Problem description: The child of 2 months and 7 days has been coughing repeatedly for 8 days. Every morning and evening, he coughs more than ten times. I went to the hospital the day before yesterday. The plaster I put on was better and repeated. The hospital doctor auscultated the lungs with sputum, pharyngeal congestion, heavy breathing, blood routine virus infection, chest radiograph and bronchial inflammation, and prescribed Pediatric Chaigui Antipyretic Granules 1/6 three times a day and Pediatric Cough Syrup 0.3ml three times a day. . The cough improved significantly on the first day after eating. I coughed a few times a day and cried for a while at night. After crying quietly, he made loud hiccups, not like hiccups. Then the next morning, I had a hoarse voice, a little hoarse. Is there acute laryngitis, can I drink some white carrot Sydney water at such a young age?
Question date:2020-10-26
Patient information:Age: 67 days Gender: Male
Question analysis: Hello, according to your description and the current child’s symptoms, the medicine can continue to be taken. The carrot soup you mentioned can be drunk in moderation, but don’t think about how much it can help your child’s illness. The child’s medication is effective, just continue to take the medication, if it does not work, consider atomizing.
Guidelines: Be sure to let your children drink more water and maintain indoor air humidity. The current situation should be laryngitis, but don’t worry too much. If cough and sputum can be obvious within three days The problem of relief and improvement is not big, if it is ineffective, it is recommended to carry out aerosol treatment.
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