Problem description: Now, menstruation is only a little yellow or brown without blood. At the end of November, the amount of menstruation was normal and there were more menstruation, and then it appeared in mid-December and lasted for half a month. After that, it was a week again. Checked the uterine appendage transvaginal and sex hormones. Said to be polycystic. Is there any possibility of cervical cancer in my situation? The doctor asked if he had sex. I am a girl and I am a girl. Have you ever used your fingers as sex life?
Question date:2021-01-07
Patient information:Age: 146 years old Gender: Female
Question analysis: Your six sex hormones and color Doppler ultrasound examinations all indicate polycystic ovary. This is not cervical cancer. You can rest assured that as for the sex life of you and your partner with your fingers. This is not a true sex life.
Guide and suggestion: Polycystic ovary. It also needs treatment, usually with Diane 35 treatment.
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