How to remove scars from three-year-old children

Three-year-olds are very active. If they are not careful, they may have problems. Sometimes they will get burned and leave scars. Removing the scars becomes a top priority. , How can I get rid of the scars of a three-year-old child?

If your child has a slight scald, you can try a massage method. Rub the scar with the root of your palm. It will have a certain effect on the new scar. If it is more serious, you can consider laser treatment, usually the effect of laser repair on scars is still relatively ideal. In addition, surgical repair can also be considered. It is recommended to go to a regular hospital first, and the doctor will decide a reasonable method of removing scars.

When a child is scalded, the treatment methods are: rinse, take off, soak, cover, and send.

1. Flush: Parents should immediately rinse the burned area with cold water for about 30 minutes.

2 Take off: After washing, cut the clothes on the burned area, remember not to pull .

3 Soak: Let the child soak in cold water for 10-30 minutes to help cool down and relieve pain. You can fill the bathtub with cold water and put your child in it to soak.

4 Cover: Cover the burned area with a clean sand cloth or towel.

5,Send: Send the child to the hospital for professional treatment by the doctor.

When a child is scalded, you must be careful not to apply toothpaste, soy sauce, etc. This will not only have no effect on the child’s scald, it will also affect the doctor’s judgment and increase the scald treatment The difficulty of the treatment may also lead to wound infection, causing secondary injury to the child.