You can do this:

First of all, the furniture, throw out all the messy furniture.

Once many houses have been used for more than 10 years, some unnecessary debris will accumulate more or less.

If you meet another owner with hoarding, it will be so sour, you know.

I suggest you replace the messy clutter or furniture in the house with furniture of the right or smaller size, and keep the number as small as possible.

In this way, your house at least looks a bit more spacious.

The same reasoning, in fact, it is very common in the model room of the sales office. Many friends ask us why the model room of the sales office looks so good?

Why does the decoration of the same size do not give the feeling of a model room?

Here is a unified answer. The furniture in the model room is small and refined, one size smaller in size, plus the designed furnishings.

Naturally, you can decorate the same 90-square-meter three-bedroom with a 140-square-meter feel.

More than just furniture, you can also renovate or replace things that look old in the house, such as replace the floor, wall paint, lampshades, etc., to make the house look newer and brighter.

You can also use decorative paintings, carpets, green plants, gauze, etc. to increase the appearance of the house and make the house warmer.

Finally, if possible, clean up the house thoroughly, clean up dirt, oil stains, dust, etc., show the best side to buyers.

These actions, If you use the e-commerce platform to choose, you will find that it doesn’t cost much.

To sell the house in a beautifully decorated style is not only a respect for the house, but also a respect for the buyers.

The above is the first point. By improving the state of the house, outperforming the same apartment in the same community, to achieve the goal of selling real estate “quickly and well”.


Next is the second point: establishes a sales channel, and the listing price is reasonable and can be entered or returned.

First of all, I have to tell everyone: Try not to sign exclusives with any intermediary.

I won’t go into the details of the illegal operations of some intermediaries here. We just want to tell you that selling a house is a big deal, Don’t choose to give up the initiative.

In this era, the “poor information” has become very easy to crack. Signing an exclusive property will turn the “multiple competition” that might have been possible into “one bossy”.

Actually, intermediaries help you sell real estate by spreading the Internet, such as establishing a certain network, such as a certain family, a certain world, and other online channels, as well as broker channels between peers, as well as personal relationship channels.

It’s not difficult to set up these sales channels. In fact, as long as you make more phone calls and hire a few more intermediaries of different brands, the news that your house is about to be sold can reach a good spread.

As you all know, the greatest value of real estate agencies is to help quickly find target customers.

They are comrades-in-arms, not enemies. They should facilitate their work as much as possible, such as the most basic ones, with a few more keys to the intermediary, and even the door locks can be replaced with “electronic passwords” “Lock” to facilitate the intermediary to take a look.

If you really don’t worry about your home belongings, it is recommended to install a webcam at home, and you can do it with an online purchase of about 200.

In addition, a particularly important point,The commission is sufficient, and the money that should be given to the intermediary is not less than one point. This involves the minimum respect and the most basic integrity.

Also, setting appropriate rewards can help mobilize the enthusiasm of intermediaries, shorten the cycle, and sell at a good price at the same time.


As for how to set a suitable listing price, in addition to listening to the intermediary’s suggestions, you are advised to do some work yourself. There are a total of the following points:

①Understand the characteristics of the area where your house is located:

Where are the hot spots in the area, where are the industrial centers and commercial centers?

And what are the strengths and weaknesses of your community, including the school district, subway, and supporting facilities?

There are also the advantages and disadvantages of your house, including floors, orientations, and apartment types.

②Understand all the listing prices of the same apartment type in this community:

Generally speaking, remove the highest and lowest prices in the same apartment type in the community, and then get the average value, which is a price that can be entered and returned.

Also, remember to study the historical transaction price of the community.

Under normal circumstances, the highest historical transaction price can be your bottom line price.

Of course, if the market is down, the other way around.

After completing the above work, you will have a good idea of ​​the range of the listing price. You can choose either high or low according to your needs.

Finally, about taking a look, here are three “thinking carefully” for you:

First, centralized arrangement of viewing time:

If your house does have advantages (location, unit type, status), you may wish to concentrate the inspection time and arrange 2-3 hours a week for centralized inspections. This will not only facilitate yourself, but also create a sense of tension and facilitate the transaction.

Second, knowing oneself and one another, the qualifications of the next family are very important:

In the process of buying a house, it is very necessary to understand the occupation, source of funds, and even the purpose of buying the house, personality characteristics, etc., to avoid unnecessary trouble in the transaction process, and to sit down and negotiate the price.

Third, in negotiations, know how to grasp and release:

Before the negotiation, please be sure to figure out where your bottom line is, including price, down payment time, payment time node, etc.

After clarifying your bottom line, let some points you don’t care about as a bargaining chip.

Satisfying results can be achieved only by grasping and releasing, but these tasks really need to be prepared in advance.

Above, we have always believed that is still the best time to sell a house for replacement.

Although the stock of second-hand housing on the market has stabilized, it still takes some setbacks to find a landlord who is sincere to sell.

As a landlord, this is where the opportunity lies.

Because, it is absolutely correct to look forward to future value-added, but the certainty of the moment is also precious.

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