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On the next generation of retina screens, what black technologies might Apple use?

This article comes fromWeChat official account: Bad review (ID: chaping321), author: Tony, title figure from the visual China As the saying goes, gold, nine and silver, these two months are not only harvest seasons, but also two months for digital products to be sold together. Of course, the first place is Apple’s autumn new product launch. But this year’s situation is special. Unlike the past, the press conference is about.. Read More

The last wave of fashionistas fry shoes, the next wave of “fried vegetables”

Production|Tiger Sniffing Young Group Author|Nanzai, Zhangjiajun, Zeng Huan, Qi Ludan Drawing|CC This article was first published on the Huxiuyou content public account “It’s Hard to Escape” (ID: huxiu4youth). Here, we present the faces, stories and attitudes of young people today. Although the definition of fashion is fluid, in contemporary China, whenever people mention fashion consumption, they will unanimously think of street style. From flamboyant Aloha shirts to AJ shoes, Yeezy.. Read More