Zhang grew up like a pan-an, handsome and elegant, and he was a jade-faced and beautiful young man, but he was also quite talented and knowledgeable.

However, Zhang Sheng’s family was poor and couldn’t afford to open a pot. Fortunately, Mr. Liu liked his talent and hired him as a teacher at home.

The next day, Liu Yuanwai recruited him with a smile, and said: “Zhang Sheng, you poor boy, you really have lost eight years of shit luck, my daughter sees I’m on you, you can join me and come to my house.”

When Zhang Sheng’s expression changed, he shook his head and refused.

Everyone in the town knows that Liu Yuanwai’s daughter, A Xing, looks ugly, fat as a pig, and has a vicious and perverted heart.

When Ah Xing is fine, she likes torturing her servants the most. I heard that many servants were tortured to death by her,

And Ah Xing had already had two husbands, and they were all married to Liu’s family, but it didn’t take long for the bridegroom to die suddenly.

Everyone knows that the groom did not die suddenly, but was tortured to death by Liu Yuanwai’s daughter A Xing.

Liu Yuanwai saw Zhang Sheng’s refusal, and his friendly face immediately tightened, and he said bluntly: “Zhang Sheng, you don’t know how to promote, if it weren’t for me, you would have starved to death. That’s it!”

“Outside Liu, I naturally remember your kindness. If you let me be a pig or a dog, don’t let me marry your daughter!”

Who knows that this was heard by the vicious-hearted A Xing, and she saw her coming over with a sturdy body, twisting her ass, pointing to Zhang Sheng’s nose and saying: “Zhang Sheng, if you don’t Marry me, I will let my father kill you!”

Zhang Sheng saw Ah Xing for the first time, and saw her fat head and big ears with bright red lipstick on her mouth. As if he had just drunk human blood, Zhang Sheng was trembling all over.

Looking at her eyes, the triangular eyes are upside down, with a fierce appearance, which is absolutely terrifying.

Zhang Sheng thought that even if he died, he would not marry an ugly-looking and vicious-hearted woman like you.

But in order to survive, he pretended to agree to the marriage.

Next, Liu Yuanwai’s house began to display lanterns and festoons, preparing for the marriage.

This vicious A Xing, coveting Zhang Sheng’s appearance, is so anxious that Zhang Sheng will marry her tonight.

So Liu’s family was busy doing a group, all organizing their marriage.

According to the etiquette, Zhang Sheng entered the Liu Liu’s house, and soon Ah Xing would ride a white horse to pick Zhang Sheng to Liu’s house.

Zhang Sheng sat in his humble room, wearingHe was uncomfortable in the groom’s dress.

He quickly tore off the groom’s gown, thinking that the old lady had told him before her death that there was a secret road in the house, which led directly to the back mountain, and used it when Zhang Sheng was in danger. .

At that time, Zhang Sheng didn’t care, so he didn’t ask the specific location of the secret road.

Now a few strong men are guarding at the door of the house. He has no way out. The only way out is the secret road.

“Is the bridegroom ready, the young lady has arrived…”

Zhang Sheng feels anxious, Ah The star arrived so soon.

He coughed: “Tell your lady, if you want me to marry her sincerely, let her wait.”

At this time, there was no urging outside, and Zhang Sheng began to search for secret paths at home.

After a while, he unexpectedly discovered that there was a secret tunnel under the rice jar in the kitchen.

Zhang Sheng was ecstatic and walked toward the secret road.

By this time it was dark, and Zhang Sheng came to the back mountain through the secret road.

The back mountain is uninhabited, and there are wealthy wolves and beasts in the forests.

However, he discovered that the Liu family had discovered this secret path, and he saw countless torches coming from the mountain to the back mountain.

If you were caught by them, you wouldn’t have a good meal. Even if you marry A Xing, you will be tortured to death by her.

Zhang Sheng gritted his teeth and said that even if he is eaten by a jackal, tiger and leopard, don’t marry this terrifying woman.

He still headed towards the mountain.

After dark, the mountains were heavy with moisture and the ground was slippery. It was even harder to reach out.

Zhang Sheng fell several spades along the way, and his knees were broken. He still did not dare to neglect for a moment, and headed for the mountain.

As we walked, the moon hidden behind the dark clouds showed up, illuminating the road in the mountains.

Zhang Sheng walked forward sweating profusely by the moonlight.

In fact, he didn’t know where he was going, he just wanted to avoid Liu’s family first.

As he walked, Zhang Sheng saw two fierce-looking men on the road fighting with a tall and thin man.

The thin, tall, thin figure, slender eyebrows, and sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks, looks like none of the three are good people.

In the end, the three of them scuffled into a ball, and they were inseparable.

When the three saw someone passing by, the thin man shouted: “Boy, hurry up and pick up the rock on the ground and hitKill these two vicious men. “

“Don’t listen to him, he is not a good person. Quickly smash him to death.” “

The two big guys also begged Zhang Sheng for mercy.

Zhang Sheng lifted up the stone and didn’t know who to help.

You should know that he is just passing by and he is still on the run, how can he have time to help others.

However, he is not good looking at the faces of the three.

The thin man has thief-like eyebrows, and two big men in a thief-like body look fierce. It seems that they are not good.

But if you don’t help them, After they finish the fight, they will definitely find him to retaliate.

Zhang Sheng didn’t know who to help, closed his eyes, took a stone in his hand, and slammed forward.
< br/>
Only hearing a plop, the thin man fell to the ground and died.

“My dear father, be worshipped by our brother. “

“It’s fine, I’m still fleeing, and there are people chasing me below.” “

Zhang Sheng told the two brothers about his experience, and they were willing to let him go to hide in his home.

Zhang Sheng also No matter how much, I followed the two brothers to their home.

I don’t know how long I’ve been walking, Zhang Sheng finally saw a hut in front of him, and he didn’t even think about it. There are still people living.

When Zhang Sheng came to the house of the two brothers, he was even more restless because he heard the sharpening of the knife.

That’s it. Zhang Sheng spent time in panic, and finally waited until the two brothers brought him a bowl of broth.

“Gongong, drink the broth. “

Zhang Sheng looked at the two brothers and then felt relieved. They turned out to be disgusting and kind. They sharpened their knives just now to make broth for him.
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Zhang Sheng ate meat and soup, and finally had a satisfying meal.

Afterwards, he asked, “What kind of soup is this, it is so delicious.” “

“Snake soup! “

After hearing this, Zhang Sheng almost wanted to vomit, but the two brothers said: “Gong, don’t vomit, snake soup is a good tonic. “

Then Zhang Sheng felt relieved and slept at the second brother’s house that night.

When it was dawn, Zhang Sheng woke up and saw what was in front of him. Everything, frightened.

He saw two wolves sleeping next to him. They were still snoring, and if they were scared, they would run away.

At this time, the two jackals woke up but began to speak human words: “You must not be afraid. Although we are cultivating adult jackals, we have never harmed you.”

After listening to the Jackal Brothers, Zhang Sheng calmed down. Compared with those who are evil-hearted, the Jackal Brothers are much better.

So sometimes you can’t just look at the surface.

Later Zhang Sheng simply stayed in the mountains to be company with the Jackal brothers, and also married their cultivating sister Jackal.

The Jackal sister is beautiful and kind-hearted.

Until one day, Zhang Sheng saw his beautiful wife and sighed: “You can live for hundreds of years when you cultivate into a human form, but I am a human being in just a few dozen years. I can’t stay with you until I grow old.”

The Jackal sister chuckled and told him the truth.

It turns out that the thin and tall man who was killed that day turned out to be a cultivating human-shaped snake. It was because his heart was too bad that he often went down the mountain to poison the world. The jackal brothers couldn’t get angry. Just fight with him.

“The snake soup that my two jackal brothers gave you can make you live longer, and you can practice with us to become immortals.”

According to Later generations said that Zhang Sheng and the Jackal brothers family became immortals, and when things were all right, they often went down the mountain to help the poor.