What is chronic eczema

Chronic eczema is a common disease. After everyone gets sick, it will appear very obvious Symptoms. For chronic eczema, treatment measures should be taken as soon as possible. Without timely treatment, eczema may spread. In turn, it affects a large area of ​​skin. So, what is chronic eczema?

Chronic eczema is an inflammatory reaction of the skin, usually severe after the illness Itching symptoms, and it is easy to recur after treatment. Therefore, after suffering from chronic eczema, in addition to active treatment, patients should also do a good job of prevention at ordinary times to avoid recurrence of the disease.

There are many factors that cause chronic eczema, and patients’ internal factors include gastrointestinal dysfunction , Mental stress and neurological dysfunction. In addition, chronic eczema may also occur when endocrine disorders or infections are caused. In addition, some people suffer from chronic eczema because of intestinal parasites.

OutsideIrritation may also cause chronic eczema, such as sun, wind, cold, and heat. Some people may develop chronic eczema after using certain toiletries and cosmetics. People with allergies are more likely to develop chronic eczema. After exposure to allergens, such as pollen, animal fur, etc., not only will they have some allergic reactions, they may also cause chronic eczema.