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19-year-old ovarian cancer recurrence method for help

Problem description: The recurrence of ovarian cancer, the tumor oppresses the intestines, and the gas is severely obstructed. I am not allowed to eat. I have a gastric tube inserted. There is still no effect. I want to consult how to solve the obstruction and let me eat normally. >Question date:2020-09-25 Patient information:Age: 19 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis:Hello, according to what you have described, conservative treatment of tumor compression.. Read More

41 days of pregnancy, the medicine has flowed, is this left?

Description of the problem: 41 days of pregnancy, the drug was aborted, is this left?Date of the problem: 2020-09-25 Patient Information: Age: 25 years old Gender: FemaleProblem analysis: First you send the picture to me for a look, or do an ultrasound examination. Guidelines: If there is no residual pregnancy in the uterine cavity, it generally means that the medical abortion is successful. Recommendations are for reference only. If the.. Read More

Sudden pain in the ears, with lumps growing out

Problem description: Sudden ear pain and itching, with lumps growing outDate of problem: 2020-09-25 Patient information:< /b>Age: 27 years old, Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis:Hello, do you mean that there are small bumps in the ears? The general consideration is fire boils, which are caused by fire on the body. Guide and suggestion: I suggest you take a photo for me to see, or take a little amoxicillin capsule anti-inflammatory treatment, and.. Read More

Menstruation has been on for 12 days and it is not over yet

Problem description: It is the twelfth day of menstruation in this month, and it looks like it is not over yet. The amount is large and the color is normal. Normally, there are very few cases every month. The color is dark brown. Dysmenorrhea, Question date:2020-09-25 Patient information:Age: 19 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion Analysis: Hello, there are many factors that affect menstruation. According to the situation you described, if your.. Read More

The five-year-old child has a rash on his face and itchy. I don’t know what it is. I should use some

Problem description: A five-year-old child has a rash on his face and it is very itchy. I don’t know what the rash is and what medicine should be used.Date of the problem:2020-09- 25 Patient information: Age: 5 years old, Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: Hello, I am glad to answer for you, as you described These symptoms are caused by allergies. Guide and suggestion: The topical medicine can be applied appropriately. If.. Read More