Recently, fresh e-commerce “daily excellent fresh” has caused a large number of consumer complaints due to its failure to operate normally. After receiving the complaint, the Beijing Consumer Association also interviewed the enterprise. What is the current operation status of daily excellent fresh food? This reporter paid a visit to Beijing today (August 12)< video class="cont_video" src=" " controls="controls" webkit-playsinline="" playsinline="" x5-playsinline="" x-webkit-airplay="allow" preload="preload" poster=" " data-duration="02:06">

video source: CCTV finance and Economics (02:06) < / div > according to the information on the map, the reporter came to an offline delivery point of daily excellent food in Beijing. On the spot, we can see that the sign of daily excellent food originally hung at the door has been removed and there is nothing inside. Nearby merchants told reporters that the goods here had been emptied on the 10th. According to the information learned by the reporter, at present, many stores of daily excellent food in many parts of the country have been closed.   < br > < div class =" height "> < / div > according to the national enterprise credit information publicity system, the two subsidiaries of daily Youxian, Beijing Daily Youxian Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Daily Youxian e-commerce Co., Ltd., were listed in the list of abnormal operations by the local market supervision and administration department on August 1 and August 3 respectively because of their registered residences or business premises “> < br > < div class =" continuous height "> < / div > some consumers reported that the prepayments previously recharged on the e-commerce platform can no longer be refunded normally. < img ALT =" "width =" 600 "SRC =" "" ">