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Focusing on the research and development of innovative bone and joint drugs, “Anjisheng Bio” completed tens of millions of dollars in Series A financing

A phase 1/2 clinical trial on the safety and preliminary efficacy of a single interbody local administration in patients with degenerative disc disease undergoing interbody fusion. According to the announcement of “Anjisheng Biology”, the product intends to promote new bone formation and bone healing through the use of drugs during intervertebral fusion, thereby increasing the rate of intervertebral fusion, shortening the fusion time, and minimizing the risk and failure of.. Read More

Scary invitation

Wang Gang graduated from university. After looking for a job, he hit a wall one after another. He simply started to “grab the old man”. He stayed at home all day and felt bored after a long time. He ordered a high-powered telescope from the Internet and used it when he was bored. Picking up the telescope, the men and women in the opposite building seemed to be right in.. Read More

To be China’s “Babos” is the dream of every car modification person

If the automobile industry is the body of automobile civilization, then automobile culture is the soul of automobile civilization. If there is no bright soul, the vitality of China’s automobile industry will not be able to get out of the dilemma of being big but not strong. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Alter Talk Technology” (ID: spnews). At the 2020 Chengdu International Auto Show, a.. Read More

In Northeast China, there is such a kind of treasure

This article is from the official account: Earth Knowledge Bureau (ID: diqiuzhishiju) , Author: Sue that day, from the title figure: Vision China Wetland is an important ecological system in nature. If we make an analogy, wetland is to nature as kidney is to human body. It has the functions of conserving water, storing floods and preventing drought, degrading pollution and regulating climate. Wetlands, an ecosystem that can store large.. Read More

The omen before death and the return of the first seven

This incident is also true. It happened in the middle school in the town where my cousin is working. The middle school where he is, there is a student in the graduating class, (respect the deceased, name I won’t type it here, just call him W…) The student’s home is in the countryside, about ten kilometers away from the town. Because his uncle is also a teacher in that middle.. Read More

The cotton thread that draws the souls

I have mentioned many times in my previous ghost story article that there is a custom in my grandmother’s place. When people encounter accidental death outside, the body cannot be transported into the village. The reason is that it feels like that. The souls of the dead are very resentful, and they are not easy to be overwhelmed and die. After entering the village, they may affect the people in.. Read More

“Saving food” is the last thing that should not be reduced to formalism

, Food saving has always been one of our traditional virtues. But precisely because it requires people to internalize and practice in daily life, a pragmatic attitude is needed in advocacy and publicity. As early as 2014, a non-profit organization put forward the “CD Action” initiative, and there was a craze in society at that time. At that time, many colleges and government canteens participated in the activities, calling on.. Read More

The first share of hydrogen energy is listed, but the fuel cell industry is still a “deep pit”

Without entering the passenger car, you will not be able to compare with another technological leader in the Ningde era. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account ” travel a passenger “(ID: carcaijing) , author: Shi Zhiliang team. After Funeng Technology took off the first share of sci-tech innovation board power batteries on July 17, more than 20 days, the leading domestic hydrogen fuel cell company Yihuatong.. Read More

India: The area of ​​arable land is larger than that of China. Why is the grain output less than half of China’s?

“We live under the prostitution of the tropics, and we have to pay a heavy price for the minimum survival at all times”-Tagore This article is from WeChat official account:Understand this planet (ID: PNXQ69) author: pork, Publisher: this god, title figure from: vision China India and China are the two most populous countries in the world. China has a population of 1.4 billion and India has a population of 1.35.. Read More

The most powerful brain player: a brain revolution triggered by a Rubik’s Cube

This article is from WeChat official account:Gezhi Lundao Forum (ID: SELFtalks), author: Sun Ye Hong, head Figure from: vision China The Most Powerful Brain is a popular program. A friend once asked me, “Your programs are all fake. I don’t even understand the project. I think you may be acting.” /p> I didn’t have much to say at the time, because I felt that arguing with him, it is better.. Read More