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Sore throat after eating and drinking, like choking, uncomfortable

Problem description: It’s like being choked after eating and drinking water in the past two days, and it’s like being choked after eating and drinking water in the past two days, and it feels like being choked. It hurts, what is the reason? ? ? Question date:2020-10-06 Patient information:Age: 30 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: Have you eaten spicy foods or hard foods that hurt your esophagus recently? Guide suggestion:.. Read More

What to eat if you get angry

Nowadays, there are many kinds of food. Many deep-fried and greasy foods are undoubtedly the favorite of most people, but eating too much of this kind of food is likely to cause damage to the body. Certain discomfort, similar to getting angry, etc. For pregnant women, it is best to eat less of this kind of food, so if a pregnant woman has such problems, what should I eat for.. Read More

Can I have a laryngoscopy today? If you can’t today, you can someday

Problem description: I have been singing dumb for more than a month and need a laryngoscopy. Can I have a laryngoscopy today? Question date:2020-10-06 Patient information:Age: 20 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: It is recommended that you make an appointment with the doctor for the specific time for the laryngoscope. Guidelines: It is recommended that patients mainly look for chronic inflammation or edema of the throat. Recommendations are for reference.. Read More

Can mangosteen be eaten

Most fruits are rich in nutrients and vitamins, and some fruits are eaten during the special period of women, which can strengthen the body and supplement various functions of the body, so most people People think that fruit is an essential health food, so for pregnant women, can mangosteen be eaten? Pregnant women can eat mangosteen. Mangosteen is rich in vitamins, saturated fatty acids, calcium, iron and other substances. Pregnant.. Read More

Can barley tea drink

It is well known that when a woman is pregnant, she becomes cautious when she does anything, and pregnant women have many taboos in diet and life during pregnancy. Many foods and drinks that you usually eat and drink are not recommended to drink during pregnancy, so can barley tea be drunk for pregnant women? You can drink barley tea during pregnancy. Barley tea contains very rich trace elements and.. Read More

Can yogurt drink

Many women pay extra attention and care in diet and daily life during pregnancy. Some foods are indeed not recommended for pregnant women. Once pregnant women eat them, they will be harmful to the body. Cause certain harm, so for pregnant women, can yogurt drink? For pregnant women, you can drink yogurt. Yogurt contains very rich nutrients, but you must drink it in moderation, because if you drink yogurt in.. Read More

Acute gout. Knee joint pain. What is the cure

Problem description: Acute gout. Knee joint pain. What are the treatment methods?Question date:2020-10-06 Patient information:Age: 39 years old, Gender: Male< b>Problem analysis: However, in the acute phase, it is recommended that patients use analgesics appropriately, and they can choose fenbid or indomethacin for pain relief. At the same time, it is recommended that patients use colchicine in small doses. Guide and suggestion: When colchicine is used, it should be doubled.. Read More

Can you drink milk tea

Nowadays, there are many kinds of drinks, and some of them are also the favorites of most women, similar to milk tea juice, etc., but for some special people, some drinks are It is not recommended, so for pregnant women, can you drink milk tea? Pregnant women should not drink milk tea during this period, because milk tea contains many additives, similar to coffee And so on, if you drink.. Read More

Hello doctor. There is a white mark on the right face of my baby. I found five or six

Problem description: Hello, doctor. There is a white mark on the right face of my baby. It has been five or six months since I found it. Let me see what the problem is.Date of problem:2020-10-06 Patient information:Age: November Gender: MaleProblem analysis: You have no picture to post, the child’s face There is a white mark, it may be white pityriasis, this is mainly caused by the lack of vitamins.. Read More