The folk rumors that mulberry trees are the same as mourning trees, and planting mulberry trees in front of the door will bring misfortune to the family.

No, Li Youfu, the rich man in Anping Town, has a mulberry tree in front of his house. It grows luxuriantly and it is almost taller than his house.

Li Youfu felt that this mulberry tree was too intrusive, completely blocking the sunlight at the door, making the whole hall dark and not bright at all.

On this day he finally couldn’t bear it, and called his servant, “Go and cut down the tree that is in the way for me!”

Servant One Hearing hastily knelt down and said, “Master, before the old lady left, Qian told me not to chop this mulberry tree. The little ones dare not.”

“What can’t you dare? Me? That old mother has been away for two years, can she still crawl out of the ground to settle the accounts? Cut it off for me.”

Li Youfu has said this, the servant Still lowered his head and whispered, “The little one dare not.”

This made him so angry that he kicked the servant on the spot, “Things of nothing, myself Come, they all say that planting mulberry trees in front of the door is unlucky, and I don’t know what the ancestors thought!”

He took an axe and encouraged his energy to finally cut down the mulberry tree. For a moment, the whole hall was lit up.

Li Youfu wiped off his sweat and laughed, “That’s right, the sun shines in, it looks like something in this room, go and burn this broken tree for me “

In the evening, the family was sitting at the dinner table for dinner. Li Youfu was bragging to his family about how he showed his power today and cut down the tree in twos or twos. His son suddenly foamed at the mouth and passed out at the dinner table.

This can scare Li Youfu a lot. There is such a single seedling after 40 years old, but there is nothing wrong with him. He hastened to let people go. Please come, Doctor Chen, who has the best medical skills.

It turned out that Dr. Chen used pulse and acupuncture, but the cause of this disease could not be diagnosed. Finally, he shook his head and said helplessly, “Linglang’s disease is really rare. I haven’t seen it for several years. Yes, please ask another Gaoming.”

These words scared Li Youfu to kneel on the ground. Doctor Chen diagnosed him. He could not think of anyone else in Anping Town who could save him son.

Seeing that his son’s condition was getting more and more serious, and his whole face turned pale and lying motionless on the bed, Li Youfu was so anxious that his hair fell off a lot.

In the end, he was eager to save his son, and he posted a reward list everywhere in the town. Whoever could be optimistic about his son’s illness, he would give him a golden gift.

Under the great reward, the number of people who came to see his son is countless, but unfortunately no one can see why.

On the seventh day, Li Youfu MansionA beggar came up, and when he saw the mulberry stump he had chopped down, he yelled, “You have broken a big deal!”

The rich man cut down the mulberry tree in front of the door, and his son suddenly became strange Illness, the beggar saw that you had something bad.

These words made Li Youfu very angry. He scolded his servant with a dark face, “Is there no one to take care of the beggar in the house? Why is this mulberry tree stump dug out for me? Really, I don’t have time to teach you guys now?”

The beggar took the lead and said, “Don’t be so big I’m so angry! I broke in by myself to save your life. What do you call others do?”

Li Youfu’s attitude changed suddenly when he heard this, and he welcomed the beggar in. Home, “Able man, what do you say to my son?”

The beggar said to him, “This mulberry tree in your house has grown for hundreds of years, your old mother Before leaving, I warned you not to chop, why did you chop it?”

“This tree is too intrusive. If it is chopped, it will be chopped down.” Li Youfu was a little impatient, “Quickly tell me how my son will return What?”

The beggar smiled unpredictably, “Your ancestral house is built in a wonderful location, and it is also extremely fierce and extremely lucky. The great evil is in one place. At this place, use the same fierce mulberry tree to block the fierceness. Your home is Fukuzawa, with extraordinary wealth.”

“But now you have cut off the fierce thing that blocked your house. The good fortune of this land is almost consumed, so it’s only strange if nothing happens!”

Li Youfu was stunned and did not believe that he was bad. How can a beggar know so much.”

“People are not to be looked at, and the sea is not enough, don’t you know?” The beggar stretched out, “If you want to save your son, move quickly. Okay, or something will happen to your family.”

Li Youfu has nothing to do now, so he has to move. Whoever wants to move, his son can move and his condition gradually improves.

Although his son’s illness has improved, his luck is getting worse and worse. Several businesses have failed. He hurried to beggars with a lot of money to find a solution.

The beggar threw the money on the ground, “Your Li family has been rich for several lifetimes. This luck turns around. Since you cut the mulberry tree, your wealth has been cut off. Look away. Click it.” After speaking, he left with a smile. The old mother told him not to cut the mulberry tree in front of the door before she died. He refused to listen, and it caused a disaster.

Li Youfu froze in place, regretting not listening to his old mother. He didn’t even listen to the old man’s words, and he had a disadvantage in front of him, and he now understood it thoroughly.