Problem description: I have a friend who suffers from patellar osteoarthritis. I am not clear for him. I am thinking about a question. Is patellar arthritis degenerative arthritis?
Question date: 2020-11-18
Patient information: Age: 28 Gender: Male
Strictly speaking, it’s not the same thing , But the two can be causal to each other.
Patellar osteoarthritis refers to the cartilage changes on the posterior side of the patella, which is the cartilage surface near the distal end of the femur. It is clinically found that the articular surface of the patella is not flat and smooth, which will be more obvious on MRI. There may even be bone hyperplasia or different bone density at the edge of the patella, and there may also be changes in the subchondral vesicles. Degenerative arthritis, also known as osteoarthritis, mainly occurs in the elderly. Arthritis occurs due to bone hyperplasia, degeneration, and aging in the elderly. Patellomalacia can evolve into osteoarthritis after a long time, and osteoarthritis can have patellomalacia.
Recommendation: Cold compress should be applied, especially within 48 hours, mainly to limit the aggravation of swelling. After 48 hours, hot compress and treatment with blood stasis and blood stasis medicine can be used to promote the subsidence of swelling.
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