Problem description: For half a month, I had normal bowel movements at the beginning, and I felt that my bowel movements were not exhausted, dizzy, nauseous, and loss of appetite. Afterwards, my stools became dry, and I still felt that my bowels were not exhausted. I had a bowel movement in the past two days. It is thin, bowel sounds, and a lot of farts. Sometimes the stomach is aching, the mouth is tasteless, and sometimes it feels like diarrhea. The blood test has no infection, the stool is negative for occult blood, and the anoscope is no problem. What is the problem? What medicine do I need
Question date:2020-10-11
Patient information:Age: 30 years old Gender: Female
Problem analysis: From the perspective of symptoms, this situation is most likely to be an imbalance of intestinal flora, gastritis, and indigestion. In terms of treatment, in addition to the use of drugs, it also requires active lifestyle adjustment interventions.
Guiding suggestions: If you have stomach problems, you need to treat stomach problems first, such as taking prazole drugs, gastrointestinal motility drugs, if you don’t have stomach problems, you can take probiotics to regulate the intestinal flora. Promote stool formation, reduce gas-producing bacteria, you can take Smecta when you have diarrhea. The diet must be less greasy and avoid coldness.
Recommendations are for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for detailed inspection