Recently, the task of ensuring coal supply is very heavy, and in some places, power cuts have even been cut. On October 20th, the National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau held a press conference to introduce the relevant situation of promoting coal mine safety supply this winter and next spring.

Jing Jian, deputy director of the Safety Fundamental Department of the National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau, introduced that the National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau attaches great importance to the work of ensuring coal safety and has held several special meetings to study Measures to safely increase production and ensure supply. The National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau has set up a special class for coal mine safety supply this winter and next spring to solve existing problems in a timely manner. Guarantee supply and create a safe and stable environment for economic and social development.

Under the premise of ensuring safety, the National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau will simplify the nuclear increase procedures and reduce the Review the time, promote the incomplete formalities mines to make up the formalities, and put into production as soon as possible. Specific work has been done in 4 areas:

The first is to accelerate the release of high-quality coal mine production capacity. Insist on ensuring safety is ensuring supply, and strictly review the list of 4 batches of 976 coal mines with the potential to increase production that have been transferred from the National Development and Reform Commission and various localities, so as to simplify procedures, speed up release, and strict standards. , Stick to the bottom line, strictly prevent serious disasters, major hidden dangers, and other coal mines with insufficient safety protection capabilities, in the name of guaranteeing supply, rush to “free ride” and blindly expand capacity and increase production. At present, 153 coal mines that meet the conditions for safe increase in production and supply have been audited and selected to be included in the emergency supply list and included in the fast track for nuclear increase in production capacity. The production capacity can be increased by 220 million tons per year. It is expected that coal production can be increased by 55 million tons in the fourth quarter. .

The second is to actively coordinate to solve the problem of incomplete coal mine procedures. On the one hand, due to incomplete procedures and grassland use in Inner Mongolia, the open-pit coal mines that cannot be normally produced or reached production were investigated. 47 open-pit mines were screened out and transferred to relevant departments for coordination and resolution. A total of 1.15 production capacity was released. 100 million tons/year. On the other hand, further dispatch and understand the construction of coal mines in Shanxi, Shaanxi, and Mongolia that have the conditions for production and cannot be put into production due to incomplete procedures, and transfer the dispatched 50 coal mines to relevant departments for coordination and resolution, and promote the legal production of coal mines as soon as possible, involving a production capacity of 120 million tons. /year. At the same time, for coal mines involving safety approvals and safety facility design reviews, the processing will be expedited in accordance with laws and regulations.

The third is to increase the supply of nuclear capacity increase policies. Cooperate with the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments to jointly formulate and release“Notice on Accelerating the Release of Advanced Coal Production Capacity”, “Notice on Implementing Nuclear Capacity Increase Replacement Commitments to Accelerate the Release of High-quality Production Capacity”, “Notice on Further Doing a Good Job in Increasing Production and Supply of Coal This Winter and Next Spring” and other relevant policies. Increasing production and ensuring supply coal mines have made requirements for signing capacity replacements, environmental assessments, and power coal mid- and long-term contract commitments, clarifying the specific deadlines for the implementation of commitments such as capacity replacement indicators, and formulating five measures to increase coal production and supply.

Fourth is to strengthen service guidance. Organize an expert group to carry out “one-to-one” door-to-door safety services for key coal mines to find and solve problems and hidden dangers in a timely manner. Strengthen the random inspection and inspection of the implementation of the guarantee responsibility, and strictly prevent the absence of duty, non-performance of duty, and formality. For coal mines that have stopped production for rectification due to accidents or major hidden dangers, while strictly enforcing the law, clearly designated personnel will guide them, supervise the rectification in accordance with laws and regulations, and go through the formalities for resuming production in a timely manner, and do not engage in “one size fits all” suspension of production.

However, under the pressure of guaranteeing supply and high profits, the risk of illegal and illegal production of enterprises has increased. In order to ensure safety, the National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau has adopted extraordinary measures to actively respond and precisely control risks:

The first is to strictly observe the bottom line of safety. Under the premise of ensuring safety, urge local safety supervision departments to expedite the procedures for coal mine safety production permits, and promote the active and orderly release of production capacity of coal mines with the potential to increase production.

The second is to strengthen security risk research and judgment. Strengthen the discussion and judgment of safety risks in key areas and key enterprises, study and formulate and supervise the implementation of various preventive measures, guide and urge mine safety supervision and supervision departments at all levels to implement guarantee responsibilities, stationed in mines, and continuously conduct open and unannounced visits.

The third is to strengthen supervision and supervision. In view of the characteristics of production safety in the fourth quarter and the problems exposed in this year’s accident, recently, the National Mine Safety Supervision Bureau organized comprehensive inspections of mine safety production in 10 key coal-producing provinces and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and carried out another two rounds of off-site inspections before the end of the year. Supervise law enforcement, continue to strengthen the four special rectifications of mine outsourcing projects, resource integration coal mines, managed coal mines and safety evaluation agencies, and solidly promote the three-year action of increasing production and ensuring supply, safety production special rectification and other key tasks to ensure that the Party Central Committee and the State Council make decisions The deployment is effective.

Fourth is the scientific and orderly organization of production. Supervise mining enterprisesThe industry strictly follows the design and approved production capacity, reasonably arranges the production plan, and organizes production in a balanced manner. For coal mines that continue to be tight in mining and excavation, enterprises are urged to adjust their production plans and operating indicators, and the production should be restricted and production should be suspended.

Fifth, fully rely on scientific and technological support. Convene on-site meetings at an appropriate time to promptly summarize and promote advanced experience and practices in coal mine intelligent construction and robot R&D and application, accelerate coal mine intelligent construction in an all-round way, continuously improve coal mining automation and intelligence, and promote high-quality development of the coal industry.