Problem description: My dad had stomach bleeding before. He just had his stomach bleeding mouth bandaged and glued four days ago. The stool turned yellow-green yesterday. But now my stomach is swollen. It has been three days. Ascites was found on the B-ultrasound, and my dad’s stomach is very bulging. And these few days are also low-grade fever, around 38 degrees. Now we are in the county hospital. The doctors here let us take a look. I am afraid. Other doctors say that ascites may cause stomach bleeding again. I am afraid of the doctor. Any idea?
Question date:2020-10-10
Patient information:Age: 58 years old Gender: Male
Question Analysis: Hello, according to the situation you described, this is generally due to gastric bleeding.
Guide and suggestion: In this case, it usually requires prompt hospitalization. If you have a fever, it is best to have a further examination to see if there is any infection. If this does not improve, you need to consult the attending doctor to see if there is a need for transfer.
Suggestions are for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for detailed examination