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How to make a fortune with millions of bees?

Who doesn’t like honey? In order to get it, a hardworking bee flies 40 kilometers a day, collects tens of thousands of flowers, spends his life, and finally brews a drop of precious honey, a full 3 grams. And 20,000 bees act together, and in just one day, you can get a pound of honey for a good price.

Visit the largest port city in Guangxi, an embarrassing fifth-tier city

This article is from WeChat official account:digging number (ID: washu66), the title picture comes from: Visual China Most cities in China were built on water. In ancient times, the location of cities was basically on the banks of larger rivers, so that the river’s advantages in protection, transportation, and resources could be used. Observing the distribution of cities on the map, you will find that they are either by the.. Read More

Trump is angry again, Tencent will suffer?

Produced| Tiger Sniff Pro Investment Research Group Author | Xiaoyu Chen According to Bloomberg News, on Thursday, US time, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) sent a letter to gaming companies including Epic (Fortnite) and Riot (League of Legends) that have shares held by Tencent, requesting data security In the agreement, information about the personal data of US users is involved. As soon as the news.. Read More

“Hidden Corner” original author’s new drama “explosive pre-order”? Why do suspense dramas prefer Zijin Chen

This article is from WeChat official account: Film independence tongue (ID: dusheme) , Author: Feng Yi, the original title: “” Silent Truth ” The response is not silent, but Zijin Chen’s IP library has really bottomed out.” Source of head picture: “The Silent Truth” A few days ago, “The Silent Truth”, adapted from the novel “Long Night Is Difficult to Know”, went online. So far, well-known reasoning writer Zi Jinchen’s.. Read More

Evergrande Motor plans to go public on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, Jack Ma and Ma Huateng enter the market early

It’s another trillion cake. In the morning of September 18th, Evergrande Automobile issued an announcement, announcing the plan to Shanghai Securities Exchange Science and Technology Innovation Board listed. After the news was released, Evergrande Motor’s stock rose by 4% at one time and then fell back. The latest market value is HK$212.544 billion. It is worth noting that on September 15th, Evergrande just attracted the strategic investment of Jack Ma,.. Read More

How Douyin and Kuaishou became a new position for shoe vendors in Putian

This article is from WeChat official account:Operation Research Agency (ID: U_quan) , author: routine editorial department, the original title: “” I’m vibrato sell Putian shoes, earned 70 million “,” head Figure from: vision China A few days ago, I scanned a sneaker evaluation on Douyin, and halfway through it, I realized that it turned out to be a video selling high imitation shoes from Putian. I searched the Internet and.. Read More

The hidden information 30 years ago revealed the dark side of the gaming industry in the workplace

This article is from WeChat official account:Game Research Club (ID: yysaag), author: nostalgia game home SIR, title figure from: YouTu be @ 4ST Now when you talk about the game industry 30 years ago, most people may be feeling the passion of that initial period. As long as a few developers, a few months of development time, one million masterpieces may be achieved. It seems that the working environment at.. Read More

Material Laboratory from Southeast Asia “New Impromptu Building”

This article is from WeChat official account:AssBook Design Canteen (ID: AssBookGroup) , author: Hong Renjie, Kulthida Songkittipakdee (HAS design and research auspices architect), from the head of FIG: supply of FIG. Deep into the city of Bangkok, you will find small street scales, charming street vendors, and borderless illegal buildings, which form a unique artificial landscape in Thailand and even the entire Asian city.(MANufAcTURE). And these covered canopies, messy food.. Read More

Experience the efforts of the Japanese “Family Committee”, “It takes a village to cultivate a child”

Escort the children to and from school, organize the children to do gymnastics together in summer vacation, hold parental tasting meetings, and even parent’s decision can finally change the school building The plan… Xu Ying, who lives in Tokyo, has personally experienced the surprise and moving Japanese elementary school “Family Committee”. This article is from the WeChat official account:Mother Chuban Mama (ID: tongshuchubanmama), author: Xu Ying, editor: Xiao Li, the.. Read More

The new Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga takes office, how will China-Japan relations be written?

On September 14, in the election of the new president of the Liberal Democratic Party, Yoshihide Suga won 70.6% of the votes and became the current president of the Liberal Democratic Party. No suspense, Yoshihide Suga will officially become the new prime minister of Japan in the interim parliament tomorrow (because Japan implements a parliamentary cabinet system and the leader of the ruling party becomes the head of government). Japan’s.. Read More