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Recently, with a speech, Zhang Yiming completely out of the circle.

At the 9th anniversary of ByteDance, Zhang Yiming delivered a keynote speech on “Ordinary Heart Doing Ordinary Things”, sharing his thoughts on “Ordinary Heart”, including how to treat himself, company business, industry competition, and success with an ordinary heart. And failure etc.

In this speech, golden sentences frequently appeared: For example, only the more stable the mentality, the stronger the root and the stronger the courage and imagination to do more difficult things; for example, in the most straightforward words: ” Eat well when you eat, and sleep well when you sleep”; for example, treat success and failure with a normal heart, including not attributing wrongly, taking external factors as internal factors, and not taking luck as ability, but finding out the truth about success or failure the reason.

Plainness has become an important label of Zhang Yiming, and will soon become one of the most popular anti-black words in the entrepreneurial circle.

An interesting phenomenon: It seems that entrepreneurs born in the 50s and 60s, such as Guo Guangchang, Duan Yongping, Dong Mingzhu, Liu Chuanzhi, etc., always love to talk about feelings; entrepreneurs born in the 70s, such as Luo Yonghao, Lu Qi, and Jia Yueting, All in is needed at every turn; the new generation of entrepreneurs born in the 1980s, such as Huang Zheng, Zhang Yiming, Li Xiang, etc., including Wang Xing, born in 1979, got together and said that they must maintain a normal mind.

Is this a coincidence? How to judge the authenticity of the proposition? The different attitudes and concepts of entrepreneurs are inter-generational differences in understanding, or narrative economics forced and felt by the situation?

1. Post-80s entrepreneurs love to talk about ordinary hearts

Zhang Yiming is not the first entrepreneur to openly express his ordinary mind, nor the first of the new generation of entrepreneurs to express similar views.

On December 11, 2020, Bubble Mart was listed. On the same day, Bubble Mart opened up more than 100% and reported 77.1 Hong Kong dollars per share, with a market value.Breaking through 100 billion Hong Kong dollars, the net worth of the post-85 founders and couples soared to 46 billion.

After the listing ceremony, founder Wang Ning accepted the media interview.

“We don’t feel successful now. I don’t want everyone to feel that we have reached the zenith of our lives. I am still quite calm. I hope that both myself and my team will remain calm, patient, and use reputation and wealth. A bigger thing, to be a truly good brand in China.” Facing the skyrocketing net worth, Wang Ning said.

Maintaining a calm mind has become Wang Ning’s method of coping with the ups and downs.

In February 2019, Wang Xing issued an internal letter stating: No matter how the external environment is turbulent, we must maintain a calm mind, continue to create value for our users, merchants and society through technology and innovation, and always follow business Be regular and insist on doing the right thing.

Earlier, Huang Zheng, who was deeply influenced by Duan Yongping, said in an interview with the media, “He (Duan Yongping) said that fast is slow. , Slow is fast. He said that it is better to do things with a normal mind. He said that it is actually difficult for ordinary people to have a normal mind. From his personal point of view, he is a person who is constantly improving.”

Several years ago, Li Xiang, the founder of Ideal Motors, published an article titled “Li Xiang’s Investment Notes: Why is my investment performance so bad?” In the article, Ping Xin was mentioned 9 times in the article.

For example, “doing things with a normal heart will usually have good results and rewards.” For example, “good intentions will mostly do bad things, and good intentions will mostly have no rewards. Only a normal heart can really do good things. “Another example, there is only an ordinary mind that does not require others to guess. There is no “loan” in my heart, and no intangible “debt” in others. Only by doing things with a “ordinary heart” will there be good result.

In addition to these interpretations, Li Xiang also gave Ping Xin a detailed explanation, and even combined his own understanding to build a formula for Ping Chang Xin and gave four standards.

Wang Ning, the founder of Bubble Mart, was born in 1987, Zhang Yiming was born in 1983, Huang Zheng was born in 1980, and Wang Xing was born in 1979. Entrepreneurs born in this period coincided with the “normal heart” at special moments. Put it in an important position.

Although he did not directly utter the three words “normal heart”, Tang Binsen shared similar judgments on the values ​​he revealed when sharing.Off. Deep thinking, emphasizing methods, no chicken soup, and a logical system are the common points behind ordinary hearts.

Recently, Tang Binsen, born in 1982, also “cannot hide” because of a speech shared a year ago.

Because of the increasingly clear consumer and investment landscape, Tang Binsen was “archaeologically” out of a public speech on Zhenghe Island in 2020. Rational keywords such as scientific statistics, Bayesian theory, probability, and no empirical mistakes were flooded with rational keywords. full text. Among them, when talking about corporate costs, Tang Binsen said: “Don’t use tactical diligence to cover up strategic laziness, spend more time thinking about your direction.”

2. Feelings, All in and Peace of Mind

Is it true?

From interviews, public speeches, internal letters and other public information, we collected hundreds of well-known entrepreneurs born in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. More than forty entrepreneurs with typical representative significance.

These entrepreneurs have directly expressed their feelings, all-in and peace of mind in public. In the picture below, those with a supportive attitude are marked with √, and those with public criticism or opposition are marked with X.

Entrepreneurs’ attitude towards feelings, all in and peace of mind

As can be seen from the picture, the term “ordinary heart” is not an exclusive vocabulary for post-80s companies.

Ren Zhengfei, Cao Dewang, Zhang Ruimin, Guo Taiming, Chen Dongsheng, Feng Lun, Duan Yongping, Li Shufu and other entrepreneurs born in the 40s, 50s, and 60s frequently talked about ordinary hearts. Post-70s entrepreneurs such as Zhou Hongyi, Ma Huateng and Ding Lei also often use the term ordinary heart. Let aloneThe post-80s and post-90s entrepreneurs such as Wang Xing, Huang Zheng, Li Xiang, Zhang Yiming, and Wang Ning have recently gotten together and talked about their ordinary minds.

Besides ordinary hearts, the term feelings is not exclusive to entrepreneurs born in the 60s.

In order of age, Ren Zhengfei, Cao Dewang, Wang Shi, Dong Mingzhu, Wang Jianlin, Li Dongsheng, Feng Lun, Duan Yongping, Yu Minhong, Shi Yuzhu, Li Shufu, Zhang Jindong, Ma Yun, Yang Yuanqing, Yu Liang, Wang Chuanfu, Guo Guangchang, Fang Hongbo, Shen Nanpeng, Lei Jun, Wang Wei, Zhou Hongyi, Ding Lei, Luo Yonghao, Jia Yueting, Liu Qiangdong, Zhang Tianyi, and Dai Wei have all talked about their understanding and views on feelings in different public occasions.

However, whether it is ordinary heart or feeling, there are many differences in meaning. Let’s take the term “normal heart” as an example.

Ren Zhengfei: You must have a calm heart in the face of change, and you must have the psychological quality to withstand the change “Ren Zhengfei: Huawei’s Winter”.

Zhang Ruimin: Externally, I think that “normal heart is the way”. It is meaningless to argue about right or wrong. In the end, it is determined by the market effect. If the effect is good, it proves that my innovation is right.

Chen Dongsheng: Companies must bid farewell to the era of heroism and enter the era of ordinary minds. (Before 2012)

Wang Wei: I have been working hard to maintain a normal mind in managing the enterprise and even in my own life.

Zhou Hongyi: As an entrepreneur, you should be aware that these are relatively illusory numbers and do not represent the true value of the company. The company must return to its normal valuation. We must do things with peace of mind.

Ma Huateng: The Internet has been around for more than ten years and competition is everywhere. We treat it with a normal heart. (2013)

Ding Lei: When running the entire business, we must maintain a calm mind. (2017)

Li Xiang: If you do things with a normal heart, you will usually get good results and rewards.

We can find that the time period when these entrepreneurs mentioned “ordinary heart” is often happening or can be predicted that something unusual will happen soon.

Take feelings again as an example.

Cao Dewang: Entrepreneurs must have such a feeling and state. The country will be strong because of you, the society will progress because of you, and the people will become rich because of you.

Li Dongsheng: Successful companies need to stick to their ideals and feelings. (2017)

Feng Lun: Driven by values, you will have a sense of direction. This sense of direction is different for each person and for each era. The so-called ideals 20 or 30 years ago did not have personal ideals. We only have feelings of family and country. (Lectures will start in 2012)

Shi Yuzhu: Because we have hundreds of millions of players, this can express their feelings.

Ma Yun: The new era must have new responsibilities and feelings of family and country.

Yang Yuanqing: At present, we should practice the entrepreneurial spirit, not just thinking about taking shortcuts, speculating concepts, and making quick money, but having the feelings of serving the country by industry and building.’ A century-old shop’s craftsman spirit. (2018)

Wang Chuanfu: The original dreams and feelings have been realized today, but as the scale of the industry increases, the goals are being adjusted. (2018)

Liu Qiangdong: One of our very big personal dreams and ideals or feelings is that every income and profit of must be built for this industry and create more than ten times for the country Based on the value of the company, so that we can get this profit and income without blushing. (2018)

Fang Hongbo: Pay attention to the growth of employees, pay attention to social benefits, and be a sustainable growth company with dreams and feelings. (2014)

Shen Nanpeng: The essence of entrepreneurship is to do practical things with great feelings and create true value.

Lei Jun: We will do our best to fight for our ideals and missions. Our dreams are in the world, and our journey is the sea of ​​stars. Xiaomi is not the little feelings of a certain person, but the glory and dreams of a group of people, the opportunities and missions of an era. (2014)

Ding Lei: No matter where you are, a person should still have some feelings and responsibility.(2020)< /p>

Jia Yueting: This is the prerequisite for FF to achieve industrial transformation, and it will also ensure that FF’s vision and dreams will not be distorted, and FF’s sense of change will be maintained. (2018)

From the above cases, we can find that the feelings of the entrepreneurs born in the 60s are mostly family and country feelings; the feelings of the 70s born, if mentioned, are mostly related to business and enterprises as the main narrative; and the 80s and 90s Post-entrepreneurs rarely mention feelings.

Combined with the statistics, from the perspective of the age of entrepreneurs and their attitudes towards “feelings, all-in and peace of mind”, it can be seen that entrepreneurs born in the 60s are more likely to talk about feelings, and enterprises born in the 80s and 90s I prefer to talk about methodology or dry goods.

3. The feeling of swinging left and right, the eternal “Dream On and All in”

Of course, there are many cases.

In August 2015, Luo Yonghao, the CEO of Hammer Technology at the time, posted a set of Q&A dialogues on Weibo. One of the questions was about Luo Yonghao’s feelings for selling mobile phones.

Luo Yonghao replied: I totally agree that good brands do not simply sell things: Apple sells innovative spirit and “uncommon thinking” that changes the world, and Starbucks sells tonality and “third space”. What Lycra sells is compelling and legendary. Companies with no culture or lack of branding capabilities will sell things hard. As a company that can export values, Hammer Technology has done exceptionally well in its products, and it is only natural for sales and idealism in marketing.

In April 2017, Luo Yonghao and Luo Zhenyu had a long conversation, and the broadcast version exceeded 6 hours.

During the long talk, Luo Yonghao said: Many of the labels on his body have little to do with him, but these labels will always follow him, such as “sturdy”, “feelings” and ” Craftsman spirit”.

“The first-generation operating system that we released, I mentioned this sentence throughout the press conference. As a result, this sentence was regarded as a matter by many media reporters who were more literate and young, and then I went to talk about it. I feel very annoying at birth. As a business person, you talk about your feelings, and then you use that to disgust me. Including our mobile phone after the market, they said that your mobile phone was given away for nothing, and the feelings are worth 3,000 yuan, just this disgusts us. Later, it spread more and more widely.” Taking “feelings” as an example, Luo Yonghao said.

According to “Drive China” report: When the Smartisan OS was released in 2013, Luo Yonghao gave a three-hour speech, and his most frequent appearance is undoubtedly the word “feelings”.

Another pivotal figure is Jia Yueting. But unlike Luo Yonghao, Jia Yueting has always been trendy in terms of conceptual fashion.

In 2019, we compiled and released a manuscript entitled “A Brief History of Internet “Black Talk” Iteration”, in which we intuitively found that 2015 was an outbreak of Internet black talk.

The black words that everyone knows and are still in use today also started in 2015.

For example, from 0 to 1, diversification, rapid iteration, agile development, unicorn, growth hacker, tuyere, community, BP, business essence, decentralization, traffic, P2P, moat, product Combination of effects, scenarios, algorithms, brutal growth, first half, second half, payment for knowledge, track, closed loop, empowerment, boundary, platform strategy, all in, new, customer acquisition, stickiness, retention, promotion, Consumption upgrades, DAU, MAU, new species.

The bad reviewer mentioned in a video about black talk: Boss Jia, who returned to China next week, mentioned the word “ecological anti”. Good guys, everyone is shocked. What outsiders think this is, insiders say that they can still play like this, and I also want to learn. This is the prelude to the era of Internet black talk.

On January 4, 2017, on the eve of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), FF officially released its first mass-produced model, the FF 91, in Las Vegas. It is reported that this is the world’s first Internet eco-electric vehicle, which integrates the world’s strongest power performance, seamless interconnection, safety and intelligence, etc., will subvert people’s traditional perception of the car as a product, and fully reflect FF’s breakthrough. Innovate and define the strength of the future.

On the spot, Jia Yueting delivered a speech in English with the ending sentence “Dream On and All in”. And this is the second time Jia Yueting mentioned this sentence, and he used it as the opening at the 2016 Annual Meeting of Chinese Business Leaders.

Feelings and All in have.

4. A narrative economics

Ren Zhengfei once said: Talking less about feelings, giving more money, talking about money is the best respect for employees.

And Wang Jianlin said: Don’t talk about money, talk about how vulgar money is! We talk about ideals and feelings.

It’s not just a word within entrepreneursThere is a completely different understanding of the understanding of the same person, in different scenarios and dialogues will also express different meanings.

Yu Minhong once expressed his feelings on different occasions and expressed three versions:

First, New Oriental should treat education as a kind of sentiment, which has nothing to do with capital and the Internet.

Second, compassion for others is feelings, doing good deeds is feelings, creating great companies is feelings, and having great ideas is feelings. I can say that I have never confessed to the end of my life. This is all feelings. People with feelings will not do bad things.

Third, any entrepreneurship that is not for the purpose of making money is a hooligan. Nowadays, when many young people come to me, they look for investment and come up to talk about feelings. They know that I am a person who talks about feelings. But you haven’t figured out how to make money. If you can’t figure out how to make money, it means you have no business acumen. If you enter the commercial field in this state, sooner or later you will be killed.

During the sorting process, we found contradictions, swaying, slaps, and the entrepreneurs, and Luo Yonghao is not the individual case. Regarding what word represents what attitude, in addition to the entrepreneur’s personal understanding and the gap between generations, in fact, narrative economics can better explain these changes and swings.

Looking at the Baidu Index, which is passionate about keywords, from 2011 to present, its curve development can be roughly divided into three stages.

The first half of 2014 to the middle of 2016 was a period of quantitative change. The search volume gradually increased, from an average of about 150 to an average of 600 to 700, and even the highest reached more than 1,000. By mid-2016, the search volume began to decline, but it still remained at a state that was about 6 times higher than that of Phase A.

Look at the other side, what happened in stage B.

With feelings as the key word, we found relevant news headlines, we randomly selected the period from 2014 to 2018Related news headlines.

Lao Luo’s feelings are worth 1024 yuan, what about the pie painted by Jia Yueting? (October 2014)

Impressions of the Xiaomi 4 conference: Survive first, and then talk about feelings (July 2014)

LeTV builds cars and looks at business through feelings (December 2014)

LeTV Jia Yueting: Subverting the auto industry in 2015 (January 2015)

Jia Yueting: Not all dreams are willing to have their wings broken (July 2015)

Luo Yonghao: When I make a hammer phone, I am selling feelings (August 2015)

The defendant Luo Yonghao made false propaganda. Netizen: If he said too much, he will eventually pay it back (June 2016)

Wang Sicong satirizes the hammer to unlock by feelings. See how Luo Yonghao responds (June 2016)

Luo Yonghao and Luo Zhenyu’s “Long Talk” will be broadcast. Luo Yonghao only talks about dry goods but not feelings (April 2017)

Salute to Lao Luo, these car companies in the auto industry are also very sentimental! (November 2017)

The two most sentimental people in the science and technology industry: Luo Yonghao for Zhou Hongyi’s new book “Platform”! (November 2017)

Hammer mobile phone sells for 6000 yuan, does anyone really pay for Luo Yonghao’s feelings? (April 2018)

In 2018, Luo Yonghao went bankrupt (December 2018)

Stop the hammer! Luo Yonghao may sell the next “feelings” (December 2018)

Hammer Technology’s legal person changes, does Luo Yonghao’s feelings really come to an end? (December 2018)

Dividing the commendatory, neutral and derogatory meanings contained in the title, we can find that society’s attitude towards the term “feelings” is changing. In business, excessive feelings and rational business models become the next successors.

In “Narrative Economics”, such a case was proposed.

After the stock market plummeted on October 28 and 29, 1929(the decline on the 29th was slightly smaller than the day before), people immediately used The term “crash” (crash) is used to describe this sharp drop. This term is also closely associated with the subsequent Great Depression. The original meaning of the word “crash” is collision, collision, which is reminiscent of a reckless or drunk driver or a racing car that broke the limit.

After that, the crash was given a new meaning, which is still in use today.

Feelings, All in, and the present ordinary heart are also born from the special background of the times.

In September 2014, “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation” was put forward at the Summer Davos Forum. On July 5, 2017, LeEco founder Jia Yueting went to Los Angeles, USA to “open a regular meeting.” On July 6, Jia issued a personal statement on Weibo, stating that he “will take full responsibility and do his best to the end.” On the same day, LeTV announced that Jia Yueting resigned from all positions. In the months that followed, “Steady investment in Sun Hongbin, and Jia Yueting back home next week” became a new paragraph on the Chinese Internet.

For the enthusiasm for feelings, the public began to return to reason and common sense of business.

From the perspective of life cycle, feelings, AII in and normal mind are essentially the same.

Using this as a timeline and research method, we found that feelings were haunted from 2014 to August 2016. From January 2017 to October 2019, everyone started to talk about All in. The time span is basically about two years, All At the end of in, a new keyword is really needed. Zhang Yiming’s ordinary heart happens to be stepping on the needs of the Internet.

In this process, the conflicts and changes between entrepreneurs and other people, even themselves and themselves, in different contexts and different economic situations, have become a matter of course.

This article is from WeChat official account:Bonban Finance (ID: daxiongfan)< span class = "text-remarks">, author: Yao Yun