> The old carpenter didn’t say anything aside, and did the work at his hand unhurriedly.

In the afternoon, Wang Nianxiong’s funeral arrangements were almost done. No one expected that Wang Nianxiong, who was lying on the bed, moved suddenly, and then he spoke slightly and asked his wife to cook some porridge for him.

Within a month, he was sentenced to death by the doctor. “The Wang Nianxiong began to work in the fields, and he was no different from ordinary people.

As the saying goes, I am willing to bet. Wang Nianchu obediently sent five bottles of Moutai to the old carpenter.

According to the villagers, there is another famous thing about the old carpenter. There is an old man in the village, Ma Dahua, who is in his sixties and vigorous, with his back like a door panel, and his sound is like a bronze bell, boasting that he has never taken medicine and injected.

The old carpenter finished building a coffin for him at his home, and said to his son Ma Xiaoqiang before leaving: “This coffin can be painted in half a month.”

Ma Xiaoqiang didn’t care either.

I don’t know, Ma Dahua suddenly died in less than 25 days, and the coffin was not too late to paint.

Ma Xiaoqiang was a little angry, and often said to people behind his back: “They say that the old carpenter has the ability, I think they are all deceived!”

One day, after being drunk, the old carpenter ran into Ma Xiaoqiang in the village.

The old carpenter said to him: “I told you that your father’s life material can be painted in half a month?”

Ma Xiaoqiang Said: “I did say it! But you said that painting will start in half a month!”

The old carpenter said lightly: “It will take a few days to dry after the paint is finished. When your dad is gone, see if I am wrong?”

Ma Xiaoqiang carefully recalled and was convinced

Making a coffin Is it a mystery or superstition? It has become a mystery today!