What new dining trends are hidden in this super exhibition?

Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “red food network” (ID: hongcan18), Author: Zhou foam.

March 29, Shanghai, National Exhibition and Convention Center. A 400,000-square-meter super exhibition has attracted the attention of 160,000 hotel diners. After visiting the site in person, a reporter from Red Meal.com discovered 5 new trends in the catering industry.

In the 400,000-square-meter exhibition hall, the two major exhibition areas, restaurants and hotels, are in full swing.

3000+ high-quality exhibitors were all present, and almost every exhibition area was filled with audiences, and it was colorful. The stabilizing epidemic has been unable to stop the enthusiasm of catering people to understand and explore new trends in the industry.

From the opening ceremony in the morning, to the observation and visit of the exhibition site… In the end of the day, the reporters of Red Meal (ID: hongcan18) also gained a lot, in addition to feeling In addition to the warm atmosphere at the exhibition site, we also found a lot of cutting-edge information and highlights related to the catering industry, from which we can also glimpse the new trends in the development of the catering industry in the next ten years.

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400,000 square meters of super exhibition,hides 5 new trends in the catering industry

1. There is a huge demand for catering standardization, and the process of chaining is speeding up

At the exhibition, the booths of some upstream supply chain brands, such as New Yaxuan, Heinz, McWong Foods, and Dufengxuan, focused on ingredients and condiments, etc., were crowded.

“We are a small brand that specializes in bullfrog category. Although there are only a dozen stores, in the past two years, we have been stuck in the supply chain and cannot expand quickly. Moreover, the price of frogs has soared this year, which has caused the cost to double, but the competitors do not reduce the price, and we dare not reduce the price. The pressure is very great. This time I hope to cooperate with some professional upstream suppliers and give professional matters to professional people. To do it, I hope that this method will reduce the cost of procurement, transportation, loss, etc., but also help our brand to expand rapidly.” Boss Li, a restaurant owner who runs a bullfrog brand in a third-tier city, said bluntly.

Red Meal.com found that most of the catering people watching in front of these booths, like Boss Li, came to find standardized ingredients or condiments to help their restaurants achieve standardized expansion.

Many small and medium-sized catering companies also have a standardization mentality, but they are stuck with the high cost of self-built standardization system and have been slow to make progress.

New Yaxuan, Heinz, McWong Foods, Dufengxuan and other companies are very popular. It is to seize this pain point and help those who want to customize and standardize and build their own system from the “template + personalized adjustment” model. It is unrealistic for small and medium-sized catering companies to implement standardization issues in order to reduce the costs of catering companies and help them accelerate their expansion.

2. Snacks and fast food are the most popular! A new wave of franchise is coming

inDuring this visit, Red Meal found that catering franchise is still a topic of great concern to the industry.

At 10:30 in the morning, the franchise exhibition area has already been crowded with people. Almost every exhibition area is full of people. If you don’t pay attention, you can hit someone on your back.

Some well-known large-scale chain brands in the country did not miss this franchise feast. Brands such as Zhou Hei Ya, Jiujiuya, Ziyan Baiwei Chicken, Kuafu Fried Kushikatsu and other brands all came to the scene, intending to accelerate the brand’s franchise expansion.

“We have made three catering brands ourselves, but they are all directly operated. I heard that this is the largest catering exhibition in recent years. We I came here specially from Zhengzhou, Henan Province, intending to understand the development trend of the catering market through this inspection. The input cost of snacks and fast food is low, and they are categories with strong rigid needs. The future development momentum is still very strong.” During the visit, one A restaurant man from Zhengzhou told a reporter from Red Meal.com.

After a lap, the reporter also discovered this pattern. There are two major categories of snacks and fast food, which are most concerned and favored by entrepreneurs: lomei, fried skewers, spicy mix, noodles, pork buns, dumplings and other snacks and fast food brands in the exhibition area. There are many franchisees who consult and cooperate. Consultation about joining matters.

“There are still many entrepreneurs who intend to join our brand. Just this morning, we received nearly 500 users who intend to join, probably About 30% are franchisees who are willing to continue in-depth understanding.” A person in charge of the brand investment department of Shaanxi snacks said bluntly.

From the perspective of the flow of people at the exhibition area, a new wave of catering franchise may come again.

3. The second half of the new-style tea drinks, fight for products and efficiency!

In the past few years, after several years of rapid development, the tea market has fallen into a period of serious product homogeneity. In the past two years, in order to get out of the product homogeneity vortex, many tea brands have openedInitiated the stage of “fighting small materials”.

The bobo of hi tea, the crystal and panna cotta from Naxue, the grapefruit tea jelly from Michelle Ice City, the rose jelly and konjac of ancient tea, one point Coffee jelly, lemon jelly with tea, konjac; even in the coffee brands: Luckin’s cold sky, coffee mousse custard, Pacific Coffee’s crystal ball… The major tea and coffee brands have worked hard to launch exclusive small Material, seize the market and young consumers.

In the second half of the year, or even longer in the future, coffee and tea shops are entering a new era of diversified products. This is evident from the various tea snacks displayed by major brands.

Take the small material series launched by Dayu International as an example. The smoothie snow mountain series includes singular avocado snow top, falling cherry lychee snow top, cloud grape snow top, spring cherry snow top, etc.; Provence garden series uses coconut pom. Mango ice cream, peach mochi ice cream, cake coffee Oreo ice cream, etc. are the main ingredients. The innovative ingredients are full of tricks, and their appearance has captured a large number of young people onlookers.

As the tea-drinking track becomes larger and larger, in addition to raw materials, smarter and more efficient equipment is needed to promote the development of the brand and the industry.

In the coffee and tea exhibition hall on 2.1, a special area dedicated to providing intelligent tea drinking equipment attracted many brand entrepreneurs to stop.

It is understood that an intelligent tea brewing machine can standardize tea drinks, and the product quality will not be affected by human factors such as time, temperature, mixing, ratio, etc. Newcomers can learn to brew 6 kinds of tea in 1 minute, allowing tea shops to say goodbye The traditional way of making tea frees employees’ hands and saves manpower and material resources.

It is foreseeable that with the popularization of these intelligent machines in the future, the tea industry will accelerate into an era of standardization, simplicity and efficiency.

4. Coffee is still a big track, and the trend of multiple segmentation is the general trend

The coffee exhibition area, which is in the same area as tea drinks, is also crowded.

In the past two years, coffee categories have stood on the tuyere track, opening stores, financing, and cross-border. There are many hot topics about coffee in the market.

As a microcosm of the development of specialty coffee, the Shanghai International Coffee and Food Culture Festival has been successfully held for many years, and it has always been a benchmark C-end popular event under HOTELEX.

According to the organizer’s understanding, there are 187 cafes from all over the country that have entered the Coffee and Food Culture Festival this time. Here, catering people can learn about the development trend of the coffee market, the most cutting-edge new products…

It is worth mentioning that the Tmall e-commerce area under the Coffee Festival is even more overcrowded. According to the on-site staff, the special area was jointly created by Tmall café x HOTELEX, displaying coffee brands including Sumidagawa flagship store, Yongpu flagship store, momoconcept beverage flagship store, juliusmeinl flagship store, Shicheng coffee flagship store, Kelin coffee flagship Dozens of brands such as the flagship store, Seventh Square flagship store, COLIN PLUS flagship store, CAFE flagship store, UMECME coffee flagship store, brewista flagship store, FELLOW flagship store, Taimo flagship store, Mu Ka flagship store, fashion coffee and so on.

There are also more than ten well-known coffee brands linking cafes to explore shops on the spot, and buyers who watch the live broadcast can appreciate the unique charm of the coffee festival.

In terms of products, the coffee industry also has new development trends. This year, some coffees with floral and fruit aromas have also received more and more attention from brands, providing more differentiated choices for the coffee market.

The reporter visited a number of coffee display areas and found that, in the display of a cutting-edge coffee brand from Shanghai, among the five new products it launched, there were All three types of coffee with floral and fruity ingredients, such as jasmine, osmanthus and other fresh coffee, are one of the single products with the highest likes and votes after the tasting.

5. Paying attention to food and beverage visual and space design is the general trend

Food visual and space design will be valued by more and more food and beverage brands in the future.

Just like 2 years ago, the founder of Grandma’s Wu Guoping once said this sentence at the Red Meal Brand Power Summit: “The design of a restaurant is a connotation and appearance. Process.”

In recent years, more and more restaurant companies have hired expensive designers at high prices to decorate their stores and spent huge sums of money to upgrade their stores.

Regarding food and beverage vision and space design, we also got some inspiration in the two exhibition areas of this exhibition, “Dining Space Show” and “Foreseeing 2050 Catering Conceptual Design Theme Exhibition”.

For example, on the “Restaurant Space Show”, the boat fishing song with the theme of “Vernal Equinox and Life”; the 7-point sweet with the theme of “Nature and Settlement” ; Sanqiu She with the theme of “Neverland”; Zhonghe fashion and fantasy products with the theme of “Art Carrier”, and the theme of catering enterprises is emptyThe spaces are all eye-catching, refreshing the boundaries of our traditional catering design.

In addition, in the “Foreseeing 2050 Catering Conceptual Design Theme Exhibition”, we will participate in the exhibition from Wang Chaizhu, Miaoshou Resurgence, Zhijian Brand, Shike Lighting, Mai Design, TUSHI, Top Packaging, Logo Master, Design Union, etc. The unit re-understands more professional knowledge of IP aesthetics, national tide cultural creation, restaurant lighting design, brand cross-border, catering packaging, and more diversified catering design development trends.