Problem description: I had a sinusitis operation in 2012, and my nose has been clear during the operation. I have been lying down recently and have a lot of thick white nose. I fell on the head of No. 31 once and found high blood pressure on the night of No. 1. The low pressure is also high, there has been blood in the nose since the 31st fell. Is high blood pressure related to blood in the nose and head injury? (I fell heavily, my hair was dim, and I was a little dizzy. I was dizzy yesterday, lost appetite, and was in a good state of mind!)
Date of problem: 2021-01-02
Patient information: Age: 32 years old, Gender: Male
Problem analysis: This firstly depends on the part of your injury, whether it’s the forehead or the back of the brain Injured. You also need to see how strong your local injury was and what your symptoms and reactions were at the time. Then you need to decide on the specific conditions of the condition after the examination.
Guiding suggestions: Therefore, it is recommended that you need to go to a regular hospital for neurosurgery treatment first, and the doctor will conduct detailed consultations for you. If necessary, perform cranial CT examination. If the examination shows that there is no problem, then you should not worry too much. The problem is not big. It may be blood in the tears caused by the slight rupture of the blood vessel after the maxillary sinus trauma. , This is not a big problem, just observe it.
Suggestions are for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for detailed examination