This is a story told by my grandmother when I was a child. In fact, it is not a ghost story. I just think that many things are destined to go to heaven. I believe this is the so-called causal cycle.

My grandmother’s house is in the village, the second team of Lianshan, and the village next door is the first team of Lianshan. At that time, a village was also called a production team. There are several large fish ponds connected to the junction of the first and second teams. The water in there has never been dried, no one knows how many fish there are, and no one knows how big the biggest fish is. People in both teams live on the water in this pond.

The hero of the incident is Old Man Zhang. Old man Zhang is humpbacked and very thin. He often sticks a branch as a crutch. He has to stop and cough twice after walking a few steps. Old man Zhang had a hard life. His wife left two years after giving birth to the child. There was nothing to eat at that time. Old man Zhang was a father and a mother and pulled the child up. When I was young, I wanted to renew my wife. When people saw Old Man Zhang with a child, he even frightened people away. Everyone wanted to reduce the burden. Who would want to open their mouths to the family again? After a long time, Old Man Zhang stopped thinking about it. Not only did one bring up the child, he also contracted a pond. This year is the first year of the contract. Originally, this pond would not be contracted to Mr. Zhang. Mr. Zhang’s house had two thatched houses, and he didn’t have the money to contract. However, Mr. Zhang hunched over and ran to the village chief’s house again and again, almost. It also made trouble in the village. The village head is also pitiful to Old Man Zhang. Everyone knows that his son Zhang Qiang should marry his wife, but the family is too poor. No girl likes Zhang Qiang. Old Man Zhang is also anxious. Pity the parents of the world, the village head and the village. After discussing with them, it was decided to contract the pond to Old Man Zhang, but at the end of the year, half of the fish selling money had to be used to build the water tower in the village.

Ever since the old man Zhang contracted the fish pond, everyone has often seen old man Zhang kneeling on the mountain half-pulled, pulling fish grass hand after hand.

The old man Zhang is also trying to reduce costs, no matter how far away, no matter how bad the weather is, he always takes Zhang Qiang to pull fresh fish grass. However, he never touched the half-human fish and grass by the old man’s pond. Old man Zhang always said that it was prepared for the future. In fact, everyone knows that Old Man Zhang is afraid that he will be too old to move. Going to the far place to pull grass, Zhang Qiang is a relatively lazy person.

At the end of the year, everyone in the village helped to fish for fish. Old man Zhang looked at the nets of fish, his wrinkled face was brilliant His smile, for the first time in so many years, Old Man Zhang felt that this miserable life had come forward. Excluding the money for repairing the water tower, Old Man Zhang still has money left to replace a thatched hut at home with a tiled house.

In the spring of the third year, Zhang Qiang got married. He was the niece of the village head. Although she was ugly, she was still a woman. The family is rich, and the house is replaced by a small bungalow. Zhang Qiang, who is a bit ugly, also looks good.He is handsome, the only thing is that Old Man Zhang looks older, but he is in his 50s and looks like a man in his 70s or 80s. Old man Zhang’s body is also worse than before. He can no longer pull the grass. He can only sit on a stool, with turbid eyes open, and staring at the direction of the fish pond blankly. There is the hope of Old Man Zhang’s life.

Even though Old Man Zhang’s health is getting worse and worse, Old Man Zhang still pestle the tree stick from time to time to stand by the fish pond, take a look, and throw some fish and grass on the fish in the pond. , Nagging to himself for a while. Finally in the winter, old man Zhang fell on the bed. However, ever since he became rich, Zhang Qiang has become a frequent visitor at the mahjong table. The two couples fell out over the issue of taking care of Old Man Zhang, and even fought in front of Old Man Zhang.

Poor old man Zhang worked hard all his life for his son Zhang Luo, but he didn’t get anything. When he used to be poor, his son knew to let Lao Tzu eat first. Now Zhang Lao is lying in bed like a beggar on the street. When his son and his wife are in a good mood, they will enjoy a bowl of rice.

National Day is Old Man Zhang’s birthday. He is fifty-eight years old. Several relatives have discussed and decided to give Old Man Zhang a grandson. Ask the people in the village to eat and be happy, saying no With such a rush, the old man Zhang may be cured. In fact, everyone is also sorry for Old Man Zhang, suffering for nothing in a lifetime.

The banquet was soon set up, and there was a heavy rain on the night before Zhang’s birthday. On his birthday, he couldn’t find Old Man Zhang. The people who came to the banquet were all anxious, and this old man was so sick, where else could he go? Everyone asked Zhang’s daughter-in-law, Zhang’s daughter-in-law shook her head, who knows where the old man will go. Everyone in the village knows that Zhang’s daughter-in-law relies on her natal family’s power, and she is domineering in the village, let alone taking care of the old man Zhang. Everyone only asked Zhang Qiang, who shrugged his head and froze for a long time, without saying anything. This man has become a strict wife.

The villagers have spontaneously searched for Old Man Zhang. Maybe Old Man Zhang is a little better. He went out and wandered around on his own, so he wouldn’t disappear out of thin air.

After looking for a day, there is still no old man Zhang’s shadow. Everyone is anxious. He will never go home to eat with this old man. Today, he is celebrating his birthday at home. You know. The people in the village still wanted to go out and look for it, but in the evening, it suddenly rained again, and it hurt people. The rain couldn’t make people go out. The villagers discussed it and waited until the day broke and the rain stopped. So I went to find Old Man Zhang, and went home.

The next day, before the villagers arrived at Zhang’s house, they saw Zhang’s daughter-in-law running out with her head disheveled, crying dimly. It turned out that Zhang Qiang said that he was going to the latrine last night, but he never came back. The villagers panicked, and then an old man Zhang has disappeared, and now he has disappeared. What’s the matter? The villagers hurriedly searched around. throughEveryone was stunned when they passed the fish pond. Everyone saw Old Man Zhang standing in the fish pond with his back to everyone! Although it is a shallow water area, it is about one or two meters deep. I don’t know how Old Man Zhang stood firmly there. Everyone took a closer look and found that there were still people in the water, and it turned out to be Zhang Qiang. This weird picture: Old man Zhang’s face is blue and purple, his eyes are wide open, his mouth is full of mud and sand, he is obviously drowned, but his expression is a little smile! Looking at Zhang Qiang again, he closed his eyes and closed his mouth tightly, but his expression was very painful. He should have been dead for several hours, but the blame is that he has been dead for so long. Zhang Qiang still maintains a standing posture. With a little hair floating on the water, both hands put his arms around Old Man Zhang, and Old Man Zhang was on his back. Zhang Qiang’s laziness is usually a bit of a jerk, but everyone did not expect him to be so filial. He must have found that Old Man Zhang fell into the water, and he went into the water to save Old Man Zhang. What a pity…

The villagers sighed, and they were busy diving into the water to salvage the bodies of the two people. The wife of Zhang’s wife yelled. Fainted to the ground with a sound. The people caught up, but they surprised the villagers again, and Zhang Qiang’s waist was tied with a big stone! Some careful people discovered that Zhang Qiang’s hand had been broken and he was twisting behind him. Old man Zhang just crawled on Zhang Qiang’s back!

Zhang’s wife finally woke up, but she was not sober. Someone asked her where her husband had gone. Zhang’s wife licked her fingers, giggled, and threw her father away. She would throw him into the fish pond and tie a stone…