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Long-term and medium-term loans for enterprises are assisted, and last year’s new RMB loans reached a record high of nearly 20 trillion

China’s financial data for 2020, including new credit and broad money M2, which represents broad liquidity, are fully announced. The latest data released by the People’s Bank of China on January 12 show that in 2020, RMB loans will increase by 19.63 trillion yuan, an increase of 2.82 trillion yuan year-on-year. This new data on RMB loans set a record for annual loans since the statistics were available. The 19.63.. Read More

“Cyberpunk 2077” Trauma Team: The fascinating concept becomes an empty shell in the game

Bopunk’s, the inexplicable thoughts of wandering in the cold city, the doubts about the meaning of self-existence in front of eternal life, and the self-destructive impulse triggered by this, all dissipated. Those sad, subtle, and lonely emotions were completely overwhelmed by slogan-like speeches, fierce anger and bloody battles. As he said, the main storyline in the early stage of the game, like the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) series, requires constant.. Read More

500 yuan admission, 2 hours to become a millionaire, I experienced this wave of Bitcoin surge

21 million bitcoins, countless people’s dreams of getting rich. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “microscopic Story” (ID: xianweigushi), Author: Microscopic story newsroom. Bitcoin, a currency that has only been produced for 12 years, is becoming more and more crazy. It is the first encrypted digital currency. In 2008, the geek Satoshi Nakamoto proposed this concept, and it was officially released on January 3, 2009. It.. Read More

Smart home appliances: big home appliances break the circle, small home appliances counterattack

“Intelligence” is a hot word in the new era, and the sparks created by technology and the times have caused a fever in all fields. Editor’s note: from the micro-channel public number “civet Finance” paper (ID: lmcj066), Author: Finance new media. “Smart” is a hot word in the new era. The sparks created by technology and the times have caused a fever in all fields. The same is true in.. Read More

When is the best time to eat calcium tablets

Nowadays, many skin care products are gradually appearing in people’s lives, and if people lack any nutrients in their lives, they can rely on various health products To supplement, so if for pregnant women, when is the best time to take calcium tablets? If women want to supplement calcium during pregnancy, they can supplement it during the 4~6 months of pregnancy. Oral calcium tablets can be used and in daily.. Read More

In the male-dominated feng shui industry, how do female feng shui masters find the breaking point? |Super View

As a woman, I understand women’s minds better. Look at business with a point of view. Super viewpoints come from the cutting-edge observations of practitioners of new business. Article| Special Observer Zhang Zhiyu (Special Researcher at Communication University of China) Edit | Yang Xiaotong, Cui Yandong Fengshui master is also a consultant The industry of Feng Shui Master is unknown in the Chinese area, and there are many magical legends… Read More

Can white radish be eaten

White radish has become the main choice for soup. Many recipes will have white radish, similar to radish ribs soup, etc., which are very delicious dishes. Certain special groups of people need to pay special attention to their diet, so can pregnant women eat white radish? Women can eat white radish during pregnancy. White radish has the effect of clearing heat and reducing fire. Pregnant women will have certain fetal.. Read More

With the comprehensive credit of 12.8 billion yuan from the five major banks, Xiaopeng Motors is one step closer to “freedom of wealth”?

On the same day, NIO announced the issuance of US$1.3 billion convertible senior notes. Editor’s note: This article is from ” Future car Daily “(micro-channel public number ID: auto-time), Author: Su Peng. Image source: Xiaopeng Motors official Author | Su Peng Edit | Tour On the morning of January 12, the signing ceremony for the bank-enterprise strategic cooperation of Xiaopeng Automobile was held at the headquarters of Xiaopeng Automobile in.. Read More

Baidu Mobile is showing its true colors

Why will Baidu regain recognition at the capital level? “If you were asked to propose a plan to make Baidu Station listed at a peak value of 100 billion, what would you think of?” You might as well think for 20 seconds. One of my analyst friends said that they occasionally ask this nonsensical question when interviewing Internet industry analysts. This is obviously not an easy question, and the answer.. Read More

How can we have a good relationship with the leader if we don’t flatter or play scheming?

To do a good job, is the premise of all Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Ray first Mori” (ID: RayZhang1993), Author: Ray first Sen. Many people in the workplace have a misunderstanding of thinking: I always think that giving a thumbs up to the leader’s circle of friends during the day is better than staying up late to write a copy of the product. Some.. Read More