What is a pregnant uterus

Recently, a woman went to the hospital for a physical examination. The result of the examination showed a pregnant uterus. If there is a problem in the uterus, the harm to women is great, so women want to know, what is a pregnant uterus? Regarding this issue, let me tell you female friends.

Pregnant uterus refers to the condition of the uterus during pregnancy. This is a normal term. If a woman is found to be a pregnant uterus on examination, it means that the woman has successfully conceived, and the early pregnancy uterus refers to the uterus Currently in the early stages of pregnancy, the embryonic development at this time is not fast, so the changes in the uterus are not obvious.

Pregnancy begins at 13 weeks, which is the second trimester. The fetus enters a period of rapid growth and development. At this time, the changes in the female uterus will become obvious, and the uterus will grow with the fetus. The uterus in this period is clinically called the uterus of the second trimester. At 28 weeks and beyond, the uterus of women will become larger, which is called the uterus of late pregnancy.

The growth of a woman’s uterus during pregnancy helps the doctor to judge whether the fetus’s growth and development is healthy. Once problems are found during the examination, effective measures can be taken as soon as possible. On the one hand, it can avoid adverse effects on the fetus, on the other hand, it can ensure the health of women and avoid accidents that endanger the lives of mothers and babies.