detected that in financial mobile software, there is a group.. Read More

WeChat Mini Program supports sharing of friends, what other functions are worth looking forward to?

Android first, IOS follow-up update Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Shili Village” (ID:shilipxl) , author: End of the World live in ten villages. Original title: “Come on! The applet supports sharing circle of friends! 》 The little program 4 years after going online can finally send a circle of friends. This should be one of the most anticipated features for applet developers. There are few.. Read More

The most popular cyber neighbors live on the Wi-Fi list

The title map is from Visual China, this article is fromWeChat official account: Hidive free diving (ID: hidive2019) , planning: the old left, author: Li Shuangxian The sound insulation of the modern community is getting better and better, and the residents are more and more indifferent. As soon as they enter the elevator, they only look at the mobile phone, not at you. ‍ People are getting lonely, and you.. Read More

Forefront 丨 Meituan launched “Meituan preferred” for the sinking market, and Xiaoxiang changed its name to the grocery shopping department

Meituan set up a “preferred business unit” to enter the community group buying track, which is under the responsibility of Chen Liang, senior vice president and member of S-team. It was learned that Meituan Dianping (hereinafter referred to as “Meituan”) issued an organizational adjustment announcement today, saying that it will set up a “preferred business unit” to enter the community group buying track, and is responsible for the senior vice.. Read More

After making the novel into a WeChat dialogue, our DAU broke 5 million丨GGV asks GGV

Interaction, how to form interaction between users through content. Many functions of Hurry are provided to meet the needs of users, including “comment”, users can comment on each sentence of the novel separately; Co-writing function of friends in real time; , Users can perform lines through video; then to the current video. We continue to iterate through products to meet the needs of more users, make products more interesting and.. Read More

“Money can lend you, but you will go to hell”: This 8-point comic, revealing the scars of Japan

Produced by the positive solution, the source of the first picture: “Dark Golden Ugly Island” In Japan, there is a phenomenal cartoon with a total of more than 17 million sales for 15 years in a row. Its name is “Dark Gold Ugly Island Jun”. After the work was finished in China, each Douban score was around 8.0. Adapted into TV series and movies are both applauded and well-received. Some.. Read More

E-commerce brushes a single customer “survival of panic”: 200,000 yuan will be paid for every 100 yuan

This article comes from the WeChat public account:Microstory (ID: xianweigushi) , author: Miss peach, editors: wood Mongolia, from the title figure: vision China When you are single, you can make up for the crematorium. Recently, there are media reports that some online shop owners have received a self-inspection notice from the Taxation Bureau, indicating that their sales and actual tax payment are inconsistent, and require self-examination of the tax difference.. Read More

“Qiong Edition” iPhone became popular, and shopping merchants sighed

0″ data-img-size-val=”994,576″> “There are indeed consumers who believe that a large number of businesses will go to Hainan to buy Apple products, and then to Huaqiangbei and other digital distribution centers.” Brother said frankly that he had a similar idea at first, but after carefully studying the tax exemption policy of Hainan Islands and the related purchase cost, he finally dispelled this idea. “Look, there is a 100,000 yuan tax.. Read More

OYO China continues to oscillate: the first Chinese executive, CFO Li Wei leaves

OYO China’s senior management team has fallen apart, how much opportunity does it have in China? The title picture is from Visual China, and this article is from public micro-channel number: weather SCIENCE (ID: iawtmt) , author: ZhangJiLong, editor: Luo Lijuan On July 7th, 24/7 Technology exclusively learned that OYO China CFO Li Wei had (July 6th) left from OYO China yesterday . It is understood that on July 6,.. Read More