Mr. Fashion

A fat middle-aged man, lowered his head.

On April 1st, in the Douyin live broadcast room, Luo Yonghao showed off his Mediterranean Sea to “his friends”. This is the first time that Luo Yonghao publicly treated hair loss before and after the comparison.

Compared with a year ago, Lao Luo looks much more Buddhist. Regarding the dignity of middle-aged men, it seems that paying back the money is not important.

It is reminiscent of the fact that many years ago, Lao Luo’s royal copywriter commented that this fat man was a “big punk”. As for how he was punk, he wrote:

In the several confrontations between him and others, it seemed that it was Lao Luo who came through to the end.

Lao Luo, who knows the destiny of his life, has his hair facing each other only for years.

The biggest aspect of Lao Luo I have seen was when “Ran Dian” was screened in 2019. In the theater in Beijing CBD, Lao Luo showed a big face. He was sleepy on the way and didn’t look at him much. He woke up to find The whole audience walked halfway.

Later, I heard that Lao Luo talked about this movie, “After making this film, the company had an accident.” He became more guilty.

Later, I talked to Lao Luo during a time when I was smoking with a few friends. I clearly remember someone asked a question. What kind of guy is Lao Luo? Is he a bastard?

If he were a bastard, he wouldn’t owe so much money.

I have forgotten which year Lao Luo knew, probably when he started to make hammers in 2012. It’s been eight or nine years now. In the past eight or nine years, I have watched Lao Luo do a lot of things. Whether it’s the industry’s dark light, it’s still passed on. Maybe “Lao Luo and his friends” didn’t expect this guy one day. Can also work part-time as an emotional anchor.

I have never met Lao Luo, I have never connected Mai with him, and I have never used his hammer. In order to better understand this guy, I spent half a day reading two books he published. One is “My Struggle” and the other is “Life Never Ends, Struggle Never Ends”.

The latter recorded the keynote speech of “An Idealist’s Entrepreneurship Story” held by Luo at the Poly Theater for four consecutive years. The protagonists are all hammers, even though the hammers are already cold.

Lao Luo is not cold. Although the live broadcast will still be releasedThere are many “accidents”, the next day Lao Luo’s big pie face will still appear in the live broadcast room with the goods.

Lao Luo’s live broadcast of “Make a Friend” has also been broadcasted every Friday night from the beginning, and now it is broadcast almost every day.

For Lao Luo, such a time should not be as painful as imagined. In Lao Luo’s words, at least he can sleep for seven or eight hours a day now, which I dare not think about when he is working as a hammer.

I didn’t show off to Lao Luo, but to be honest, I don’t recommend that you ask Lao Luo for some emotional issues. After all, he is a guy with a black history of peeking at the female toilet and secretly admiring female teachers.

As you can see, Lao Luo is not a pure person. He has a very pure business purpose for doing anything. Because of this, this guy is easily convinced. In the past ten years, his The business logic is clear and simple. He is willing to tell you “I lied to you” and “Why I lied to you”. Today, when a large group of people speak all kinds of black words, honesty is a luxury.

When the honest Lao Luo tells his own story, he likes to trace back from his “distressed childhood”. The two books he published are basically the same, verbally telling his own experience from decades. Insert a few speeches and interviews that are quite brilliant. In “My Struggle”, when there is really nothing to write, there are also a few “Luo Luo Quotations”.

Probably the book “Life Never Ends, Tossing More” narrates all of Lao Luo’s speeches from 2011 to 2014. The content is too substantial, and the book has more than one hundred more pages than “My Struggle”. Page, Lao Luo did not include “Lao Luo Quotations” in this book.

If you have read these two books by Lao Luo, you can probably realize that hard-core punk writing starts with the number of words.

Han Han’s magazine “Solo Group” included an article by Lao Luo with a punk title called “A Story of Qiu Ju Nan”.

The background is that in 1995, 14-year-old Luo got the first place in an English training institution, but failed to get a bonus of several hundred yuan as agreed.

Like many businessmen who are good at playing word games today, the South Korean principal of the training class told him:

We can’t give you this bonus, only deduct it from your tuition.

Lao Luo didn’t do it. In order to defend his rights, he went to newspapers and many other organizations.

Although the story of “Qiuju’s Lawsuit” has just been launched for two years, in the eyes of many people, Lao Luo’s entanglement in this matter is somewhat nonsense, and it looks deviant or even absurd.

Lao Luo was seldom talked about the “needle-point-to-maimang” incident, which was finally ignored.

By chance, Lao Luo and his friends met this Korean principal at the tennis court. They stared at him viciously, then made insulting gestures at him.

The South Korean headmaster awkwardly toward the sidelinesChair took a look, following his eyes, it was his wife and two children who looked flustered.

Lao Luo, who even had a group fight show in the original plan, lost interest in an instant. He felt that it was very disturbing to humiliate a man in front of his wife and children. On the way back, Lao Luo described it like this:

In my cousin’s car, amidst the pushing and shoving and babbling sounds, I felt that the huge grievance was overwhelmingly suppressed as I often felt in my childhood.

This should be one of the few moments when punk youth Luo Yonghao “recognizes counsel”.

More than 20 years later, Lao Luo went from a young man to a middle-aged bald Mediterranean. He grew beard and shaved, and he seemed to have lost the spirit of the year.

The miserable childhood is an adjective that Lao Luo often mentions. In his autobiography, he called himself “from birth to adulthood” from 1972 to 1990, exactly 18 years old.

In a little-known county town, Lao Luo has shown punk different from his peers since he was a child. During the nine years of receiving institutional education, Lao Luo has constantly had various conflicts with teachers and schools.

Because of working against the teacher, there was a teacher who arranged for his children in the first year of high school. Every time get out of class was over, Luo was blocked at the door of the classroom to line up with him, beat him for ten minutes, and when the get out of class bell rang, he let him Lao Luo went back and continued after class.

In Lao Luo’s memory, this is a “painful” memory.

In 1989, Lao Luo, who performed “excellent”, threw away his textbooks and dropped out of Yanbian No. 2 Middle School.

Lao Luo’s suffering is probably the suffering of the campus, and there is no big reason for the family.

Compared with the people around him, Lao Luo has a better growth environment. Lao Luo has channels to read a large number of books. For him, the spiritual food is more expensive.

Lao Luo’s dropping out of school was not hindered. His parents just asked him if he had thought clearly and decided what he would do in the future, Lao Luo said:


Lao Luo’s thinking is the same as that of many people today: Knowledge changes destiny. But he believes that what his teachers believed in back then was: academic qualifications change destiny.

These are two different things.

In 1990, the young punk Luo Yonghao walked out of school.

Lao Luo is a cultural man. He once dreamed of being a writer, and even wrote a short story about bedwetting. No accident, he was rejected.

It wasn’t until the autobiography “My Struggle” was published in 2010 that Luo Luo’s dream of being a writer was beginning to take off.

You can think of this book as Lao Luo’s speech. Lao Luo calls this speech “a sincere, inspiring book about growth and struggle that doesn’t treat the reader as an idiot.”

Inspirational books have been the hardest hit area of ​​”IQ arrears” in China for so many years. Frankly speaking, Lao Luo is willing to write a book, and many of Lao Luo’s “fans” are still looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, Lao Luo finally failed to become a writer based on this.

Probably this is that between dream and reality, poverty is the only limit.

Lao Luo, who walked out of the school, should feel the same. He moved bricks, set up street stalls, opened a second-hand bookstore, sold aphrodisiacs, and even smuggled cars. For a long time, wherever there is a “wind”, There was Lao Luo, but none of this made him any money. Later, some of the so-called “outlets” were also dubbed by others:

Others are standing on the vent waiting for the wind, and Lao Luo is squatting in the cesspit waiting for shit.

In 2000, Lao Luo compromised. He wrote a 4D application letter to Yu Minhong of New Oriental and wanted to become a teacher. After that, many people who went to find Lao Luo to apply for a job knew that he was good, and they also learned how to write a long and smelly application letter to Lao Luo.

Lao Luo once said that the most annoying thing in his life, the first is English, and the second is the teacher.

Probably the “root of disease” left in the school days.

Lao Luo later talked about the reason why he had overcome this mentality, because his friend murmured “It is said that he has a million annual salary…”

Lao Luo himself is also quite proud of his experience in New Oriental. For example, whenever he brags, his big tongue is inseparable from three life experiences. The first one is talking about cross talk in New Oriental, and the second one is To run, the third stage is to run training courses by yourself.

These few experiences have something that people talk about.

When he was in New Oriental, he was taught by his predecessors to “improve the quality of teaching to use bad recruits.” Lao Luo was useless; when he ran the training class by himself, the former predecessors heard that Lao Luo was on his own and ran over to him. Lao Luo is still useless to support the loss.

Although Lao Luo failed to become a writer, he still has some of the stinks of a scholar.

In Lao Luo’s words, he is going to stand and make money.

This is the confrontation between punk youth Luo Yonghao and the secular after constant compromise.

In 2012, Lao Luo got a hammer.

The whole life cycle of the hammer has sold millions of mobile phones. Today, only the phrase “purchase Apple in three years” has been nailed to the Internet.

Hammer did make some achievements back then. Luo Luo, who once dreamed of becoming a writer, later wrote:

This spring I made a turnaround with Nut Pro. This is a result…In fact, in my grand ambition, it is simply a P…Occasionally, I was extremely excited, and I thought of my awesome and stinking life, and I couldn’t help but get the idea of ​​how to write the second half of “My Struggle”.

I don’t know how this idea is brewing now.

In this article, there is another inconspicuous sentence, very old Luo:

We are all decent people.

After the hammer failed completely, Lao Luo was backed by 600 million foreign debts.

On April 1st last year, Lao Luo, a decent man, settled on Douyin, “Farewell to yesterday”. In the first live broadcast of the night, Lao Luo picked up more than a thousand razors and kept himself a beard for ten years. It’s shaved.

The atmosphere in the comment area has also been brought to a climax. In the famous scene of Lao Luo slapped himself at Starbucks in the “Little Horse” movie, the line “Teacher Luo, don’t be like this” in the clip was reflected in the barrage.

There is also a little sadness in the teasing.

In that live broadcast, Luo sold more than 100 million in three hours.

Unconsciously, this month is already the first anniversary of Lao Luo’s live broadcast. A “hammer fan” friend said that he felt very bitter for Lao Luo this year. The fat man who arrogantly wanted to change the world was changed by the world, but at the same time he was also happy for Lao Luo. He felt, Such an old Luo is a real fat man.

During the dinner, he asked me if I remember Lao Luo once said this sentence in the rainy night of Beijing Bird’s Nest:

I started my business to change the world, not to make some bad money from you.

In most articles about Lao Luo, this passage is used as the label of Lao Luo’s “idealism”.

I don’t think Lao Luo is an idealist. He is a punk layman, a layman who will go back and buy a house, make money, and compromise.

A punk youth Luo Yonghao who can respond like this when being questioned:

You know what a fart, I’m Mr. Fashion.