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Online education war is approaching “match point”

There is no winner in 2020, will it be in 2021? Editor’s note: This article is from the public micro-channel number “to coffee think tank” (ID: laikazk), Author: Feng Yuan. “For every dollar earned in online education, it costs two dollars. Once the capital stops blood transfusion, online education will be sad.”< /p> ——Yu Minhong It takes time to test whether Yu Minhong’s judgment is correct, but the recent weak.. Read More

Youzu Network: The actual controller becomes Xu Fenfen, and Lynch’s shares are inherited by minor children

On the evening of January 11, Youzu Networks Co., Ltd. (002174, Youzu Networks) issued a reminder announcement about the change of the actual controller and the change of equity, stating that after the completion of the equity change, the actual controller of the company will be replaced by Lin Qi changed to Ms. XUFENFEN (Chinese name: Xu Fenfen). The announcement shows that on December 25, 2020, the company’s original controlling.. Read More

ZARA’s thousands of opponents in China

It can’t reach it anyway. ZARA is still huge, but other brands have poured in from everywhere, leading the trend in market segments that it cannot cover. People who follow trends can never be faster than people who create trends.

ET7 is “late” and the new battery pack will be launched next year. Why is Weilai slow?

Weilai also sold “futures”? Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “trip wire” (ID: lianxianchuxing), Author: Zhouxiong Fei, Editor: midnight. NIO Day in 2020 has become a concert again without surprise. The NIO’s new product release, which has been in focus after many rounds of warm-up before, only accounts for nearly three hours of NIO Day’s 1/4 of the time, so that it is nicknamed “really just.. Read More

Discussion on the orderly liberalization of imported films

Film submission steps Under normal circumstances, Hollywood blockbuster accounts will start the review process at least three months before the release, so that the film may be able to complete the content review + technical review, as well as subsequent translation and dubbing work in time. However, for buy-out batches, because of the complicated procedures, most batches only start to be submitted for review in the mainland after the film.. Read More

Can konjac be eaten

Many diabetics are eating konjac. Konjac is a low-sugar, low-calorie, and high-fiber food, especially to prevent the increase in blood sugar after a meal. In fact, konjac has the effect of weight loss and detoxification. If there is constipation during pregnancy, can konjac be eaten? Konjac is a kind of nutritious food, rich in protein, its content is higher than potato, there are many kinds of micro-elements, various vitamins, etc… Read More

Can peaches be eaten

Peaches are very nutritious. They contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, fruit acids and other nutrients. Eating peaches can supplement various nutrients, especially for hypokalemia and deficiency. People with iron anemia are more suitable to eat. In addition to edible value, peaches also have medicinal value. They have the effects of harmonizing blood, breaking blood and replenishing qi. Can pregnant women eat peaches? Peaches have high nutritional value and contain.. Read More