The world of noodles is very fun, your friends are still waiting for you. “

The woman caught up. I wanted to leave her to escape. But I felt that my feet couldn’t move anymore, so I looked back and saw the pale ghost. The hand has grabbed my ankle, and the pale grimace showed a cold smile. Suddenly the fear came up, and I was paddling the water desperately. But no matter how hard I tried, I was spinning around in place, and I was pulled by the water ghost. , I felt my body sink slowly. In panic, the water poured from my nose into my lungs, and my consciousness suddenly became blurred.

And my eyes appeared. In another long scene, Li San greeted us in front, and everyone was running and laughing in the field. His (Li San)’s back basket was loaded with the eels that we worked so hard to catch. He turned his head and said to us from time to time : “Quickly follow us and eat the grilled fish. “

I just want to eat that fragrant grilled fish. I followed him closely, but suddenly I felt that the Dragon Five, Shi San, Tang Si and others had disappeared behind me. I called Li San to stop and asked him to wait for the Dragon Five and the others together. But he was still running and shouting to me: “It’s okay if they don’t come. The fish in the basket is ours, isn’t it?”

yelled: “The fish we are looking for together, shall we wait? Otherwise they have to scold us both. “

At this time, she didn’t know that a woman emerged from there. She said viciously, “They (your friends) have reached a safe place. Since you are down, you can’t wait for them.” “

“What is a safe place?” I suddenly thought of something. We were swimming in the water just now, and then Li San drowned. How could we appear in the wilderness now? What? This is my illusion, then I should still be in the water. Thinking of this, I shouted at the woman: “You are the woman who pulled us into the water, right? , I’m going up. “

Li San, who was still very kind at first, roared, “You are all down, so stay with me, right?” “After speaking, he stretched out his hand and picked me up all at once. I realized that it was bad, but I couldn’t get rid of it. They were pulling me into the deeper part of the field, and I suddenly felt at a loss. It’s dead like this.

Maybe it’s because I shouldn’t be dead. At this time, I heard: “Quickly, pull him ashore, and one sinks. “I don’t know how long it took, I suddenly felt a pungency in my nose, so I barely opened my eyes and looked at it.

The noon sun stabbed my eyes a bit, so I could only stare. Look. Just seeing his father stay by his side, he said happily: “Finally, I pulled you out of “Ghost Gate”. “

And Li San by my side can no longer wake up. At this moment, he is lying on the grass not far from me. He is glaring and struggling.

The elders in the village know that the drowning people are too grieving, they will pester the living. If you don’t give them peace of mind, more terrifying and strange things will happen in the future. Everyone decided to ask Master Zhang to open the altar next to the pond where the evil spirits gathered. Sure enough, Zhang Fa came to the pond that day and said to everyone: “There are too many evil spirits here, and they hide under that cold pool. A few years ago. The ghosts who died unfairly are hiding underneath. You heard the crying of the village from here.

Master Zhang asked everyone to help set up the altar. It was originally The moonlight and starry night. Suddenly, the wind blew, and the people who were blowing felt hairy. Master Zhang looked a little nervous, and he shook his body and said: There is a water ghost living in the pool and it is very cruel. Only using magic tricks drove him out. “So he opened up the statue of Zhong Kui that everyone had prepared in advance in front of the altar, and he ordered “Zhong Kui” to be sunk into the deep pool when he said that.

The pond is now brightly lit, and everyone is watching Master Zhang busy. The gongs and drums were beating around the pond, just to anger the ghost in the water. After it appeared, people would use the opened Zhong Kui to drive him out of here.

When it was midnight, the wind was overwhelming. Master Zhang hurriedly said to everyone: “The water ghost is about to show up, don’t panic everyone. You have to seize the opportunity and invite Zhong Kui to the deep pool.” Master Zhang just finished speaking, at this time the water in the deep pool. Rolling over, a look of horror appeared on everyone’s faces.

“Quickly, you guys put Zhong Kui on the wooden shelf.” Master Zhang instructed everyone to lift the statue to the top of the deep pool, and all preparations were made.

Everyone just arrived at the destination, the water ghost appeared. I saw a black figure in the water, the shadow floating and unsteady, the face might be clear and terrifying. The female ghost in the water made a scream. Everyone was scared by the ghost in the water, and they all forgot to do something. Master Zhang shouted: “Hurry up and hit him with Zhong Kui, or he will be in trouble if he sneaks back.”

Everyone recovered and hurriedly pushed the statue into the deep pool with force. And the statue happened to hit the ghost, only to hear the sad cry, the ghost was annihilated. The tumbling white waves slowly returned to calm.

The dark clouds in the night sky were dimmed by moonlight, and a bright moon hung on the horizon again. Master Zhang said to everyone: “The water ghost was smashed by the opened Zhong Kui, and the drowning children waited for the time to come. I will find a way to supersede them.

The story of the strange water ghost in the pond in Dongyun Village is over. Now I am far away from my childhood hometown. Those partners all started their own families. I heard my mother mentioned on the phone that the pond would occasionally come out on the night of wind and rain. A weird cry. Could it be that the tragic death of the resentful soul has not been truly freed and is still looking for new