Between day and night in the city, the rapper in the office building plays two roles.

Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “chief character concept” (ID: sxrenwuguan), Author: Yin Lei, editor: Jiang Yue.

After 2017, all Rappers know that if they are on that show, their destiny may change.

But the popularity of rap is reducing the probability of the draft becoming famous overnight. For young Rappers, choosing a fixed job is a relatively smart choice. In the future planning of the two life trajectories, hip-hop singers in the workplace also yearn for big factories, look forward to high salaries, and try to reconcile with the pressure of 996.

In the job resume, they will add this line of description: “I am a rapper.”

Usually, this is a bonus. They sit tightly in the company, watch their words and look at each other, and then release themselves on the weekend stage.

During the day and night in the city, the rapper in the office building plays two roles.

01 Director, what kind of Rapper do you like

After an audition for “New Rap in China”, all the Rappers who came to the competition waited outside the venue for the event to end. Several instructors walked out one after another and rode in the “nanny car” prepared by iQiyi for them. The last one who came out was Wu Yifan. He walked straight to his Ferrari, kicked the accelerator, and the motor roared away.

Someone blurted out: “A real Rapstar”, the scene was silent and no one retorted. Kaisan stood in the crowd, and his desire quickly became concrete within a second.

At the root of hip-hop culture, there is a fascinating materialized luster, which is tempting. “Don’t want to be popular” is a lie to most young Rappers; but in the rap career, All in is even more absurd. More Rapper, looking for opportunities in ordinary work and life.

This is the third time that Kaisan has participated in the selection of “New Rap in China”. He is from PhoenixGang and has a stable performance channel. He is a rapper in 1995 and YoungOG from Yinchuan. There is an unwritten rule circulating in the circle. In 2017, the year “China Has Hip Hop” was broadcast, it was a dividing line between rap players. As early as 2017, Rapper has a positive root and is more worthy of the title of YoungOG.

Kay Sang’s producer, Chanter, was hit by Internet violent searches on the 2019 show. His cooperation with Fox was different, and the editing of iQiyi was given a mysterious dramatic tension.

Kaysan explained to his brother: “He was consumed by the show crew, he is not like that.”

A talent show is a double-edged sword. Sometimes, you may become a victim of blogging. For video platforms, “giving players a personality” is a choice of product packaging.

The platform maintains an unbalanced relationship with singers.

Kay Sang still signs up for “China New Rap” every year. The director’s meeting in 2020 was in Xi’an. He was still working at the Bridge Design Institute in Yinchuan. In order to participate in the director’s meeting, he took a week’s leave in advance and bought a round-trip ticket at his own expense.

The schedule was approaching, the design institute suddenly received a survey job, and arrived at the job after seven days of immobility, Kaisan had to make a quick choice.

The opening of the dialogue with the leader was cold and solemn, “If you go, others will have to do your job. If you know that the company gives you money, you have to work for others.”

Going to Xi’an is very important to Kaisan, but it doesn’t make any sense to the company. “It’s his words that you can’t refute, do you understand?” He lowered his head and opened the App, preparing to cancel the trip to Xi’an.

The attitude of the leader suddenly loosened. The new suggestion is to find someone else to coordinate and shift the shift.

Many times, how capable a rapper can Diss is on stage, and how peaceful there is in front of the company’s leaders, a worker who is rebellious and has a price.

I flew to Xi’an as scheduled, and the registration process was the same as the previous two years-a director’s meeting, getting into a recording studio, singing my own work, and telling my own story.

The director will not give a clear feedback on site. Engineer Rapper is a bright spot in Kaisan. It has a contrast effect and is a category that the show team likes.

But after a long wait,When the trailers of the show were released, Kaisan knew that his third audition had ended in failure.

“I was chosen myself. Get does not meet their selection criteria. I don’t think everyone selected is better than me.” In his Yinchuan rap circle, there were about ten people who went to the show. , Half went to the stadium, two got the chain. For those who have no program effects, the 60 seconds of holding the chain will be compressed to a terrible level.

The improvement of creative ability is sometimes polished on the pen. Kaisan needs to solve the problem of overtime. In 2020, he left the Bridge Design Institute and joined an Internet company to become a data analyst.

The rumored Internet 996 atmosphere did not appear, and the time at his disposal has become abundant.

At the beginning of the year when Pinduoduo employees died suddenly and jumped from a building, Kaisan wrote a song, an expression from the perspective of Rapper. He gave the demo to some seniors. They said that the song was good, but it had to be changed. The spelling of the name and surname was inappropriate, and there were a lot of swear words.

“Your level can only be improved quickly if you think and write a lot.” In 2020, Kaisan has entered a creative explosion period. When it is most productive, write 4 in 5 days. Demo. A new album is also being brewed, and two MVs are also needed. This is his most grand album release so far.

One of the MVs has been filmed. It was shot in the Rock Painting Park in Yinchuan. There is no set, and the costumes are all my own.

Kaysan spent 80 yuan on to buy two Pathfinder bees, the kind of super-bright flashlights used for security patrols; he also bought a roll of light-transmitting plastic colored paper, which was blocked on the flashlight and could be photographed. The effect of different colors. These are the only material costs.

The shooting day was more than 20 degrees below zero, which was the coldest time in Yinchuan. A short-sleeved sweater with a sweater on the outside, shooting for two consecutive nights, from evening to early morning, Kaisan and the others danced, the bright light of the flashlight passed through the plastic colored paper and hit their frozen faces. It was also a colleague who helped with the shooting and editing, and paid 2,000 yuan for hard work.

“Music is all about using love to generate electricity. Whether it’s MV shooting, song recording, mixing, or repairing, it costs money, all of which are earned by work.”

Buying the copyright of an accompaniment on a foreign platform requires 500 yuan, and it is limited to 10,000 retransmissions and 100,000 audio listening times. If you exceed it, you will pay separately; the studio time fee for recording is 300, and the mixing fee is 500. It’s still the friendly price given to him by the chant; it costs at least 300 to make a single cover.

The minimum cost of a song is 1600 yuan. In the end, the work was posted on the broadcasting platform, and the result may only be a dozen comments.

Not long ago, Kaisan has just collaborated with Chanter on a song, and the new song will be released on Chanter’s NetEase cloud. The two have always been very good friends. In 2019, Chanter was hit by an online violence, and Kaisan called onAll my friends, who have girlfriends, called girlfriends and asked them to comment on Yongzhe’s Weibo, but they were weak. Later recalled, Kaisan said, “Yongzhe and Fox are both Respect, but I love Qiyi. The devil’s editing has consumed the chanter.”

In the comment section of the Chancellor, a person indignantly commented: “You are all talking about Real, but when a real person comes out, you are criticizing him for not being Real.” Chancellor praised this. Comments.

02 I will serve those born in the 80s

“When I went to the recording of Yongzhe’s later, I asked him if he remembered the comment he liked me. He said he had forgotten it.” Doute originally thought that the two of them had something to do with each other, but Yong The answer of the author is disappointing.

When Chanter was attacked by the Internet, Doute was still a member of another social circle. Later, when he saw Chanter for the first time, Kaisan took him to record. At that time Doute’s parents forced him to take a career test. In Yinchuan, entering the system was a more comfortable way to live, but he didn’t have this willingness. He went to the library to study and carried a schoolbag of “Recruitment Review Materials for Institutions”, and Kaisan ran to the Chanter.

In the house with three bedrooms and two halls, Muaboss and B·P·E both sleep in it. Both of them are people who have works of Hitsong (Golden Melody), and they have enviable fans. The legendary predecessors are worthy of this trip.

Unexpectedly, it was messy, and the ashtray was full of cigarette butts. He thought that these people were all evil spirits, such as tattoos all over their bodies and full of swear words, but when the seniors woke up, when they heard that they were talking about “where to buy a house” and “how to find a job”, he didn’t think it was like this. Something a group of Rappers will talk about.

Muaboss ran over to joking with Kaisan, saying that Piket was still asleep in the room (the new rap top six in 2018), Doute’s brain was still empty, and he didn’t react; Kaisan believed it was true, and was ready to meet new friends. . Dou Te said later: “It really made us stunned.” Dou Te shrank in the corner that day. He planned to leave everyone with a Hip-hop impression, but the three strange men in front of him asked him Finally chose silence.

He didn’t choose Yinchuan’s career editor, and went to Beijing, far away from his family’s arrangements. First find a job and edit in a cooperative unit of the Communist Youth League. The requirements are not high.Guaranteed to survive.

“I thought you could adapt to work by working hard, but in this company, I have learned what intrigue is.”

One event, high-intensity overtime work, Doute only slept for five hours in three days. At the end of the last day, I ate with a senior in the company and drank some wine. The values ​​quickly rose, and the topic of discussion became “What is a good person and what is a bad person”.

Deep topics have led to unexpected consequences.

“I just remember what he said. He told me that good people must have a big picture, and bad people will betray others for a little profit…” Senior’s words made Dou Te awe, and he did not forget it before going to bed. Aftertaste.

As a result, the next day, the old man quarreled with Doute’s immediate boss. Doute was sitting next to them. Suddenly the old man turned his head and stared at him: “Doute doesn’t work at the venue, he bought it. A bunch of drinks just to chase the girls in the company.”

“I’m all stupid.” After listening to the buzz in his mind, Doute quickly went through all the memories of the company in his mind. Nothing.

“We talked so congenially yesterday. He used me as a gunman today. I admire those born in the 80s. You said he slept like me for a few hours. I didn’t have any strength at all. He Still have energy to play scheming.”

In the evening, a piece of news made worse-a good brother and a girl he likes are together, and they have been together a long time ago.

“My world is all dark, do you know what I mean?” During the interview, Doute gestured with his hands, trying to express that dark area.

Having asked for leave, he bought a ticket back to Yinchuan the next day. On the way back, there was an accident ahead, the traffic jam missed the flight, and the ticket was changed to two o’clock in the morning. Doute was surrounded by bad luck.

When I got off the plane, Doute hugged his mother, his mind was dizzy, and his heart was aggrieved. He smoked at home for the first time, and his mother said: “Don’t smoke if you are in a good mood.”

Lying at home for three days, like a cure for a serious illness.

Get off work at 9 p.m., on Beijing’s Metro Line 7, Doute started to create a new song, a work brewed at home. In the first half of the subway, he was quiet and focused, maintaining the basic etiquette on public transportation; in the second half, the entire carriage was empty, and he began to dance and dance, and there was a rhythm of “movements and beats” in the carriage, “No. 7″ When the thread sits behind, there will be no one, I can jump and write.”

After three days of writing, he posted the song on NetEaseOn the cloud. The entire production process of the song was made into a Vlog and placed at station B.

However, the creator’s sadness is turbulent, but the netizens’ response is “skinny”.

On weekend afternoons, in his shared room, there is a fixed time slot for recording songs.

He moved his laptop, sound card, and condenser microphone to the two-square-meter balcony. The computer is placed on the floor, the sound card is placed on the shelf, and the water pipe on the wall is clamped with a microphone. The two connecting wires are stuck in the door gap between the balcony and the bedroom, with a small slit in the middle. The two cats he keeps sometimes go to the seam and look curiously at the people inside.

He squatted down to poke the computer, then stood up and sang a few words next to the microphone. He was sweating profusely, sometimes out of breath, and stayed in there for five or six hours without coming out.

When the cat calls, he has to record it again.

03 ​​Make coffee for leaders every day

Compared with Doute, rabbit is a person in another world.

Although at the end of the interview, two bottles of beer were eaten, Doute and Rabbit made a consensual decision-to cooperate to form a new combination, and the future performance plan became more and more eye-catching. Finally, it was 12 o’clock in the morning. , Each missed the last train, and then reluctantly said goodbye.

This is what the rabbit is good at. He can talk almost endlessly with all kinds of people. In the interview, as long as you don’t interrupt him, he can talk non-stop by himself.

From graduating from university to entering a German enterprise, Rabbit has gone from a “person of the wind” who organizes rap performances in major colleges and universities to a newcomer in the workplace who makes coffee for the whole group every morning.

At Beijing University of Science and Technology, he took the lead in founding the Rap College Alliance. The members included almost all universities in Wudaokou. Three special sessions were held. The contact point for each poster was his WeChat account.

In the year when Rabbit organized the College League, every college in Wudaokou who played rap would know him as the number one person.

The 39 yuan ticket, after the event, some school groups will come to complain, after an event, their school can not be divided into 200 yuan.

Rabbit said that after the event, he had almost no income. “I don’t need to be profitable. There is no shortage of money in Beijing children. Since I went to university, I have not experienced the feeling of lack of money.” After pondering for a while, he said, “It’s not Versailles either. When I talked to them about these activities, I didn’t talk about how much money I had to allocate because of my hard work. I never talked about it.”

On December 27, 2020, during the last special performance, due to an omission in the process, the order of the performance was not arranged. The singer threw the microphone directly in front of the rabbit and then walked away.

“When facing two or three people, you can handle it, facing thirty or forty peopleAsk you questions at the same time, what do you do? “If the planning before the event is not accurate to the minute, there will be trouble.

Through the college alliance, the rabbit got to know more people, he made a name in this circle, and some bar owners also knew what he could do. He also learned how to take the lead in an event.

These are the rewards for his “thank you”.

In March of this year, “China New Rap” was selected in the college audition in Beijing. Many Rappers from all over China were present. After the event, Bunny played his own specialties. He took the initiative to collect games and took all the Rappers present. Pulled to the Young Club in Wudaokou.

We exchanged resources with Rapper and the bar owner, and the whole audience is free of orders.

That night, he drank with every rapper who was present, and toasted them glass by glass, and finally broke the film. According to the description later by the front desk, he was drunk and was looking for trash cans everywhere, and finally asked the front desk for a trash bag, and put the trash bag in the trash can, and finally vomited in it.

Everyone agrees that rabbits have a strong environmental awareness.

In the two months of working in a German company, Rabbit has not yet ended the trial period, and his resources have not yet been used. The seven team members in the office are all his seniors in terms of seniority and age. They are also his leaders. He lowered his posture and hoped that his work would have a peaceful environment.

The best explanation for his own identity is what the instructor said to him when he was learning diving in Sanya: “Many people want to be a great person, but I think the most important thing for a person is to be Interesting person.”

When interviewing this German machinery company, HR was most interested in his status as a rapper in his resume. “I started playing rap in college. This hobby can make me stand out in the crowd. Rap ​​this Labels can add a bit of personal charm.”

On the first day at work, the leader taught him a new skill. The company has a set of coffee-making equipment, and the leader asked him to watch him do it again. Later, this job naturally became a rabbit. It took twenty minutes to grind beans and make coffee. Each leader has a different taste. There are more water, milk, and sugar. The seven people in the R&D department have different habits. The rabbits remember it clearly. .

He emphasized several times, saying that he is not such a smart person, but when it comes to making coffee, his responsiveness andExcellent memory performance.

“I didn’t make it on purpose. I just did it when I came. In fact, they are all very nice, and they will eat together when they buy something.” Rabbit never wears headphones in the company, he thinks that the leader sees So, the look and feel is not good.

The longer we talk with Rabbit, the more I feel that he is different from other rappers and that he has stronger social adaptability, especially in the workplace.

Go to Germany and join the local rap circle. This is the ideal future life for rabbits. I have a plan to go abroad, but the epidemic has delayed time. “I yearn for Germany, even the food that has been criticized there. I like it very much. The first thing I do when I get up every morning is to practice German, that is, I want to go to Germany. Going to Germany is to enter a business.”

When he first watched “China Has Hip Hop”, he checked a question on Zhihu. Why are there so many fans in PG ONE? One of the highly praised answers impressed him, “Because he can do it in Freestyle when the whole team forgets the words.”

From then on, the rabbit began to practice Freestyle hard.

In order to practice lung capacity, I learned bel for two years to lay the foundation for sound. I usually walk on the street and listen to accompaniment consciously. I learn a small language to practice biting words… Rabbit made a lot of preparations for rap. Later, his style became clear , Technology flow.

In every eight beats, his lyrics are much more dense than other singers. On his NetEase Cloud Music, the top 1 player is the rap relay “Beike 2021 CYPHER” with the Beijing University of Science and Technology Association, and the second is “For the Rise of China”. There is also a “Vermilion Picture Scroll” in the silver single “, the next two main melody songs, put in the rap circle, the first reaction they get will be suspicious of the author’s motives, and the most vicious speculation is that it is suspected of “catching”.

In March, Rabbit fulfilled his previous promise with Doute at the dinner table. He arranged an office for their upcoming combination in Zhongguancun. It was free. They thought of two cool new combination names. Now Stuck in the dilemma of choosing one. Two people with completely different personalities began to plan a new timetable in 2021. This may be their last chance. Rabbit will go to Germany at any time. Doute is eager to settle. He has finished reading “Disqualification in the World”, and his heart is bitter.

04 Brother, Niu X

After going to Tianjin, Tang Ke’s rap journey was “frozen”. He could not find friends who played rap together, and he could not find many rap performances. He was also the dominant crosstalk performer in the local area. Never seen it before.

The whole city gave him a lazy atmosphere. He was born in Tangke, Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture in Xinjiang. From the westernmost part of China, he went to Beijing to study alone, then got a job, and left from a star training institution. Later, last year, I invested my resume in Tianjin, which is still in the education industry.

In BeijingAt the time, Tang Ke’s mantra was: “Sao, brother”. Say this to someone you just met, and he will explain it. This is a complimentary word from his hometown, which stands for “bull.”

Now whether in the classroom or in the parent group, his mantra is forbidden.

Each class, he is responsible for opening the lecture to the main lecturer. The opening remarks are usually: “I am your teacher Tang Ke, today our new week of class is about to begin, are you ready, we want to enter our class? Status, Teacher Tang Ke would like to praise our children for doing particularly good homework today. Let’s take a look at our praise list.”

For anyone who knows the identity of Tangk as a rapper, his tone of voice in class is like an unfamiliar personality. The students he teaches are mainly 9-10 year-old children. The “we” that constantly appears in his speech art is a kind of friendly attitude. He is using words to convey a kind of “like a kind teacher squatting next to you.” “Experience, in private educational institutions, education is not only an obligation, but also a service.

Every parent in the class has Tang Ke’s WeChat account. One of the main responsibilities of the teaching assistant is to share the workload and pressure outside the classroom with the lecturer. When he first started, the leader told Tang Ke to see that the parents’ consultation should be responded to as soon as possible, and the response speed was included in the assessment. Now that the time has passed, the supervision of the response is slightly loose. But Tang Ke’s time will still be shredded by endless consultations.

“It’s hard to get my energy away from work. In addition, I’m lazy. I’ve been here for less than a year. I always feel like I’m living in a strange city. I work here.”

In the past six months, there has not been a single commercial performance, and all performances were performed in the company.

“The performance in the company was really silly X. His equipment was rubbish. I didn’t want to sing more after singing a song.” After the performance, colleagues would enthusiastically surround him and say to Tang Ke : “Wow, you are so awesome.”

Later, as long as the company has a talent show, everyone will think of Tang Ke.

A mathematics teacher came to find Tang Ke and said that they also have a Rapper. The company had a whim, and said that they should cooperate and write a song for the company. It is best to shoot a MV.

“After all, people have found me, so I can’t refuse it. While I am being squeezed by the company, I have to write songs to praise it.” It took Tangke half an hour to “hand in the paper”. He wrote eight or nine in total. The lyrics, “At that time, I thought, we are in English, so let me highlight the characteristics of our discipline.”

He set the accompaniment of a song by Xiaoqinglong, OldSchool’s style, more close to the people.

“Later, the MV was in the stairwell at the entrance of our company. There was a big screen on top of it. It looped endlessly on it for a whole day. But I didn’t watch it. All kinds of education committees and group leaders watched it during meetings. When they arrived, they shouted in the group and praised me.” He felt that colleagues and leaders should praise him. “I spend my time writing songs for the company. If they don’t praise me, I can’t make it through.”

Tang Ke said that he is a person with a rebellious character, and he will not hold back when he has words. Starting from elementary school, because of a “good” environment, he has formed this character since he was a child. “When I was in elementary school, I My mother is a math teacher at school, and my brother can cover me in school. No one dares to mess with me in elementary school.”

“But it’s not working in junior high school. My junior high school is in Shihezi, and I don’t have a backer there.”

Until graduating from high school, Tang Ke spent six years in Shihezi, Xinjiang. The first hip-hop music he heard was foreign rap from Kyrgyzstan, but the language there was similar to his national language.

“At that time, I listened to a lot of hip-hop music in that country, and then I listened to domestic rap. The first one I listened to was from Kashgar. It was about two hours away from where I lived, and Aige was from there. At that time, I listened to Ai Re and their songs, and found that Kashgar rap was too good, and then I listened to it like crazy.”

In the second year of high school, Tang Ke and his classmates decided to try rap on their own, buying a laptop, a sound card, and a condenser microphone.

“Our school is semi-closed management, and we can only go out on weekends. At that time, we couldn’t even shop online. So we found a computer store at the school gate and asked him to place an order for us and collect the goods for us.” After all, Tang Ke brought the equipment into the dormitory on a winter night.

The first song created by this group of high school kids is called For My Life. The song was released on a cover platform, and finally it went viral in Kezhou. They were not the first local people to eat crabs, but Tang Ke Their song was the first to go viral there. Some children in Kerala sometimes hum their rap.

“The thief was happy after we released this song, and it feels like Niu X is broken.”

Tang Ke’s rap career ends hereUnfolding, he jointly formed his own rap club at the university, and later performed in DDC and School bars in Beijing. Until the May Fourth Youth Day in 2020, he joined an online education institution as a teaching assistant. On the job resume, Tang Ke used to add a sentence, “I am a rapper.”

Usually, this is a bonus. He taught the little babies patiently in the classroom, watched his words and thoughts, and did not leave any child in the cold. On any night, his WeChat could jump out of a student’s parent’s consultation. He knew that he had better give feedback to each other as soon as possible.

When he was in Beijing, day and night alternated. He was a rapper in an office building. Now, the identity of a rapper can only be remembered when he is in the company’s art performance.

In 2016, Tang Ke met Huang Xu for the first time. At that time, there was no “Rip Hop in China”. Huang Xu was already very famous in the circle. Tang Ke was very excited. According to him, it was crazy to go up and get close to it.

He introduced himself at the time and said, “I really like you, I am also from Xinjiang, and I am also a Rapper.”

Huang Xu said: “Brother, Niu X.”

In 2017’s “China Has Hip Hop”, in the quarterfinals, Tang Ke held the admission ticket given to him by Huang Xu and a big scarf with Huang Xu’s name and portrait printed on it.

In that game, Tang Ke held this scarf, raised his neck, and in front of him were Wu Yifan, Gou Ge, Yue Ge, Pan Weibo, and GAI who will be the top hip-hop in China in the future.