< strong > I. what is the working capital of government loan repayment? < / strong > < br > < div class = "height" > < / div > the working capital of government loan repayment refers to the special funds for loan repayment provided by the local government for enterprises with normal production and operation, but high asset liability ratio and high loan repayment pressure. After the bank’s loan renewal is in place, the enterprise will return the loan funds to the government. In some places, it is also called emergency lending fund. The working capital of government loan repayment has played a very important role in alleviating the difficulties of enterprise loan repayment, reducing the cost of bridge financing, reducing the fracture of enterprise capital chain and preventing local financial risks< Br > < div class = "height" > < / div > it is reported that 16 prefecture level cities in Shandong have set up government emergency lending funds, and Dongying City alone has set up a municipal emergency lending special fund of 500 million yuan. It is preliminarily estimated that the working capital for government loan renewal established by governments at all levels across the country is at the level of tens to hundreds of billions< br>